Rocksteddy and Quest Mash Up review

Rocksteddy and Quest at Coke Music Studio - 1

During the rehearsals in preparation of the mash-up performance of Rocksteddy and Quest, they do not look pressured. This is probably because that Quest and Teddy (of Rocksteddy) know each other.

I like their creative process in coming up with the mash-up. Rocksteddy listened to ‚ÄúBack to Love‚Äù first. The chords of the song was patterned from Quest‚Äôs song since the key of ‚ÄúBack to Love‚Äù and ‚ÄúGising Na‚Äù does not differ much. Check out the interviews of Quest and Rocksteddy: Continue reading “Rocksteddy and Quest Mash Up review”

Quest and Rocksteddy at Coke Music Studio Season 2

Rocksteddy and Quest at Coke Music Studio - 3

Last time, Champ and Kitchie Nadal was featured at Coke Music Studio Season 2 where the songs ‚ÄúBulong‚Äù and ‚ÄúHanging Habagat‚Äù were mashed up together. They are both solo artists and they most likely have the same set of listeners. This time, Coke Music Studio is featuring Quest and Rocksteddy. Continue reading “Quest and Rocksteddy at Coke Music Studio Season 2”

Download Rock Rizal for Free

Peryodiko at Rock Rizal - 16
Peryodiko performing at the Rock Rizal concert

Rock Rizal by Rock Ed Philippines

I know this is pretty much classified as “old news” but if you haven’t downloaded the Rock Rizal compilation yet, please do so. 🙂 Check out Rock Rizal at SoundCloud or you can download everything via MediaFire. Continue reading “Download Rock Rizal for Free”

Champ and Kitchie Nadal Mash-Up Review

Champ and Kitchie at Coke Music Studio - 4
Champ and Kitchie

Since Champ and Kitchie Nadal sometimes get to be in the same gig together, I haven‚Äôt noticed any awkward moments during their rehearsals. Also, I think Champ‚Äôs band are great performers especially that Monty Macalino (vocalist and guitarist extraordinaire of Mayonnaise) is one of them. Continue reading “Champ and Kitchie Nadal Mash-Up Review”