When Nokia does a Sony Ericsson

Nokia 3230One day, my father just woke up with these thoughts, “I will ditch my old phone for the phone that I saw on the TV last night.” And just like that, he got a new phone. Isn’t it funny when we ask our parents to buy us something, most of the time, they would simply say no, or next time or they would act as if they didn’t hear anything at all. However, if they want to have something, they can just buy it anytime if they have the money, or, with the swipe of a credit card. Just like what I have said earlier, Dad wanted a new phone. Thus, he got a new one and it’s a Nokia 3230–the one with a 1.3 megapixel camera. Other than that, it’s a phone that tries to make a T610 look. At least it doesn’t look like a bar soap.

The bad side of the phone
The bad side of phone is that the earphones only deliver mono sound which does not serve the purpose of the phone having an FM radio and for it being capable of playing MP3’s. Thus, iPod is still the best digital player.

For those who have unlimited text, it’s advisable not to invest on this phone since it is not text-friendly. You’ll be in danger of callouses if you’d dare.

The good side
The good side of this phone is that it’s camera is 1.3 megapixel. Thus, the picture has a finer resolution. In addition to that, it also has a big screen so that the user can appreciate the pictures more. Also, you can edit the video clips recorded.

I’m not telling you not to buy this phone but it’s up to you if you would buy one. However, if my Dad would have consulted me, I wouldn’t suggest this one.

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