Peryodiko’s Self-Titled Album

Peryodiko Album Art

Peryodiko held their album launch around 3 weeks ago at Eastwood Central Plaza. The first time I heard their song I heard “Sa Magkabilang Dulo” by Peryodiko, I knew that Peryodiko would rock the airwaves with their songs aside from the awesome line-up of Vin Dancel, Simon Tan, Kakoy Legaspi, and Abe Billano. Continue reading “Peryodiko’s Self-Titled Album”

Stella McCartney’s Adidas Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

Adidas Stella McCartney Collection - 9

Maybe some of you didn’t know that Stella McCartney is Paul McCartney’s daughter (yes, one of the Beatles). Unlike her parents, she ended up being a fashion designer where she successfully made a name for herself. Just last night, at the Adidas Rockwell store, Stella McCartney’s Adidas Spring/Summer 2009 collection was launched. Continue reading “Stella McCartney’s Adidas Spring/Summer 2009 Collection”

Mistaken for Granted Album Launch


Line up Updated! – See the line-up below (marked with (*) )

It’s final! Silent Sanctuary’s album launch for “Mistaken for Granted” will be on March 30, 2009 at Cubao X. I just got an event invite sent by Chino David (Silent Sanctuary’s violinist). There’s still no finalized details yet regarding the line-up of bands that will be playing with Silent Sanctuary. I’ll update this post as soon as I have details regarding the line-up of bands. If you haven’t heard of Silent Sanctuary before, I invite you to have a sneak peek of their single “Hay Naku” (from their latest album). 🙂 Read more for the updated information regarding the album launch. 🙂 Continue reading “Mistaken for Granted Album Launch”

Ipanema and Haribon Walkathon: I Walked the Green Mile

People who know me well would get startled that I participated in a walkathon event because my main physical activities (the ones that I do on a daily basis) are: getting up from bed, walking towards the fridge and some computer-related stuff like typing, moving the mouse and so on. Before the walkathon, I was quite nervous how long are we supposed to walk. However, such thought didn’t discourage me from joining the walkathon. I joined because I want to be one of those building awareness on the destruction of Philippine rainforests. Continue reading “Ipanema and Haribon Walkathon: I Walked the Green Mile”

Wolfgang Tales: Two Sides Live Experience

Basti Artadi of Wolfgang - 2

Wolfgang had a concert at Music Museum just last night and it rocked! It was my first time to watch there and yes, it is my first time to watch Wolfgang although I’ve been listening to their music for so many years. Music Museum as a venue would have been totally preppy for a rock concert since there are fixed chairs (like the ones in the cinema). The space was small to jump around and slam. Continue reading “Wolfgang Tales: Two Sides Live Experience”

Sneak Peek of “Hay Naku” by Silent Sanctuary

Here’s a sneak peek of Silent Sanctuary‘s first single from their latest album that will be out on stores this March 27. The title of their first single is “Hay Naku” under their soon-to-be released album “Mistaken for Granted”. Tentative date for the album launch is on March 31 according to Anjo Inacay (cellist of Silent Sanctuary). They’re currently planning the album launch. 😉 The album will be released under the Universal Records. I’ll post the details soon about the details of their album launch as soon as I get info from Anjo. 😀

Some promos from SEAIR this summer

First, Bolero and Fishbar gives 10% discount to SEAIR Boracay passengers. Then, since SEAIR will be celebrating their anniversary on March 25, all online ticket purchases from March 25 to March 28 will get 1,400 pesos discount per way (yes, for all fare classes, seats and routes) and for flights from June 15 to September 15. And for those who would like to go to Batanes, SEAIR is offering daily flights this summer so that you can be more flexible with your itinerary. 🙂 Continue reading “Some promos from SEAIR this summer”

Bo’s Coffee’s Asus Eee PC Treat

Asus EEE PC and Bo's Coffee promo

Asus Philippines in partnership with Bo’s Coffee gives loyal Bo’s Coffee customers a great treat. 🙂 Every 200 peso worth of purchase will give you a chance to win one of the five Asus Eee PCs to be given away. Promo is open from March 15 to May 31. You can know more about the promo here. Continue reading “Bo’s Coffee’s Asus Eee PC Treat”

FrancisM Film Fest on April 3

UPDATE! as of 4/1/2009: Event is said to be postponed as per Gang Badoy of RockEd. Pia Magalona prefers to have this done after Francism’s 40 days.

On the evening of April 3 in Cubao X, is The Great FrancisM Film Fest! Films, music videos, interviews, VJ guestings, out takes, raw footage, hosting stints, photos, etc. of Francis Magalona will loop throughout the night. The film fest is also like an “open mic night” but not really since everyone can participate by bringing stuff that celebrates FrancisM. You could bring flash drives, iPod videos, DVDs, CDs containing audio or visual stuff (videos or photos). This is certainly an interesting way of paying tribute to the Man from Manila. 😉

This is brought you by Mogwai and Rock Ed Philippines.

via Gang Badoy of Rock Ed: The Great FrancisM Film Fest

Meeting BB Gandanghari

BB Gandanghari

Rustom Padilla is dead spread all over the internet via blogs, YouTube, social networking sites and microblogging sites. With the death of Rustom, Bebe Gandanghari was born. During the blogger’s meet-up hosted by The POC at mag:net Bonifacio High Street, me and Sha did live-blogging there. Sha was in-charge of the text, while I took photos. 😀 Continue reading “Meeting BB Gandanghari”