Acer Timeline, Sandbox and Acer Smartphones

I posted three blog entries on my other blog on Acer Aspire Timeline, Sandbox: Social and Mobile and Acer Tempo Smartphone series. The Acer Aspire Timeline is a newest series of laptops from Acer giving mobility its true definition. Sandbox is a new social network that’s mobile and localized. Sandbox is brought to you by Smart Telecommunications. Acer Smartphones is a product of the attempt of Acer to enter into the smartphone industry. You can read more about these on the links provided. 😉

SM City North EDSA’s Sky Garden


It feels like that every time I go back to SM City North EDSA, there would be changes. Going to different parts of SM City North EDSA is like traveling through time. It’s like going back to high school days when you’re in the oldest part of SM. When you go to The Block or to the CyberZone, you’ll see the refreshing modern look. And now, here comes the Sky Garden, a combination of the now and nature which I find attractive in the midst of the busy EDSA. Continue reading “SM City North EDSA’s Sky Garden”

One for the Roadie by RockEd Philippines

Yan and Wendell of Archipelago

RockEd Philippines’ One for the Roadie project is something that’s noteworthy and should be supported. Roadies or the road managers are the ones who are taking care of the bands/artists every time they have gigs. They make the life of a musician a little easier. Because of the lack of health benefits and because of their lifestyle (like sleeping really late), RockEd Philippines thought of this project, which is to provide an emergency health fund for the roadies. Continue reading “One for the Roadie by RockEd Philippines”

My Eraserheads Live! The Final Set Custom Photo Book Arrived!

My Eraserheads Live Custom Photo Book

After waiting for so long, it finally arrived!!! 😀 I created my own custom photo book using because I like the way how I can customize the layouts of the pages and also the ability to add text. 😀 Continue reading “My Eraserheads Live! The Final Set Custom Photo Book Arrived!”

Ako Mismo!

UPDATE: Maxene Magalona posted her statement on Facebook regarding Ako Mismo Campaign. Please read it on her note. Thanks to Jim Ayson for the tip.

While I was watching the delayed telecast of Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton’s fight, I saw the Ako Mismo ad on TV. It was actually surprising to see Ely Buendia there in the ad itself. I remember Gang Badoy of RockEd Philippines once wrote in an article that Ely Buendia has this certain charisma that every politician wished for. Continue reading “Ako Mismo!”

Watch out for the 11th year of Red Horse Muziklaban

Kjwan at Muziklaban
Kjwan at the 10th year of Red Horse Muziklaban

We were treated to a performance of Sepultura in Muziklaban’s 10th year but its 11th year will have something more in store for us. Aside from music, tattoos, extreme sports and film making will be included in Muziklaban’s roster of activities. Ricky Sta. Ana (one of the top tattoo artists in the country), Armand Mariano (a famous biker) and RA Rivera (independent film maker) will represent each of the activities that were added. Continue reading “Watch out for the 11th year of Red Horse Muziklaban”