Milenyo has truly lived up to his name. He spelled destruction with less effort and he did it in just one blow. Some electric cables fell off from the post which is why I am here at Netopia today and not blogging from the hills of Paranaque. Last Thursday, I was about to go to work because it was announced that there will be Signal Number One and that Grade School students won’t have classes. Then, I got an SMS from my officemate saying that it was Signal Number 3 and that there’s no work. And so, I just stayed at home along with my siblings. The only form of entertainment that we had are a deck of cards and the mini radio that is battery-operated because there’s no electricity. We just played Tong its and Pusoy Dos. We then listened to the AM Radio and looked for stations discussing about electricity. We came across a station and it announced that by 6am (on Friday) 50 percent will have their electricity restored. When I woke up, I checked if we were part of the 50 percent. Sad to say, we’re not part of them. The other half will have their electricity restored in 45 hours and that should be tomorrow. Continue reading “Milenyo”

3D Scanner


Technology has evolved really fast. Before, there was only 2D scanning and reverse engineering was done by just approximations. Then, there was this stuff where you could actually measure the x, y, and z points by using a probe of some sort. After that, when I was in college, a group made a thesis of an oven-type 3D scanner. The latest technology that I saw recently from the Manufacturing Technology World 2006 is the 3D scanner from ZCorp which is a handheld device that makes use of laser gun that is connected to a computer. All you have to do is to put the reflective stickers on the object that you want to scan and start scanning.

Remembering Alamid

Alamid is a Manila-based band composed of Gary Ignacio, Thallie Facelo, Dex Facelo, Gail Ignacio, Paku Herrera, and Roel Mangyao. Their debut self-titled album was released in 1994. Songs included in the said album are: Nasaan Ka Katarungan (Where Is the Justice), Sixteen, Candle in the Rain, Your Love, China Eyes, May Pag-Asa Pa (There’s Still a Chance), Echoing Silence, I Just Wasn’t Brave Enough, Chaotic World, and Still Believe in Magic. Amongst these songs, Your Love and China Eyes are the songs that we would easily recall everytime we hear the band Alamid. Songs from their second album Panaginip which was released in 1995 are: Sama-Sama (All Together), Batibot (Slang for Little Kids), I Love to Know, Paano Na Ngayon (What About Now), Listen, Night Creatures, Panaginip (Dream), Love is over Now, Hesus (Jesus), Sama-Sama (All Together) [Acoustic Version], Merry Xmas?, and Batibot (Backing Tracks) (Slang for Little Kids). This mp3 track is a rendition of Alamid’s Your Love by my friends Pam (vocals) and Lhette (guitar and backup vocals).


The Tabo Project

What is a Tabo? A tabo is something that you would look for in a hotel even you are blessed with a hot/cold shower. Likewise, a tabo is something that you would look for after releasing elements in solid (sometimes in liquid form) from your system because a tissue paper does not seem to satisfy your needs.

The Tabo Project is a fairly unique and interesting project. I discovered this through Ria of Paramita after sharing this link with me over Yahoo Messenger. While I was searching for The Tabo Project over Google, I also found the Tabo as an art form collection. For some time, we have preoccupied ourselves doing The Mirror Project while we exhibit our narcissistic side. Now, it’s time to take your cameras and start the Tabo project.

Rockstar Supernova

I haven’t watched the entire season of Rockstar Supernova and it kills me that the contestants there are even better than the contestants from Rockstar INXS. Rockstar INXS was quite predictable. Supernova now has a vocalist and it is Lukas Rossi. Lukas Rossi is from Ontario, Canada. On the final show, he performed Bitter Sweet Symphony (The Verve). I’ve downloaded some mp3s from such as Creep (Radiohead), Bitter Sweet Symphony (The Verve) and Hero (Chad Kroeger). His rendition of Creep gave me goosebumps and he truly deserved the encore for that night. I was really expecting Toby Rand to be part of Supernova after I saw him perform Throw it All Away which is an original of his band Juke Kartel. Again, congratulations to Lukas Rossi!

Do it the Mongolian way

A Mongolian bowl meal is something that you should be careful in experimenting with. This could lead you to either disappointment or satisfaction. And the secret here is the sauce. The sauce that you would choose is something that would boost your appetite and should have an outcome that is described as an experience that you would want to do over and over again. Most of the ingredients that you could put into your bowl are vegetables. And if you are a carnivore, you can never do the Mongolian way. It would definitely be a category that should be added to Fear Factor just in case they have called all of the famous human species of the carnivorous kind.

Tofu is a-must add-on to your bowl. Be sure to get plenty of tofu because the meat that they are going to put on your bowl will be good for five bites. Garlic and onion is also a must add-on. They would certainly add flavor to your food. If you are the type who craves for something spicy, add the red chilli pepper bits into your bowl.

Remember, you should be careful in putting the ingredients to your bowl. We want to avoid mixing a particular ingredient with another ingredient. Red chilli peppers mixed with garlic can be a devastating experience for those who do not want chilli in their bowl.

Kwentong Tambay

Image courtesy of Batjay

Kwentong Tambay is something what the Filipino bloggers should be proud of. This is something that the shelves of bookstores should have. No, I don’t have a copy of the book. But I would like to get a copy of the book from the bookstore and encourage others who can’t make to the office of the publisher (PSICOM) to get the copy not just because I have read his blog nor because he is a fellow blogger. By the time that Kwentong Tambay will be displayed on the shelves of the bookstores, a Filipino blogger would have made history on that day. Kudos to Batjay!

Just Moved In

Finally, the welcome page is not showing up already and I’ve successfully transferred my database to the new home of Rocker’s World. What I need to do next is to setup the database for my photoblog. Thus, it is not going to be available for the mean time. Maybe later tonight it will be available. Hehe. And so, I learned another geeky term and that is the real path. Alright, enough of the geeky stuff. Rocker’s World new home has now bigger space and bandwidth too. I have a lot of plans for this site but I won’t be able to achieve it if I have limited space. Finally, I could implement my plans for this site and that is after fixing some plugins that require the real path thingy. As you see, I have not been blogging that much previously because I was waiting for my domain to be transferred.

Better be late than never

If I’m going to use the Philippine timezone as the basis of Blog Day (which is supposed to be August 31), then it’s over. However I would really want to share 5 blogs here.

Fashion Vice. Fashion Vice is a fashion blog. Basically, I’m not the type of person who would browse over fashion magazines and know what’s the latest in the scene. But, I do enjoy looking at photos of products and check the lighting conditions.

This Gay Christian’s Blog. I admire the author’s wit and most of all, being true to himself.

Designers Who Blog. This is a collection of featured blogs of designers. This is something that should inspire graphic designers to blog and to share their ideas through blogging.

Blog Critics. Blog Critics is a series of reviews with categories like: Music, Books, TV/film, culture, politics, sports, gaming and, science and technology.

My Extra Life. You may come to think of this as a comic strip blog. But wait, there’s more! Scroll down and you will get to read more interesting stuff.