U Mobile

LG KU320 and a U Mobile SIM Pack

I just came home from the launching of √ºmobile and I came home with a LG KU380 (3G Phone for free) and a SIM Pack. It’s the first ad-supported telecoms network. I just wonder how the ads will be served. Will it be obtrusive or non-obtrusive. Anyway, prior to the event, I answered a survey. The ads that will be served to me will be based on my interests (of course based on the survey). Please go to U Mobile’s official website for more information.

Celebrated with Mom at Cyma Estiatorio

Baby Back Ribs at Cyma
Full Slab Baby back ribs with potatoes

We had dinner with Mom at Cyma Estiatorio at Greenbelt 2 to celebrate this special day with her. Well, for me, any day with Mom is a special day. 🙂 Special days such as Mother’s day and the like are always being commercialized that establishments would either have a sale or a promo. Continue reading “Celebrated with Mom at Cyma Estiatorio”

The Banana Gangbang Rock Festival coverage

Vocalist of Zoo

I arrived their early eager to see the bands perform in the Man Blog event dubbed as The Banana Gangbang Rock Festival. The previously announced band line up was cut down to 5 for some reasons. Most of the bands performed were TMB Bands such as Zoo, Tempestuous, Lose your beer belly and Marco Palinar (who’s supposed to play with Sanity Kit but went on a solo act instead. One non-TMB band was able to make it that night and that was Mannequin (managed by Julius Rocas). Continue reading “The Banana Gangbang Rock Festival coverage”

Cambio Acoustic Gig at Podium


Last Thursday, me and Sha unexpectedly spotted a Cambio gig at Podium (just outside UCC) that just started. There were only a few people there. If I’m not mistaken, they played around 8 songs from their new album Cambiomatic (played all songs in acoustic). Raymund Marasigan was not there. It was nice to see them at a gig after a long time. We were able to watch them last year (some time in December) just outside the Glorietta 4 entrance. More pictures of Cambio here.

Aglicay Beach Resort

Cleaning up the seaweeds

Aglicay Beach Resort is located at Barangay Comod-om in the Municipality of Alcantara, Tablas Island, Romblon. We only spent half day there since we had to go back to Manila already. There are a lot of ways to go there. We took the tricycle ride from Looc. 😀 And if you plan to stay there overnight, take a look at the room rates. Continue reading “Aglicay Beach Resort”