2016 Running

Last 2016, I ran 244.9km according to my Runkeeper data. I was inspired by Mark Zuckerberg’s goal of 1 mile per day. Since 1 mile per day seems not realistic to me, I opted for a 1km per day. Sadly, I still didn’t meet it since I’m still 121.1km short.

I was doing really well with my running during the first half of the year. I joined the Condura Skyway Marathon, NatGeo Earth Day Run, Batman vs. Superman Run, On Your Mark Trilogy Run (1st part only), Run GNC 2016, and the Sofitel Half Marathon.

During the last quarter 2016, I got really sick. I had flu-like symptoms. Hence, I could not do any exercise at all. Since I had no training, I decided not to join the Gatorade Run.

Hopefully, I could increase my total running distance for this year. I guess I need to clock in more training hours.

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