Amazing Race Metro Cebu Edition


The task
The task is to visit five tourist attractions in one day starting at 1pm.The deadline for accomplishing such task is 6pm and the condition is for us not to ride a taxi going to the destinations.


Via Fuente Osmena, we first went to National Bookstore to look at the map of Cebu and identified five tourist attractions that are near to each other. I was even tempted to buy the map but because of budget constraints, I did not buy one. Continue reading “Amazing Race Metro Cebu Edition”

Back from Cebu and Bohol getaway

I just got back from our Cebu and Bohol getaway. I’ve uploaded some pictures already on my photoblog. Those are photos from our Bohol trip. Other pictures will be uploaded soon. My recently concluded trip is such an experience. It is a combination of a cultural, nature and adrenaline-rush type of experience. More will be posted about this.

In Search for a VGA Cable

After I got home from work, I went out in search for a VGA cable since the pins from it broke down. Since SM Bicutan stores do not close at 8pm like in Makati, I was crossing my fingers that at least Electroworld would have one. Upon arriving at Electroworld, I immediately asked if they have one and unfortunately, they do not sell VGA cables. I got the same reply from other stores in SM Bicutan. And so, instead of staying at home and taking a rest, I went out and looked for stores at Park Square. I did a little computer store hopping there. One sales person even suggested to check out True Value which made me scratch my head since the store sells car and home stuff. After a few more rounds, I finally found the right store and I was able to buy a VGA cable for my monitor.

Gary Granada and his Ordeal with McDonalds

After having seen the Jollibee Scandal video at YouTube, I received a forwarded email about Gary Granada’s ordeal with McDonalds. I read it and it has something to do with the reduction of the use of styrofor in fastfood chains. Just recently, I’ve posted on my disappointing noodles food trip experience. As part of the working force in Makati, there are a lot of establishments whether small, mid-sized or large still use styrofor. For instance, JolliJeeps in Makati use styrofor and even its counterpart in Alabang as a packaging for their food. Even though it is optional, people would still opt to have their food placed inside a styrofor packaging. Aside from Jollijeeps, 24-hour convenience stores also use styrofor in food packaging. I believe that it would be best to educate people why styrofor or styrofoam should not be used most especially for food and beverage applications. I’ve read an article about its effects and I am alarmed of what could possibly happen to other consumers that have been using this on a daily basis for eating and drinking.

Eating Noodles Packed in Styrofor

Just this morning, I went to Mini Stop to buy some noodles. Buying Nissin’s noodles cost a lot than Quickie, thus, I decided to buy Quickie. The price at Mini Stop is 19 bucks only and if I will buy this at Shopwise, it will cost cheaper. When it was lunch time at the office, I prepared the noodles and poured hot water over it. When I turned around to grab a chair, I saw the spilled soup on the table. Obviously it came from the styro cup containing the noodles. Luckily, right next to me is a cup. In order to prevent more soup to spill out from the styro cup, I put it in the cup and grabbed some scratch papers to clean it up. After cleaning the mess up, I continued to eat. While I was eating I inspected the styro cup since I did not find any hole at its butt. I discovered that there is a tiny hole at the side of the cup. And there’s even a small piece of styrofor hanging near the hole.

Realizations after this incident:
1. A Quickie cup noodle does not necessarily mean that it’s a quickie meal after all.
2. The potential hazards of eating food that are packed in styrofor.
3. It is still faster to eat a sandwich or a bread than a Quickie cup noodle.

Top 5 LSS Rock Songs

Here are my top 5 LSS Rock/Alternative songs:

Taralets by Imago
Taralets by Imago is their current hit single from their 3rd album Blush. The song is upbeat just like their other song Anino which is from their 2nd album Take 2! The LSS part of this song is the repetitive “Taralets tara tara taralets”. Taralets is a Filipino slang for Let’s Go.

Narda by Kamikazee
Narda by Kamikazee, like what I’ve said in my recent entry is found on outdoor-type videokes. People of all ages and of different social status would sing this song. Continue reading “Top 5 LSS Rock Songs”

Emerald Garden

We had our family lunch yesterday at Emerald Garden after Claudia’s graduation rites. She just got her bachelor’s degree in Management of Financial Institutions at De La Salle University. Sleeping late for studying has paid off when she got her medal for Honorable Mention.

Emerald Garden is a Chinese restaurant located at Roxas Blvd. We enjoyed our family lunch there not only because of the food itself but also because of the fact that they serve the food fast. I’m really not sure if they are always like that but I’m also thinking that they might have anticipated that some of their would-be customers would go there after the graduation rites.

We ordered an appetizer first while waiting for them. We had a set of cold cuts. My nephews tried the Century Egg and they did not like it. I guess they thought that it tastes like ordinary eggs and the only difference is its color. Century egg is too exotic for my taste buds and so are for my nephews.

Then, we ordered the dishes when they texted that they are in the parking lot at the PICC. Apparently, we thought that it would take some time to prepare the food before serving it to us. We were surprised when it arrived after five minutes or so of eating appetizers. When they arrived at the restaurant, the rice (Yang chow) has to be reheated and we were almost done eating.

Narda by Kamikazee

Above in the video is my nephew singing Narda by Kamikazee. This song rocked the radio stations by storm. It has even become an anthem to five-year old kids and of course, my nephews are included there. Even videokes found on streets has the song Narda on their playlist. The song has become popular not only because of its catchy tunes but because of the simplicity of the lyrics and also because of the song’s main theme which is love.

Yahoo Mail Beta

It was April when Pinoytechblog reported on Yahoo Mail Beta and after a few months, I was able to give it a try a few minutes ago of its Microsoft Outlook look-and-feel. What I liked about it is that you can read your RSS feeds there. By default, the RSS feeds that you will be getting is the Yahoo Mail Updates and the Yahoo News Full coverage. Clicking the Calendar and Notepad will bring you though to its previous look-and-feel. The banner ad that you will usually see on the top is now located on the right most side. You do not have to turn to the next page to be able to see your older messages. All you have to do is to scroll down and you will be surprised how fast it is. And if you think I am using a DSL connection, you’re wrong. Hehe. I’m just using dial up. And if you still want to switch back to its original interface, you can do that too!