Narda’s Reunion Gig

Narda Reunion Gig

Last Thursday, I went to Narda’s reunion gig with Ivan, Baby, and Sha. We were supposed to meet Rain somewhere in Makati before going to Saguijo. Instead, Rain went to Saguijo directly. Rain told me that the organizers were worried that there’ll be a few people who might be able to show up in the gig. However, I was confident that it was not bound to happen since it is Narda’s reunion gig and also because of the solid line-up (Ang Bandang Shirley, Taken by Cars, Us-2 Evil-0 and Pedicab. 😀 Continue reading “Narda’s Reunion Gig”

Incubus Tracks on my iPod

In lieu of the Incubus concert later, I’m posting here the 5 tracks that I have in my iPod. Anyway, I’ll not be watching the concert, I’m hoping that The Killers, U2, and Dave Matthews Band (and some other foreign bands in my list) will come here. 😀

1. Talk Shows on Mute (A Crow Left of the Murder)
Released: February 2004

2. Megalomaniac (A Crow Left of the Murder)
Released: February 2004

The track Talk Shows on Mute is the second most played track in in that particular album. Obviously, Megalomaniac is the most played track there. If I want some music to keep me up, Megalomaniac would be one of the tracks that I would listen to. But if I want something quite relaxing and moderately up-beat at the same time, that would be Talk Shows on Mute. Continue reading “Incubus Tracks on my iPod”

Download Nine Inch Nails Music for free

Yes, you may download the first nine tracks from the Ghosts I-IV Collection for free from their website. The download includes:

  • High-quality mp3 files (DRM-free, encoded with LAME at 320kbps)
  • 40-page pdf book covering the whole release
  • Digital Extras pack (wallpapers, icons and other graphics)

You will be sent an email with a one-time download link. 🙂 Continue reading “Download Nine Inch Nails Music for free”

Paramita Album Launch this coming April

Ria Bautista of Paramita announced in the Yahoo Groups that the album launch is due this April 4 (at Route 196 – along Katipunan Ave.) and April 5 (at Saguijo – along Guijo St. in Makati). And yes, this is good news. 😀 It has been almost 3 years since they’ve released Tala, their debut album, and it is indeed high time to release the next one. I’d be definitely going to the April 5th schedule since it’s a lot nearer to Paranaque. 😀

Bonggahan – An album tribute to Sampaguita

Paramita performing Bonggahan at Eastwood

Sampaguita is a Pinoy Rock and Roll icon from the 70’s and popularized the songs Bonggahan, Tao, Nosi Balasi, etc. They had an album launch at Eastwood last Friday. I’m guessing that my Dad will buy an album of this since he have some mp3s of Sampaguita in his iPod. Anyway, I was not able to go to the event but prior to that, I’ve already heard about the making of the album. Continue reading “Bonggahan – An album tribute to Sampaguita”

Maroon 5 Live in Manila

Yes, Maroon 5 will be having a concert here in Manila this coming March 5, 2008, 8pm at the Araneta Coliseum. Thus, expect heavy traffic in Cubao this coming Wednesday. The concert seems to have an expensive ticket pricing (lowest at 1575 Pesos and the highest at 10,500 Pesos). I’ve first heard them in the TV series Smallville. Continue reading “Maroon 5 Live in Manila”