Another way to Donate when you’re not in the Philippines

Flood along Aurora BLvd.

A lot of people have been displaced by Ondoy. A lot of people had no food to eat while struggling to survive at the height of Ondoy. Although there are some who have received relief goods already, there are still a lot of areas that haven’t received relief goods. I admire United Nations for their World Food Programme initiative.

A donation of:
– $18 provides a family with rice for 2 weeks
– $90 feeds 5 families for 2 weeks
– $180 feeds 10 families for 2 weeks

If you’re from the US, you can have your tax deducted. 🙂

Philippine Blog Awards 2009!

Great news! We now have the finalists of the upcoming Philippine Blog Awards 2009. 2009 is indeed an exciting year for PBA 2009 because for the first time, the Philippine Blog Awards will be held in three different locations: Luzon (PETA Theatre – October 9), Visayas (Ayala City Sports – October 18) and Mindanao (Pearlmont Hotel – October 24). If you can’t be there, you may watch it online at Flippish.

WordCamp 2009

I’m glad to be part of WordCamp Philippines 2009 🙂 . My talk was about “WordPress: The Ultimate Content Management System”. I showed the audience on how one can use WordPress as their CMS with the use of templates from WooThemes as an example. My talk was rather not really technical as I didn’t want to show coding during the presentation since I felt that not all people who are present there would understand if I present something that would require them skills such as PHP and HTML. Continue reading “WordCamp 2009”

Archipelago’s Debut Album “Travel Advisory”


Archipelago’s most awaited debut album, “Travel Advisory”, launched last Friday in Mag:net Bonifacio High Street. The band’s setup last Friday is not usually done. Usually, I see them with just the four of them, no keyboards and guest vocalists. “Travel Advisory” features the two singles: “MRI” and “May 1”, plus the carrier single, “Black Box”. Continue reading “Archipelago’s Debut Album “Travel Advisory””

Apple’s Garage Band Demos

I’ve used my Garage Band to create a remix and to edit some of my mp3s that I’d like to have as ringtones for my iPhone. It’s a sleek software that will make music geeks really happy because of the things you can do with it. For those music geeks, you may want to go some Apple stores today and tomorrow so that you can check the schedules. Continue reading “Apple’s Garage Band Demos”

National Thank You Day Photo Contest Brought To You By Toblerone

For me, everyday should be a day full of gratitude despite of the problems we encounter. Saying of thanks have evolved through out the years, from “Thank You” to a shorter “Thanks” to a much shorter “TY”, to the text-speak “Tnx”, to the LOL-cat speak inspired “Thx” and the list goes on.

And for us to be reminded that it is not only on the “National Thank You Day” that we should say thanks, Toblerone started the “National Thank You Day”, a day that should be full of sweetness like taking a bite of that luscious chocolate. Continue reading “National Thank You Day Photo Contest Brought To You By Toblerone”

Get Ready for the Nescafe 3in1 Soundskool 2009

nescafe mug

Nescafe 3in1 Soundskool is around since 2005, with Hilera as its first winner, followed by Effinboiche (2006), Lazy Susan (2007) and Letter Day Story (2008). For the last four years, they have given a chance to unsigned Filipino bands (three to five members, aged 16-20 years old) to become popular. And now on its fifth year, are you ready to be the Nescafe 3in1 Soundskool 2009 winner?

I have prepared some tips below if ever you want to join this year‚Äôs contest. Continue reading “Get Ready for the Nescafe 3in1 Soundskool 2009”

Sugarfree Dekada: 10 years of Sugarfree

Ebe in Sugarfree Dekada 1

It was my first time to watch Sugarfree with the Manila Symphony Orchestra. Seeing the stage setup (strings on the left side of the stage, marimba beside the strings, drum set in the middle, brass and woodwind instruments on the right) when I entered Music Museum made me really excited. Continue reading “Sugarfree Dekada: 10 years of Sugarfree”