Urbandub’s use of Social Media

urbandub at clubb dredd

It’s interesting to see how Urbandub used Twitter and Facebook. They’re currently running a contest on Twitter where the first three to tweet where will their album launch will take place in Manila will win a copy of a limited edition of their much-awaited album “The Apparition”. They already posted two photos on Facebook that will give you clues on the location of their album launch. The photos posted on Facebook are actually part of their CD inlay and their album cover. Continue reading “Urbandub’s use of Social Media”

Canon EOS 500D Test #1: Landscapes

At Caliraya
f/5.6, 194mm, 1/800s, ISO 200, Picture style: Standard, Highlight tone priority: Enabled

I did a test drive of my Canon EOS 500D last weekend at Caliraya Recreation Center. The photo above was taken using a Canon EFS 55-250mm f/4-f/5.6 IS using Aperture Priority with the white balance set to Auto. So far, I like the results on how the color of the image above turned out. Continue reading “Canon EOS 500D Test #1: Landscapes”

Tree Planting is not easy

Tree planting with Haribon Foundation

Last Saturday, we had a tree planting activity with Sha’s company and with Haribon Foundation for their project Road to 2020. It is actually interesting to learn that it is recommended not to use foreign tree species in reforestation because it won’t bring us the ecological benefits that we need. Continue reading “Tree Planting is not easy”

Against the Light Book Launch

Against the Light by Pupil

Last night, I got myself a copy of Against the Light for 450 pesos. No, it’s not a photography book, it’s actually a Pupil Tour Diary where it has a compilation of photos and text written by all the members of the band (Ely Buendia, Yan Yuzon, Dok Sergio, and Wendell Garcia). Continue reading “Against the Light Book Launch”

NU107 Rock Awards 2009

UPDATED Click read more to check out an additional update for the NU107 2009 Rock Awards.

Me and Sha weren’t able to go to the NU107 Rock Awards. However, we were able to follow tweets of Karen Gino, Sleepwalk Circus, Francis Reyes and Toti Dalmacion and we were also able to listen to the radio. Some of those who I’m betting that will get the trophy have won. Continue reading “NU107 Rock Awards 2009”