7th Science and Technology Congress at DLSU

Tomorrow is the big day where my misadventures on finding the one whole illustration board would be worth it. And the contents of that one whole illustration board happen to be our undergraduate thesis. Thus, if you happen to be a Lasallian and pass by the Yuchengco lobby most of the time, there’s a high probability that you’ll be seeing our poster presentation there. Also, if you’ll be attending the afternoon Parallel Sessions and you’re from the College of Engineering, there are also high chances that you’ll see my 20-minute presentation.

Our thesis is not supposed to be included in the parallel sessions. In fact, the Science and Technology Congress Secretariat already cleared to us that ours is only for poster presentation only. When I received the copy of the programme last Friday evening, I was surprised that I have to prepare a powerpoint presentation. Thus, instead of sleeping the whole of Sunday afternoon, I was busy designing the powerpoint template (a Lasallian-themed template since it’s faster to prepare this and for the lack of time as well) and the contents of the powerpoint presentation.

I hope that I can deliver the presentation in twenty minutes since there’ll be a lot of Greek stuff to be explained. However, I’m expecting that it will not sound Greek to those who will be attending in the parallel sessions since they’ll be coming from the College of Engineering also.

With that, it will be he first time that I will be absent from work. I was never late and yet, I’ll be acquiring my first record of being absent. Although I may be absent from work, being able to participate in such event is a big opportunity for me.

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