Post-Earth Hour Special

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This is my first try in podcasting and this show is called “One Track Special Podcast”. The podcast show aims to feature notable OPM and of course, in promoting it as well. The track featured in this podcast is Pupil’s “Disconnection Notice” from their album Wildlife. Continue reading “Post-Earth Hour Special”

At the JolliTV Launch and the opening of Krispy Kreme Ayala

I was at the JolliTV Launch and I haven’t had my picture taken with Jollibee and the other mascots that had a costume make-over. It’s sad that Champ (the boxer with an oversized head) was not there. Yum was there though and he has a geeky and a techie personality. Continue reading “At the JolliTV Launch and the opening of Krispy Kreme Ayala”

Pedicab’s Tugish Takish

Tugish Takish is Pedicab’s debut album that was released in 2005 under Vicor Records. The title of the album is actually the sound of two consecutive drum beats imitated by the human vocal cords. The carrier single of this album is “Dizzy Boy”, the first track in the album. Their music, as Pedicab have put it, is Dunk Music which is equivalent to Dance + Punk. Continue reading “Pedicab’s Tugish Takish”

Pupil’s Wildlife

Wildlife is the second album of Pupil and was released last 2007 under Sony BMG. I just uploaded the tracks from the album in my iPod last week. The album starts off with vocals from Diane Ventura with a music giving you a feel of the wildlife. In the second track, “Matador”, Ely Buendia duets with his wife Diane Ventura. The third track, “Monobloc”, is Pupil’s latest single. A music video of this track is also being aired on Myx and MTV. Continue reading “Pupil’s Wildlife”

MixWit Trial

[Update] – MixWit is Dead.

Heard of MixWit? I just heard of it in this TechCrunch blog post. MixWit allows you to create custom music playlists by searching for an artist or a title of a song (search is powered by SeeqPod) and then you drag the songs to an area. What’s good about it is that it determines if the audio you dragged is not available anymore. 😀 Aside from the built-in music search, you could simply add tracks by adding the URL of the mp3 file. 🙂 Continue reading “MixWit Trial”

San Juan, Batangas

House on a hill

Last Wednesday afternoon was really an adventure for me, Sha, Vien, Jhomz, Precious and LG. We went to San Juan, Batangas for an overnight stay. We spent the night at the house of Vien’s grandmother which is located on a hill. 😀 The lot in front of the house was where the film Spirits was shot and the lot beside the house was the location shoot of a certain Alma Moreno movie that I cannot recall. Continue reading “San Juan, Batangas”

Dirty Kitchen Album Review

Dirty Kitchen is Chris Carandang (vocals and guitar), Joel Alagao (lead guitar), Datu Arellano (guitar, e-bow and computer soundscapes), BJ Villanueva (bass) and Nick Formoso (drums). They released their album ‚ÄúDK ‚Äì Dirty Kitchen‚Äù in 2006 and it‚Äôs an independent release where they did all the ‚Äúdirty work‚Äù like marketing, logistics and photography. The tracks were recorded and mixed by Ariz Guinto at Wombworks studio and was mastered by Zach Lucero at Tweak Mastering Studio. Continue reading “Dirty Kitchen Album Review”

Ways to Promote your Band Online

You have a band, and you play really good music. The problem is, only a few people were exposed to the music. With the internet, you could spread your music easily. 🙂

There are a lot of ways to promote your band online. Here are some list of websites to do that:

1. Yahoo! Groups
This is by far, one of the websites that are widely used by Filipino bands.
– great way to interact with your followers
– you may post your gig schedules in the calendar
– upload photos
– make them updated by posting a message Continue reading “Ways to Promote your Band Online”


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