Glorietta Explosion

Photo Credits to disneycute

The Inquirer website yesterday was relatively slow when I was trying to access it to learn more about what happened in the Glorietta explosion. It happened around 1:40pm according to Keysi Nunez. When that happened, I was working at home. And even if I’m at the office in Makati, I would not even have gone to Glorietta at that time simply because it’s my time to work and it’s not time to stroll around the malls. Continue reading “Glorietta Explosion”


I’m a caffeine junkie and in fact, I would rather stay up at night and drink coffee rather than to drink beer and other forms of alcoholic beverage. Last night, I had the Cafea coffee experience. Cafea is located along Sgt. Esguerra, Quezon City. It has this relaxing ambiance where you could just sit down, drink coffee while enjoying the bossa music. It is something that you would want to do after a day’s work. 🙂 Continue reading “Cafea”

Nintendo DS Experience

Last night, I joined GeekChorus in the Nintendo DS Nights at Mag:NET Bonifacio High Street. I had the chance to meet Gabe, JC Medina, the PhilMUG guy and his date and the one that I was able to beat in the last round of Mario Kart (sorry I am bad with names). 😀 Juned and Jayvee were there also. They’re armed with their Nintendo DS while I arrived there with my Sony PSP thinking that somebody else would bring PSP to a Nintendo DS Night. Continue reading “Nintendo DS Experience”

Because blogging and other online tools save paper

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

In my efforts to help save the environment, I am posting this entry in response to Blog Action Day. Other people would rather write their journal entries in paper rather than online. For me, I do not think it is practical. That is why there is WordPress and Blogger, and a handful of other blogging tools. Continue reading “Because blogging and other online tools save paper”

Meet our puppies

Jessica and Daryl

I formally introduce you Jessica and Daryl. 😀 Jessica is a brown poodle and Daryl is a shitzu. We got the puppies as a gift and they’re so cute and cuddly. 🙂 It is a challenge though to take their photographs yet I find it fulfilling especially if I get the right shot. Daryl arrived at home first before Jessica. Thus, when Jessica arrived, Daryl was showing signs of jealousy when he was biting her.


After the SEMCon 2007, I met up with my friends and watched Stardust! Stardust is based on Neil Gaiman’s novel (published in 1998) of the same title. I was not able to read the novel but my movie buddy told me that it was the only fantasy/love story from Neil Gaiman. Anyway, I’m not really sure if the film did justice to what Gaiman originally wrote in the novel but for me, the movie is a must-see. Seeing the film is a mind-blowing experience. So far, this is the best film that I’ve watched this October. Continue reading “Stardust”

SEMCon 2007 Day 2

The last and 2nd day of the Search Engine Marketing Conference 2007 is a blast. The keynote speaker this morning is from Yahoo! South East Asia (MJ Choi, Regional Sales Manager). He presented some case studies with regards to the combination of Display and Search and the combination of offline ads and search. I was impressed by the way they measured the performance for the approaches he mentioned. Anyway, I would have asked MJ about making YPN (Yahoo! Publisher Network) available to the Philippines. Then, Regnard did a presentation on redesigning a website. Well, the presentation was not really about CSS or Photoshop tricks but it would certainly answer the questions when, what and how. Definitely, I was able to relate to Regnard’s presentation since I’m a website designer. Continue reading “SEMCon 2007 Day 2”

SEMCon 2007 Day 1

Even though I have some basic knowledge about search engine optimization, I felt that what I know about it is just shallow until the Day One of Search Engine Marketing Conference 2007 ended. I find Benj Arriola’s presentation (SEO for Megasites) interesting since it has bridged a gap between SEOs and Website Designers/Developers. It is indeed an eye-opening experience that web design and development with SEO in mind actually puts a lot of value. It is interesting to know how web designers/developers play an important role in the optimization of the website for search engines. Continue reading “SEMCon 2007 Day 1”