Uno Magazine Lounge Party

Bubbles Paraiso and Nancy Castiglione

I was at the Uno Magazine Lounge Party at Rock Candy last Friday with my colleagues. Bubbles Paraiso and Nancy Castiglione were featured in this party. The good thing about events like this one is that the beers are free. Of course, provided that someone sponsored for it. 😀 When we were about to leave the event, Nancy and Bubbles arrived just in time. Thus, we took the opportunity to take photos 😀 .


Ratatouille is not for those who have Musophobia (fear of rats and mice). Ratatouille is the latest movie from Pixar which is named after a French dish (also Ratatouille). Ratatouille is an Eggplant and Pepper Salad. As always, Pixar never fails to amuse me with their animation capabilities. However, Ratatouille did not really have much appeal just like Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, etc. Nevertheless, I find the movie entertaining and it is indeed best to watch it after a day’s work. Continue reading “Ratatouille”

Testing Smart WiFly

I just activated my Smart WiFly account and I’m currently using it in posting this entry. 😀 This is a great deal especially for heavy internet users. If you’re going to use the internet in coffee shops, etc., you have to pay 100 pesos per hour just to use the internet. With this service, I’ll be only paying 199 bucks on top of my Smart Bro monthly service fee. 😀 And I will have internet access on AirborneAccess Hotspots. 😀

Bro by Blue Ketchup

I just saw this music video by Blue Ketchup in YouTube. Blue Ketchup is Emil Miras (lead vocals)
Gomer Sumilhig (rythym guitar & vocals), Pax Alcantara (lead guitar), Bombie Almendrala (bass), Ronald Dizon (keyboards), and Anthony Valderama (drums & percussions). In 2005, three of their songs were included in a compilation album (Graduation Day) released by Star Records.The music video is directed by Paul Basinillo. Continue reading “Bro by Blue Ketchup”