Nike Sportswear and the rock stars

Mong Alcaraz

It’s the first time I have actually heard of musicians endorsing Nike Sportswear. Aside from Mong Alcaraz, Raimund Marasigan has also a video and Marc Abaya has also a video. Anyway, there will be a retail installation of Nike Sportswear this coming Saturday at Gateway and Sandwich will be playing there. No need to worry for tickets since it’s free admission. 😀 I guess there will be athletes included for this campaign. It’s already confirmed that Mike Cortez is one of them. I’m just not sure though who are the rest.

Sa Magkabilang Dulo by Peryodiko

Sa Magkabilang Dulo was written for an iWitness episode last February of this year. If you weren’t able to listen to the song, you can go to this page “Peryodiko Demos“. Thanks to Vin Dancel for sharing the lyrics of this song in his Multiply guestbook. 😀 However, Vin added that this song won’t be part of the album that they’re recording. Continue reading “Sa Magkabilang Dulo by Peryodiko”

Eraserheads Reunion Concert: What we could have seen

Sofimi shared a Multiply blog post on what we could have seen on the 2nd and 3rd sets of the Eraserheads Reunion Concert. As what I have mentioned in my blog post: Eraserheads Reunion Concert: 08.30.2008, the songs for the second set will be:

1. Maskara
2. Poorman’s Grave
3. Torpedo
4. Trip to Jerusalem
5. Back to Me
6. Maselang Bahaghari
7. Maling Akala
8. Tikman
9. Spolarium
10. Magasin

Continue reading “Eraserheads Reunion Concert: What we could have seen”

New Jolly Hotdog variants launched at City Kart

Jolly Hotdog: Chilli Cheese and Bacon Mushroom tops

Last Thursday, I went to City Kart for the press launch of the new Jolly Hotdog variants. I was able to taste the new Jolly hotdog variants. 🙂 Both are good but I like the Bacon Mushroom tops better. Continue reading “New Jolly Hotdog variants launched at City Kart”