Pontius Pilate in Customer Service

I really do appreciate a good quality of customer service. However, there are times that you would certainly experience headaches in poor customer service and also in people who would actually act like Pontius Pilate washing his or her hands and would tell you that it’s not their fault and they are not going to do about it. Recently, I did a favor to claim the supposedly repaired camera (which is a Konica KD310Z and is repaired after 4.5 months) at Sony Service Center at Alabang. As the agent there called my attention, I gave her the claim stub. Then, after 5 minutes or so of waiting, I got hold of the camera with the replaced part. The lady then asked me if I have the battery with me and I told her that I do not have it with me. Thus, I was not able to test it if it’s really working in good condition or not since they also do not have the same battery with them. Anyways, I got the camera and then paid for the service charge. Then, I got a text message from her (let us just hide her identity and name her Annie) that they (Service Center) have the battery with them. I asked the agent for the claim stub so that I could check it and I found out that in the claim stub (as printed by the computer) it states w/o battery. However, it was corrected by the agent who entertained Annie by just slashing the letter o from w/o using a pen. The agent checked the computer database and told me that it says in the computer that there’s not even a single accessory there. It came to my attention that the agent who entertained Annie 4.5 months ago did not correct it in the database. Continue reading “Pontius Pilate in Customer Service”

What if your Ex-Girlfriend is a Super Hero?

I was able to watch last weekend the movie “My Super Ex-Girlfriend“. And it was really a laughing trip experience. If you want some light movies where you would just laugh and laugh til you sound like a pig, then this is the movie for you. This movie stars Uma Thurman who plays as Luke Wilson’s Super Ex-Girlfriend. In this movie, Uma Thurman is known as G-Girl which is her super hero identity (in which I find rather corny) and is also known as Jenny Johnson. If G-Girl is known as a hero to the common public, she’s a villain to his ex-boyfriend Matt Saunders. Anna Faris is also brilliant in this movie. She has never failed to make me laugh in this film especially for her innocent-like looks just like in Scary Movie.

Laughing trip: 4 out of 5
Plot: 3 out of 5
Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

The Possessed Keyboard

Last night, while I was logging in to my wordpress PTB account, it says that I typed the wrong password. And that rarely happens. Then, I tried typing in notepad and voila, my keyboard was in a possessed state. It was such a shitty feeling that I have to make myself adapt with the capslock not turned on where it is typing in all caps. Then, as I was about to end the statement, I was in a state of shock that it types the greater than symbol. That was so weird and I find it very irritating especially that I would want to accomplish the article on that night.

So what did I do? What I did was is to uninstall the driver for the keyboard and made a reboot afterwards. Then, it installed the keyboard after startup and made a reboot again. At least I am free from the headaches and as well the creepy feeling that some unseen element has been pressing it.


It is rare to find a Filipino horror movie that would surely make you feel a bit stressed after because of its main requirement while watching, and that is to scream. The main characters of the film are Kris Aquino and Claudine Barretto. The movie starts with Kris Aquino (Sandy) and Wendell Ramos (Dale) arriving from abroad and have lunch with Dale’s family. During lunch, they talk about sukob which is a superstition that two siblings should not be wed in the same year or a wedding must not be held after a death of a family member in the same year. If such superstition is violated, it will cause you misfortune. When Sandy and Dale went to the bride-to-be’s family, Sandy learned that her kababata (Helen) suffered from a series of unfortunate events causing their whole family to die. On Sandy and Dale’s wedding day, Sandy suffered a nose bleed. While it was happening, the daughter of Dale’s cousin saw the creepy flower girl.

After the reception, the two girls disappeared after they had a vehicular accident. At the back seat, the veil at Sandy’s wedding appeared. With that, a family secret has been revealed. Her father has another family. Little that they know that Sandy’s half sister got married on the same year as theirs. After the revelation of the family secret, Sandy’s mother (Boots Anson Roa) dragged her things out of the house. She was almost killed by a car. A few minutes after, she was killed by falling debris. Her body was nowhere to be found. Instead, a cord was found after the debris were removed. Continue reading “Sukob”