Awesome Philippines: Promoting RP Tourism in the Digital Age

Second Life Preview (exploring RP in second life)

Awesome Philippines is a project of Department of Tourism and MTV Asia. The website,, showcases video remixes by various users that are entries for the contest “Remix your Holiday”. The goal is to create a personal video of your dream vacation in the Philippines. The winner of the contest (and his/her friend) will get to experience a free vacation. 😉 In creating the video remixes, you won’t be uploading anything. You’ll just have to choose the photos/videos. Add music to it, add transitions and effects, graphics and text. 🙂 Continue reading “Awesome Philippines: Promoting RP Tourism in the Digital Age”

Jack Daniel’s Global Music Tour

Jack Daniel's Global Music Tour tickets

We went to Jack Daniel’s Global Music Tour last Friday and thanks to Cris of Revolver for the tickets. 😀 It was sad though that my battery died after the set of Corporate Lo-Fi. It was my first time to watch them and I’m impressed. 🙂 Plus, Nyco Maca with Cynthia Alexander on-stage collaboration was really good. It was my first time to see Nyco Maca live while I saw Cynthia Alexander years back in Fete dela Musique. Continue reading “Jack Daniel’s Global Music Tour”

Bye Lola

Sunset experiment

It has been a week since Lola Pining passed away. I remember when we were still kids, Lola was our guardian every time Dad went out of town for work. It has been always like that until we became older. Lola would usually pour her cup of coffee on her rice during breakfast which I think some may find weird like when I dipped pandesal into my glass of Coca-Cola. Continue reading “Bye Lola”

Silent Sanctuary’s Mistaken for Granted

Anjo of Silent Sanctuary

Actually, Mistaken for Granted is Silent Sanctuary’s third album and not the second. The first album was “Ellipsis of the mind” (independently released in 2004). They had a different vocalist/guitarist back then. The sound before was different from the how the second and third album sounds. The titles of the songs in the first album sounds more serious than that of the latter albums. Looking beyond the titles of the songs by listening to the album, you’ll find that the most common theme here is love which is of course something that one should really be serious about. 😀 Continue reading “Silent Sanctuary’s Mistaken for Granted”

Recording Eraserheads Final Set as Played on TV


The setup was pretty simple. I used my iPhone with the Griffin iTalk app (quality was set to Best, file format produced is AIFF). No cable was attached to the TV and to the recording device (iPhone). I know this is an amateur bootleg but I’d like to check the results. I enhanced the volume of the audio by amplifying it using Audacity (result is an mp3 file 256kbps). I also added Fade in and Fade out but not on this audio sample (see the audio player below).

Good thing it was quiet in the sofa, plus, the dog was not barking. Good thing he was cooperative. LOL. I had to turn off the electric fan so that its sound won’t be recorded as well. Yep. Sacrifices. 😀

Anyway, I was kinda disappointed with the quality of audio that went with the video shown.

Here’s a sample of the result. I’d like to show more samples but the upload speed right now is so slow. 🙁


Huwag mo nang Itanong

Kailan (lounge)

Ang Huling El Bimbo

By the way, I saw myself too on the concert. LOL. Just my eyes, nose and my camera. It is because the bouncer was blocking me. Argh. 😀

Russ Swift: One Really Good Driver

Just last Thursday, I had a chance to watch Russ Swift (Guiness World Record holder) at the Manila International Auto Show that’s currently being held at the World Trade Center. He’s such an awesome precision driver. I can’t think of getting myself to drive to parallel park just the way he did it. Continue reading “Russ Swift: One Really Good Driver”

Live blogging at Yehey! Urbandub Chat Event

Urbandub at Club Dredd
Urbandub at Club Dredd last year

I’ve been a fan of Urbandub ever since I heard their single “Come” on the radio. When I heard that they’re going to play at RockRadio at Alabang (which already closed), I went there on a Monday night (yes, I have classes the next day), to watch them play and buy their album. 😀 When it was my first time in Cebu, I checked if they have gigs during the time of my visit there. It was nice to see them there but I was not able to watch the gig since I think we went to the wrong bar. LOLz. Continue reading “Live blogging at Yehey! Urbandub Chat Event”