Videos taken at the 13 seconds to love album launch

Lifeline by Kjwan

I took some videos during Kjwan’s 13 seconds to love album launch. 🙂 The video posted above is Lifeline, which is the first single of the album “13 seconds to love”. More videos of Kjwan, Faspitch, Salamin and Even after the jump. 🙂 Continue reading “Videos taken at the 13 seconds to love album launch”

Kjwan’s 13 Seconds to Love Album Launch

13 Seconds to Love Kjwan Album Launch

For me, this is the biggest album launch that I’ve ever been to. The album launch of Kjwan’s third album entitled, “13 seconds to Love” was held at the A. Venue Hall. Me and Sha was able to go to the event by buying the December-January issue of PULP magazine which is better than buying the 200 pesos worth of tickets (per head) and buying 6 cans of Red Horse Beer (and yes, you have to bring the 6 cans to the event). Continue reading “Kjwan’s 13 Seconds to Love Album Launch”

The Violator Copy Experience

We watched a series of short films by Marcus Adoro (Markus Highway front man and Eraserheads’ lead guitarist) at Robinson’s Galleria’s Indie Sine. We were actually surprised to see Marcus Adoro there. The first film is “The Artist is In”. It does not have much dialogues (which only happened during the last few seconds of the film). The gestures of Darryl Shy made me understood that he was having writer’s block. 🙂 Continue reading “The Violator Copy Experience”

Win VIP Tickets to Eraserheads Concert when you buy a Jagermaister

I haven’t seen a contest yet that gives away VIP Tickets. Most of the time, the cheapest tickets are being given away. So, if you can stand drinking a lot of Jagermaister shots or even a bottle 😀 , you could probably win yourself VIP tickets to the upcoming Eraserheads concert! Isn’t that cool? 😀

Here are the list of participating outlets:

Antakya Bar & Grill
Off the grill QC
Gweilos MOA
Coco Mangas Laguna
Quattro QC

For Jagermeister Inquiry call or text : Ged 0928-9734440 or 0917-5243756

Ticket Details for Wolfgang’s 2 Sides Live

To those who are planning to go to Wolfgang 2 Sides Live this coming March and would really want to be seated in the Orchestra, you can buy your tickets earlier. 😀 Tickets for the orchestra seats are being sold at 1260 pesos. And you know why it’s better to buy your tickets earlier? Because it’s going to be a first paid, first served basis. 😀

More details?

Send an SMS to Wolfgang Hotline at 09061035333 or

Visit Wolfgang’s Multiply Site

Gary Granada, GMA Kapuso and a Copyright Issue

Gary Granada is an established artist in the music industry. He has released albums (Gary Granada Live, Pagsamba at Pakikibaka, and Saranggola sa Ulan) that are not under major labels. He also made compositions for others as well. Gary Granada’s project that’s involved with this issue is entitled “3-pid Handog Edukasyon ng Procter and Gamble”. He was commissioned by GMA Kapuso Foundation in this project where he was given the lyrics and his task is to compose the music for the lyrics which is usually how it works in the advertising industry. Continue reading “Gary Granada, GMA Kapuso and a Copyright Issue”