European Taste in the heart of Kalentong

Paris with Mami?

If you think that there is nothing to see in Kalentong except for the jeepneys and pedestrians walking everywhere, there’s a food stall beside the road selling Pares and Mami. To add the saucy factor to it, inspite for the fact that the food itself has sauce, they spelled it out as Paris (which is my hypothesis). It adds European flavor to the name of the dish :D.

Christmas 2006

We spent our Noche Buena at our place in Siniloan, Laguna. It is a Christmas eve where we do not have internet access and as well as Cable TV. My brother just played basketball and both of my siblings had a jump shot for the lack of something to do. Aside from that, they forced Lola Pining to have her picture taken even though she’s not wearing her false teeth. Dad even posed as a chef even if he’s not the one who cooked the food last night. Aside from that, our dear brother forced us to pose as if we did not like the presents that we received which is exactly the way Justin looked like after not opening a toy as a present. Continue reading “Christmas 2006”

Last Minute Christmas Gifts Wrapping

I really do not procrastinate a lot. In fact, I’ve bought the Christmas presents for my family during the first week of December. The gift wrappers were ready during the 2nd week and the only thing that was lacking is “the push” to get me to wrapping all the gifts. Aside from being a little lazy in wrapping the good stuff, I prefer to wrap the gifts the “underground way”. The purpose of wrapping the gifts would be put to waste if they will see what they shall be opening during Christmas eve. Thus, the best time for me to do it is while they were already sleeping or about to sleep which is what I did earlier. Anyway, if you don’t have the perseverance in wrapping gifts, I suggest:

Buy a paper bag
If you do not want the complexities of wrapping the gift and opening the gift, buy a paper bag. And do not forget to put the recycle tag. 😀

Or have the gifts wrapped in the Gift Wrapping counter of a shopping mall
This is your only option if you cannot ask your brother or sister to do the wrapping for you. 😀 It may be more expensive than just buying a gift wrapper and convince yourself to do the wrapping but the way that it is wrapped makes the gift an artwork of some sort.

The season for blogger meetup

So after all the Christmas parties slash meetups and gatherings with some friends and colleagues, I was finally able to attend the recently concluded bloggers meetup last Friday at the SM Mall of Asia. I was able to take some pictures of the meetup and as well as Abe. We all first met at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf where we had a raffle draw. Ajay was supposed to get the free lifetime hosting from, however, she left earlier for work. I was not really expecting to get the free hosting since I am not lucky in raffle draws. Continue reading “The season for blogger meetup”

Out of Order


Jokes being passed around through SMS are common nowadays. And this is true for the one liner jokes (also known as the quotable quotes from the tangibles). However, nothing beats the classic joke where the one did not really intend to crack a joke. Just last Tuesday night, we were at Saguijo to watch Rinka’s gig. Apparently, Rich ordered for something that was not available and the waiter blurted out,

Out of order po yan ma’am.

While, the waiter was saying that, he really looked serious about it. We tried our best not to laugh but unfortunately, our best was not good enough. If this story is written in a comic book, there will be a bubble thought saying that “Hey, I thought the term out of order is only applicable to toilets and such?”.

Kitchie Nadal in Singapore

My friend Jared was able to catch Kitchie Nadal in Singapore and she has gone international(or I was just not aware that she have had gigs abroad already?)! I haven’t read any press release about it or I was just not aware about it. I tried searching for it in Google and lo and behold, the number 1 slot for the keyword “kitchie nadal singapore” is the blog of Roca Cruz. Roca Cruz is Kitchie’s manager. Here is the link to the blog entry of Roca where she mentioned about the Hong Kong gig (December 16 to 18, sponsored by Globe Telecoms) and the Singapore gig (December 18 to 19). Aside from the Hong Kong gig and the Singapore gig, they had a US (held last October 20 to November 5 in San Diego, LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City, Baltimore, New Jersey, San Francisco and Hawaii), Japan, and Canada tour. Click on the photo to see more of Kitchie Nadal’s gig pictures in Singapore. Those were all taken by Jared. 🙂 Also, please do visit Kitchie Nadal’s website if you want to see some pictures from the US tour.


Pardon me for being sort of an ignorant when it comes to local television lately since I rarely watch TV. I was surprised last Sunday when I saw YouTube being shown in Wazzup Wazzup. I’m not sure if it’s just a special feature or a regular segment (called YouTubero?) there. I really cannot remember what video clip I saw on the Wazzup Wazzup teaser last Sunday. I just searched for a video tagged with youtubero and I found this.

Continue reading “YouTubero”

Last Minute Gift Ideas this Christmas

People tend to procrastinate every Christmas season where they would do some last minute shopping. So for those who are running out of ideas what to give this Christmas, here are some tips:

For a blogger who loves to laugh and read
Kuwentong Tambay by Nicanor David, Jr. (aka batjay) will surely give joy to every blogger (even those who are not bloggers). This book will certainly make you laugh even if you are alone. Continue reading “Last Minute Gift Ideas this Christmas”

Blogkadahan Meet-up

We had a Blogging Berks meet-up earlier in Megamall. Those who were present aside from me are Batjay, Jet, Toni and Tito Rolly. We had dinner at Pot and Noodles. It is a Chinese restaurant famous for its hand-drawn noodles and it was my first time to eat there. I’ve noticed outside that some people would just stand outside the restaurant while they watch the cook do the noodle thing (for the lack of the proper term to say). I guess you are thinking that we had noodles there. No. We had Yang Chao, also known as Chao Fan or the classic Chinese fried rice that ones usually order in Chinese restaurants. We also had kangkong, squid and steamed fish fillet. Continue reading “Blogkadahan Meet-up”