There’s already a setlist for the Eraserheads reunion concert

I just got this from the Eraserheads Mailing List. Now, he’s not speaking the Harry Potter way. 😀 Rayms posted this in the Sandwich mailing list. I’m not sure about the other mailing lists like Pedicab and Cambio. 🙂

dear kids

the 2nd day of rehearsals last monday went even better than the first.
we had a nice pace running the whole set in sequence.

everybody seemed more relaxed and knew what to expect. the band is
certainly ready to bring the rock.

hope to see you there


This was just posted last Wednesday. 🙂 Should we still worry about the dementors? Anyway, if you’re given a chance to create the setlist for the Eraserheads reunion concert (10 songs), what are those songs? 🙂

Another hint from Raimund Marasigan

I just got this from the Eraserheads Mailing List. It was first posted on the Cambio Mailing List and perhaps also on Sandwich and Pedicab mailing lists as well.

dear wizards and witches

there is some disturbing news at the ministry of magic. the dementors
are doing everything they can to stop the show.

be safe

aldus dumbledore

Obviously, we all know who are the dementors. Anyway, I firmly believe that the concert is legal and PMI is not violating the Tobacco Regulation Law since it is their event. They are the organizers and not the sponsors. They, PMI, did not ask me to blog this. Because I wanted to share to everyone that one of the Philippine’s most influential bands (Eraserheads) is having a reunion concert. Two words for the dementors:

Expecto Patronum 😉

Note: I am not connected with PMI.

Silipan Rinigan: the aftermath

Top Junk’s Tuesday Vargas

Sha and me arrived at Al’s Bar last Saturday at around 10pm after giving in to our Mango Bravo craving at Conti’s. In the event, I bumped into Ricky Manzano, and to Kin who have some stuff also on exhibit at Al’s Bar. I felt so bad that my Speedlite had zero battery life during the event that I was not able to take much good photos because of lighting. Thus, the lesson here is not to forget to charge the batteries for the Speedlite. 😀 Continue reading “Silipan Rinigan: the aftermath”

Blue Ketchup at Hard Rock Cafe

Blue Ketchup
Emil Miras of Blue Ketchup

This is a long overdue post. Anyway, it was my first time to watch Blue Ketchup live weeks back and thank you to Prex (their road manager) for inviting me at Hard Rock. I did an album review of their album “Kwento Pop” at TitikPilipino several months ago and did a commentary on their music video Bro here in my blog. Continue reading “Blue Ketchup at Hard Rock Cafe”

Rakista to air on TV5

Rakista is a new show that will air on TV5 later at 7pm. Here’s the invite from Quark Henares that I got in Facebook.

Guys! If you’re not doing anything this Thursday evening, please tune in to TV5 at 7pm to watch the pilot episode of our new TV show RAKISTA starring Carlo Aquino, Denise Laurel, Marco Morales, Earl Ignacio, Rhea Nakpil, Alcris Galura and our very own Wincy Ong! Created by Diego Castillo and me, and directed by me and Mihk Vergara. yaay!

The show is classified under Teen Drama and it’s about the struggles of a new rock band. Hmmm, I wonder how the show’s like. Too bad I can’t catch the pilot episode later.

Francis Magalona diagnosed with Leukemia

The news came in from the Eraserheads mailing list.

hi friends…

we would like to ask your generous help for someone very dear to all
of us in the industry. FrancisM has been diagnosed to have leukemia
and we are currently doing a blood drive. Blood of any type and
platelets may be donated at the Lower Ground Floor of Medical City,
please just tell them you are donating under the name of FRANCIS MAGALONA.

thanks much and your support of this will be most valued and


I hope everything will be fine for Francis Magalona and his family.