Urbandub to perform live using an iPod Touch

In my recent visit to Power Mac GB3, I found out that Urbandub will perform live in some stores of Apple resellers. It’s interesting to see how they will perform live using an iPod Touch because I’m used to seeing Lalay and John jumping on the stage with their respective bass guitar and electric guitar. Read more for the Urbandub’s schedule. Continue reading “Urbandub to perform live using an iPod Touch”

Watch out for Pupil’s third album

Pupil Performing Pusakal at Obsidian Bar and Grill

The other night, we were able to watch Pupil again. We’re excited because we haven’t watched them perform live for a long time. We were able to catch live performances of some of their songs that are included in their upcoming album. Since they mentioned in their website that they’re hoping that it will be released between July to September 2010, I guess it will probably be launched in September 2010.

Why hello there Eraserheads The Heads Set

Eraserheads Box Set Photos: The Heads Set

UPDATE:I made a correction in the post. There are 10 CDs and one DVD.Just yesterday, Juned shared the news that he won a box set of Eraserheads. So, we went to his home and took a look at it. Indeed, it’s the Eraserheads Box Set! Anyway, Greenwich will be coming up with a promo and you can purchase the Eraserheads Box Set at a lower price. 😀 Continue reading “Why hello there Eraserheads The Heads Set”

Kalayo: same music, different name

Kalayo at Saguijo - 5

Kalayo is the band that was formerly known as the band Pinikpikan. Even though their name has changed, their music is still the same. It is the same music we know that is still inspired by indigenous music. The name was changed two years ago if I’m not mistaken. An explanation was posted on their Pinikpikan multiply site regarding the name change. In addition, if you would like to get the updated gig schedule of Kalayo, they have a Multiply site. Continue reading “Kalayo: same music, different name”

Nine Inch Nails CD signed by Trent Reznor to be given away by Splintr!

Nine Inch Nails (Live in Manila) is Splintr.com’s artist of the month! Yay! 😀 And the great news is that they’re giving away a NIN CD signed by Trent Reznor. 😀 The contest was just announced in Twitter and in Facebook. Those who would like to have this rock memorabilia will have to answer 8 questions (1 question per week). Continue reading “Nine Inch Nails CD signed by Trent Reznor to be given away by Splintr!”