7th Science and Technology Congress

The 7th Science and Technology Congress of De La Salle University will be held at March 2, 2005. The theme for this year’s congress is “Towards National Recovery through Science, Computing, Engineering and Education”. The participating colleges are: College of Computer Studies, College of Education, College of Engineering and College of Science.

A few months ago, our thesis coordinator invited all the thesis groups of our batch to join the said congress. And so, I thought that we should give it a shot. I informed our thesis adviser about it and consulted him if we should consider it for oral competing or for poster presentation. Of course I was not thinking about choosing the third choice which is oral non-competing. Opportunities like this one are once in a blue moon. And to become a part of the congress is already a recognition of the fruits of our hard work during our undergraduate years.

We chose the poster presentation instead of the oral competing since graphic images could tell a lot and is also easy to understand. And in our undergraduate thesis, the jargons used would definitely double the difficulty of understanding the paper unless you have a background on our particular topic.

We are really not after for getting the best so and so but for our study to be published in a special issue of the Journal of Science and Engineering.

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