Oktoberfest 120 Bloggers’ Party at Taste Asia

Migraine by Moonstar88

I arrived with Sha at SM Mall of Asia at around 7:30pm. The first thing that we looked for is a drink since we ate some chicken balls along Ayala Avenue before going there. Anyway, we were surprised when we got inside since we saw a set of drums. I really did not have any idea that a band that will be performing that night. In addition, I also don’t know who’s the band that will be performing. Continue reading “Oktoberfest 120 Bloggers’ Party at Taste Asia”

NU107 Rock Awards 2008 this November

Rico Blanco with Rivermaya at 2002 Rock Awards
First NU107 Rock Awards that I attended (in 2002). Rivermaya performing on-stage

The first NU107 Rock Awards I attended was in 2002. After that, the next NU107 Rock Awards that I attended was in 2004. Of course, I’d love to go to the upcoming Rock Awards this November 27. Something’s new with the NU107 Rock Awards 2008 is the venue. The said event will be held at Silvercity, Frontera Verde and not at World Trade Center anymore. If you haven’t cast your votes yet, please vote here. Before, they used to have rolling polling booths but it has been said here that listeners can vote only online. Continue reading “NU107 Rock Awards 2008 this November”

Filipino Voices – My Choice

It was really hard to choose in the list of the Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice Nominees. If I were to be subjective in my choice, that would give me a hard time and of course the reason for voting won’t be logical at all and won’t make any sense. Thus, I’ve become objective in my choice. Amongst the list, my vote goes for Filipino Voices. Continue reading “Filipino Voices – My Choice”

Kawayan Cove

Kawayan Cove
Kawayan Cove (Nasugbu, Batangas)

I was fortunate enough to be able to go with other bloggers at Kawayan Cove despite of the bad weather last Thursday. Kawayan Cove is not a public resort where you could just go there, pay and swim. It’s a 68-hectare seaside residential area in Nasugbu, Batangas. One thing that I noticed when we toured around is that it’s a low-density residential area which was conceptualized by the developer Edge Properties Development Corporation. Continue reading “Kawayan Cove”

Vote for the Blogger’s Choice Award

Start voting now for the Blogger’s Choice Award for this year’s Philippine Blog Awards! 🙂 And how are we going to do it for this year? There won’t be ballots or any online polling system. You are going to blog for your vote. 😉 Read more for the list of nominees and for the instructions as well. Continue reading “Vote for the Blogger’s Choice Award”

Eraserheads Box Set?!?

I actually got this news a week ago and Sony-BMG will be releasing an Eraserheads box set really soon. My source tells me that some unreleased stuff will be included there (hmmm, could this be the Live CD from the Eraserheads Reunion Concert or some songs of the Eraserheads that weren’t included in any of their albums). I’m not sure how true is this about the unreleased stuff being included since there are no official details yet on packaging and pricing. Start saving now. 😉

WordCamp 2008 Philippines

Photo by Norman Dellosa

I got up early even if I slept late already from Oktoberfest and the thing is, I was sleepy the whole time when I was on my way to College of Saint Benilde. I haven’t went to Taft Avenue for a long time already. The last time I went there before WordCamp was when I was going to have a technical presentation for Society of Manufacturing Engineers at DLSU a year ago or so. Continue reading “WordCamp 2008 Philippines”

Oktoberfest 2008 Kick-off party experience

San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen Limited Edition
Experience the Oktoberfest brew at San Miguel’s Oktoberfest 🙂

Sha and me went to the Oktoberfest kick-off party last Friday. There were lots of people there. The good thing is that we were able to buy some tickets even if we arrived there at around 8pm. We got the gold ticket at the venue itself since they’re not selling it elsewhere aside from the San Miguel office. Each gold ticket costs 1,500 pesos and it’s all worth it because: Continue reading “Oktoberfest 2008 Kick-off party experience”