Bridge of Terabithia

Bridge of Terabithia is based on a novel of the same title and is directed by Gabor Csupo. The film stars Josh Hutcherson (as Jesse Aarons) and AnnaSophia Robb (as Leslie Burke). I haven’t read the novel yet but after watching the movie, it makes me want to search for this 1977 novel written by Katherine Patterson. The novel has created a controversy among the conservatives for they think that it promotes New Age religions and for its sexual content. This is a heavy drama movie. Thus, you should bring your handkerchief or a tissue with you prior to watching it. Continue reading “Bridge of Terabithia”

6 Underground

The first time I went to 6 Underground, I already fell in love with it. The place is spacious, cozy, and the best part here is the cold beers that they serve. Several bands and artists have made their mark in 6UG as shown by their signatures on the wooden stage stage. I’ve been there a lot of times although I do not regularly go to 6UG. I was there during the Kiko Machine album launch where I got reunited with my high school batchmates. Check out their website for the gig schedules. 🙂

A YouTube alternative

One of my online buddies in my Multiply account shocked us with the news that her YouTube account got suspended. She lost 300+ videos that she uploaded and it’s no wonder that she would feel bad about it as she stated in her blog. Actually, there are a lot of alternatives there other than YouTube. She could try imeem. It is quite similar to YouTube. Their only difference is that you could also upload audio tracks or podcasts and as well as photos. However, it is clearly stated in their Terms of Use that:

You must not upload or present any media or content in which you do not have the appropriate rights to do so. You may be in violation of copyright laws if you do not have all appropriate rights to the media and content you upload or present on imeem. imeem reserves the right to cancel any and all accounts of individuals violating copyright laws.

Hmmm, I guess it’s safer to upload CBS shows rather than videos that has something to do with ABS-CBN. 😀

UP Not Fair


I went to the last day of UP Fair and it has been a long time since I’ve attended such a big event. You’ll see people from all walks of life in this event, be it someone affiliated with University of the Philippines or a music lover like me. So aside from watching and listening to the live bands performing, other things that you could have done in the UP fair is to wall climb which costs 20 pesos for 2 climbs already. Then, you could have pigged out eating shawarma and other popular street food. Then maybe you could have gotten a henna tattoo or have taken home some Adidas item that you got for half of its original price. Continue reading “UP Not Fair”

Philippine Blog Awards


Submit now your nominations for the Philippine Blog Awards! The following award categories are: Best Technology Blog, Best Travel Blog, Best Entertainment Blog, Best Personal Blog, Best Home & Living Blog, Best Socio-Political Blog, Best News & Media Blog, Best Business/Entrepreneur Blog, Best Sports & Recreation Blog, Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog, Best Photo Blog, and Podcast of the Year Award. Special awards will also be given such as Blogger’s Choice Award, Best Blog Design, Best OFW Blog, Best Free Custom Theme, and Best Blog Plugin/Extension.

The Die-Hard V-day Fanatics

Prepared for the Valentine's?

Who are the die-hard V-day fanatics? Those are the type of people whom would always celebrate V-day religiously. Those are the people who would ask their respective SO to have dinner with them and surprise them later with roses and chocolates. Erm, as if they are surprised. I guess there is the unwritten rule for those who have an SO and admirers that they should get at least a stem of rose and a chocolate bar. And of course, the roses should have at have a card attached to it. Continue reading “The Die-Hard V-day Fanatics”

Seashell Museum

Floating shell?

Another point of interest in the Yalong Bay Resort area is the Seashell Museum. The entrance fee there is 21 RMB per person. In the museum, you‚Äôll see there different species of seashells that vary in size, shape and color. Just like in the museum found in Butterfly Park, the seashells are displayed in glass enclosures. Aside from the seashells, corals may also be seen there. Continue reading “Seashell Museum”

Butterfly Park

Is this a fake flower?

If you are appreciative of the beauty of nature, Butterfly Park in Sanya, Hainan is just amongst the points of interest to go to. It boasts of a 1.5 hectare garden with our colorful winged friends thriving there. According to the sign I saw inside the park, the best time to go around the butterfly park is on sunny days at 9am to 11am. Between 12pm to 3pm, the butterflies like to swing around. Thus, between the said time duration, it would be very hard for you to capture a photograph of a butterfly. The entrance fee is 21 RMB per person. Continue reading “Butterfly Park”