Sansa e260 MP3 Player 4GB

Sandisk mp3 player

And so even after my brother loaded the Sony MP3 player with 1.5GB worth of pure emo music, he exchanged it with Sandisk’s Sansa e260 MP3 Player. I was able to get my hands on it last night. When I checked the mp3s loaded, it’s not pure emo music and so, I erased it and replaced it with 300 tracks. 😀 Continue reading “Sansa e260 MP3 Player 4GB”

Spindependence at Greenbelt

Chasing Fires

Spindependence at Greenbelt was a blast. I was offered to try the free ribbon clinics and I declined because my purpose there is to take photos 😀 . Spindependence is a celebration of free flowing arts. Aside from the ribbon clinics, a fire zips competition was held and Fire Hazard won first place. There was an arnis exhibition and a capoiera exhibition as well. Continue reading “Spindependence at Greenbelt”

Photo Ops in Serendra

Italliani's humongous tarp

We love taking photos and we enjoy doing this especially if everyone is in the mood for being a fool for 10 seconds for every shot. I was with Dad, Claudia and Claude (my bro’s bestfriend) last Sunday and we passed by some huge tarps in Serendra. Since Claude is having his vacation in the Manila (he will be back in Dubai soon), we’ve had some photo sessions there 😀 . Too bad Kuya Jay missed all the fun. He’s still in the US and he will be back next week.

Funwich Memories

Before Funwich even came out in the market, I’ve experienced eating sorbetes (dirty ice cream) served with pandesal. Just think of this, instead of putting peanut butter (or ham or whatever), you put ice cream in your pandesal. With that, Presto came out with Funwich. If you were not able to try Funwich (I was able to try it during my grade school days), you really did miss a lot. It’s a chocolate biscuits with an ice cream in it. They even have come up with a Mickey Mouse shape of it. 😀 Continue reading “Funwich Memories”

Narda’s Farewell Gig

Katwo getting emotional
Katwo was getting emotional in the middle of their first set in last night’s Nardamageddon

The last time I saw Saguijo jampacked was during Narda’s album launch for Discotillion (2nd and last album of Narda). And last night, again, it was jampacked. I went there last night with my high school friend Lili and my blogger friend Rain. Continue reading “Narda’s Farewell Gig”

The Hard Drink Session

Yellow Cab's New York Classic

Me and my high school and neighborhood friends had a drinking session last night at home. The early bird award goes to Lili. Robert and Bellie also came and I’d like to give Bellie the Denial Queen award since she’s constantly saying that she’s on a diet but she still cannot resist to get some rice aside from the fried chicken and the pizza on her plate. Hehe. Joey came in with the bottles of Sprite. Continue reading “The Hard Drink Session”

OMG! I’ve just turned a year older

New Cake from Red Ribbon

So my birthday this year fell on an Easter Sunday. Yup! And I just had a pre-celebration with some friends. First off, with my friend Jam who surprised me with a slice of cake from Red Ribbon. Thanks to Jam for the cake 😀 . I felt I had a sugar rush after that one. Hehe. Then, we watched Premonition and I’m going to write about it later. I met up with Kat and Josh afterwards and had a drinking slash bonding session with them after the longest time. Continue reading “OMG! I’ve just turned a year older”