Platinum Fighting Productions Presents: Ring of Fire

This mixed martial arts events organized by Platinum Fighting Productions will be held at the Araneta Coliseum on December 9. You’ll be expecting this from the event:

Four legendary coaches that require no introduction will attempt to guide their team to victory. Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Josh Barnett and Gokor Chivichyan will showcase their unique coaching styles and techniques through their four respective teams. Team Gracie will bring a solid Brazilian jiu-jitsu base, Team Shamrock will have a well-rounded mixture of power and submissions, Team Barnett will bring an effective catch wrestling style and Team Gokor will have powerful judo. Bobby Gamboa will lead a team of alternates in the event a fighter is unable to compete. [via ProElite]

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New Music Site: MusikLokal

I’ve stumbled upon a new Philippine music website called Musik Lokal. As a website designer/developer, I do not think that the website would offer a great user experience. However, as a music lover and a supporter of Original Pilipino Music, I know that they have good objectives in setting up the said website. Continue reading “New Music Site: MusikLokal”

iPod Touch rocks


Since iPod touch has been released, I’ve been drooling over it in the Apple website and checking the guided tours and reading stuff about it. I love the user experience that has been offered by iPod touch. I just got myself (advanced Christmas gift to myself) an 8GB iPod touch with a 3 percent discount from the Apple store in Greenbelt 3. I was tempted to order one in eBay but there are a lot of fake gadgets. Thus, I did not take the risk in paying for a ripped off gadget. Continue reading “iPod Touch rocks”

NU event at Saguijo

I was at the In the Raw event of NU107 at Saguijo last night. I went there with John and Sha without my camera. Sometimes, I would just like to go to a gig and drink and enjoy the music. The line up last night includes Traumaligno, Paraluman, Ursa Minor and Queso. I’m not pretty sure though if it was Paraluman or Ursa Minor was the band that we were able to watch aside from Queso. We missed the two bands. Continue reading “NU event at Saguijo”