Featured in the Autodesk Manufacturing Community Newsletter


Some time in June, I was interviewed by the Community Editors of Autodesk Manufacturing Community. It was really an honor to be featured there. In fact, Garin Gardiner of Autodesk posting a comment on my Inventor blog already means a lot to me. :D. Before I received the newsletter in my e-mail, my colleage sent me an instant message with a link pointing to the interview. Again, thanks so much to the Autodesk Manufacturing Community. 🙂

The Bourne Ultimatum contest

After the Harry Potter and the Transformers contests at Yugatech, here now comes The Bourne Ultimatum contest. The lucky winner will win merchandise from this film such as a black cap and a replica of the David Webb dog tag. 😀 Anyway, I think that generating a winner from this contest seems difficult because Abe will draw three countries and the winner should get all the three countries. Just imagine the number of combinations 😀 .