UP Lantern Parade 2008

One of UP Fine Arts Floats

This was the first time that I got to watch the whole parade. Me and Sha watched it from the AS steps instead of watching it at Quezon Hall which is the last stop of the parade. More people watched the parade and more people participated in the parade as well. There were representatives from UP Manila, Los Banos, Pampanga, Visayas and Mindanao. Continue reading “UP Lantern Parade 2008”

Cutting Edge’s Christmas Gift to you: Dayo

I was amongst the first bloggers who got to see the first screening of Dayo. The premiere night was held last Friday at SM Megamall Cinema 10. There were a lot of kids as expected during the premiere night. 🙂 Watch them today and until the last showing at theaters nationwide. 🙂 Continue reading “Cutting Edge’s Christmas Gift to you: Dayo”

Muziklaban 2008

Sepultura at Muziklaban 2008
Sepultura’s vocalist at Muziklaban 2008

It’s actually my first time to watch the Muziklaban and I’m fortunate enough to be one of the bloggers that covered the event. It was held last November 29 at Marikina Sports Complex (yes, I know it’s a late post, but, it’s better late than never). It’s really great to see Sepultura perform live. I got a chance to listen to them back in the 90’s because my brother has a cassette tape of their music. 😀 Continue reading “Muziklaban 2008”

My best travel photo

Banca at Carabao Island
Carabao Island, Rombon

For me, this is my best travel photo. The photo was taken at Carabao Island, Romblon (summer of 2007). I just love how the trees lined up that way just like the way we line up for the assembly when we’re still in either grade school or high school. The beauty of the place has been captured showing its white sand, pristine waters and the magnificent blue sky. The boat on the photo has added more drama to the photo since it’s facing towards the sea. Continue reading “My best travel photo”

Macau: Not just the Las Vegas of Asia

Streets of Macau at Night

I went to Macau last November 21 with my Dad, Kuya Jay and Claudia. It was the first time for us to be together to travel to an international destination. We went there to celebrate Dad’s birthday. Upon arrival at the hotel, we had dinner at some Chinese restaurant which is around 2 blocks away from Casa Real (the hotel where we stayed at). Continue reading “Macau: Not just the Las Vegas of Asia”