Central BBQ Boy Grill

Central BBQ Boy Grill is a perfect place to have your beer drinking sessions. If you are a San Miguel beer drinker, San Mig Light will only cost you 25 bucks a bottle and San Mig Strong Ice will only cost you 28 bucks a bottle. Bars normally would charge you around 40 to 60 bucks per bottle. Aside from the ice cold beers that they serve, they also grilled pulutan treats with interesting names such as Inihaw na Ba? Boy (Grilled Pork Belly), Tery-Yaky-Boy (Grilled Chicken Teriyaki), Fish be with you Boy (grilled tilapia), Chicboy Inasal (Grilled chicken inasal), Boy Negro (Grilled squid), Baby Boy (grilled pork ribs), Nangamatis na itlog ni Boy (itlog na maalat ensalada), Italong mo kay Boy (grilled eggplant ensalada), That’s My Boy (sizzling sisig), Hellboy (Spicy beef curry), Boy Kabute (sizzling garlic mushroom), BBQ Boy (pork barbecue), BBQ Chick (chicken barbecue), Streetboys – Vhong (Isaw), Streetboys – Jhong (betamax if I’m not mistaken), Streetboys – Sphencer (another streetfood however, I forgot what it’s supposed to be called), Hotdog ni Boy (grilled jumbo hotdog) and Frankie Boy (grilled german franks). In their menu they have this icon placed beside each item. The icon stands for Try mo Boy. In short, that particular item is one of their specialties. I was able to try their BBQ Boy and it is indeed a must try. The place is not your typical bar since you will get to drink literally on the street which is something that we usually do before when I was still in college together with my neighborhood drinking buddies. You could even go there wearing just your homey clothes. Hehe!

Humor Me

Last night, we went to 22nd Street, a certain comedy bar in Las Pinas and we were able to catch the tandem of Chuby, Ate Gay, Anton Diva, and two more people that I cannot really recall. We were supposed to sit upstairs so as to avoid to be their “victims” even if we are all aware of a dozen things or more that could possibly happen to us there. Fortunately we did not become their victims however, no one has escaped them. There was a group of friends there where in one of them is celebrating her birthday. And I don’t know how the girl took it the way they made fun of her. She was their on the stage and was asked to sing a couple of songs and even before she could sing, the making fun at the expense of others type of humor was executed naturally. And they were pretty much predictable that night. And that is in a sense of what they are going to do next or who will they target next.

Also, I had an impression that they have this kind of superstar complex. It was like they are belittling that the money which some from the audience gave them. I understand though that they have high rates considering that they have a bunch of TV appearances but I think that they should not be like that. Oh well, that’s just me.

The Fab Five at Greenbelt

The Fab Five from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is here in Manila and they are currently promoting their book Queer Eye for the Straight Guy : The Fab 5’s Guide to Looking Better, Cooking Better, Dressing Better, Behaving Better, and Living Better. The Fab Five are: Ted Allen, Kyan Douglas, Thom Filicia, Carson Kressley, and Jai Rodriguez. The paperback is priced at around 800 bucks while the hardbound is available for around 1200 bucks. I was only able to watch a couple of episodes of that show in cable TV since I really do not watch television. It would be really nice if they would have a special episode here in the Philippines rather than promoting the book alone. Tomorrow they will be at the Glorietta Activity Center.

Why Happy Hour

Why is happy hour called happy hour? It could be something like “Getting an Alcohol dosage time” or it could be something like “Wanting to drown myself in alcohol at a lower cost time”. Then, I tried searching for it at Wikipedia. The term Happy Hour orginated in the US Navy in 1920’s where the term itself is a navy slang for on-ship performances.

Now, if you think that there’s no history why happy hour should always be early, then there’s also a historical explanation for that. Volstead Act, which was passed by the US Senate in 1919, enforces the prohibition of alcohol (the intoxicating beverage and not the one that kills 99.99 percent of germs). So the happy hour was held at underground drinking establishments and it should be before dinner time. The general slang term they used for that (the establishment) is speakeasy.

All the while I thought that Happy Hour was just a strategy for bars to sell more beers at a lower cost during hours where people are not yet jam-packed since bars usually expects more people later in the evening.

Observations in Taxi Rides

The first time that I went to Cebu, it seemed to me that the meter runs slower there than here in Manila. I find it a bit odd since it should be the same. Also, in Manila if you give almost the exact amount the driver would be dissatisfied since he expects at least an additional 20 bucks of what’s indicated in the meter. In Cebu, it was different. Drivers would try their very best to give you the exact change. However, there are also some cab drivers in Cebu that would ask a price that you would think that it’s too much which happens to me most of the time here in Manila. Of course, I won’t agree to that. There are also a lot of taxi drivers here in Manila that would not want to accept you as their passenger because they would say that it is traffic in your area of destination or they won’t get passengers there. I know that they are trying their best to make a living but that is not the way to do it because it is unfair and unjust. It is the perfect example of what a “manggugulang” does aside from cellphone snatchers that sell the mobile phones afterwards. Well, I don’t wonder that much that these kind of things happen. I guess you already understand what I mean. ‘Nuff said.

Cebu Trip

I was at Cebu from July 6 to 9 and no it is not entirely for pleasure, it is actually for work. The company that I’m currently working for is one of the exhibitors for the recently concluded Manufacturing Technology Cebu which was held from July 7 to 9. On the first day, I joined SME Manila chapter members on their plant tours at Mactan Parts Technology and Pentax. We had our lunch at the famous No Problem Restaurant and had a picture tripping at the Mactan Shrine. After our Pentax plant tour, we visited the Plantation Bay resort where we had our usual photo ops. After which, we went to Waterfront Hotel where the said event was held (and this is also the hotel that we’re checked in).

We were not able to go on a night out since we were all tired from the event. We just went out to have dinner (and this is because hotel food is expensive) and watch cable TV at the hotel. Last Saturday morning, we went to the Tabo-An market where one of my colleagues bought some danggit, dried pusit, dried mangoes and some piaya. I just bought Shamrock’s Otap, some dried mangoes and piaya there. Make sure you take a bath after going at the Tabo-an market for you will surely smell like danggit and dried pusit. Then, our last side trip was at the Basilica de Sto. Nino, Magellan’s Cross and Cebu Cathedral where we had our usual photo ops. Check out my Multiply page to see some of the pics.

Center of Gravity for Autodesk Inventor

Let’s say you want to have the center of gravity to be plotted onto your drawing file (idw file) so that you could keep a documentation of it. What you can do is to create a macro where the program automates the generation of workpoint based on the properties of the mass of the assembly document and or the part document. After running the macro, create a new drawing (idw file) and get the base view of that document. Make sure that in the display options that the User Work Features are checked. Now, the question that you probably have in mind is what if I have other work features that I do not want to be shown? What you just do is to hide the other work features manually by expanding a certain view in the browser tree. It’s just like hiding parts within an assembly environment. Continue reading “Center of Gravity for Autodesk Inventor”

Superman Returns

I was able to watch Superman and to me, there is nothing really much super about him as what I have seen in this film. For instance, in one scene, he was being shot by a bank robber with a bullet hurling machine. However, I was pretty impressed when he was shot in the eye with a hand gun where the bullet just smashed and fell down. Of course, he has to flash his killer smile slash evil grin with him probably thinking at the back of his mind, “Hey, I’m Superman. I’m the man of steel. I can’t be killed with a bullet unless it has kryptonite.”

Superman is portrayed by the newcomer Brandon Routh and Lois Lane is portrayed by Kate Bosworth. In this movie, Superman returns to Earth after five years of spending his time at Krypton. When he came back at Daily Planet, he discovered that Lois Lane has been living in with her fiance and with their son. He was hurt when he saw an editorial writted by Lois entitled, “Why the World Doesn’t Need Superman” which won her a Pulitzer Prize. When I saw that, my initial reaction was it was just Lois’ coping mechanism since Superman did not even bother to say goodbye to her or anything for that matter. And so, this is a Hollywood movie for us where the plot is injected with a love triangle and with a mystery that Jason (Lois’ son) is not of Richard’s but it is of Clark Kent. Continue reading “Superman Returns”

Online Quiz Management System

A few months back, I developed an online quiz management system using PHP and MySQL where there is a Student Control Panel and an Administration Panel for the teachers. There’s also a provision for the IT to add a teacher and for the teachers to approve or disapprove the pre-registered students. This system gives a teacher also an option to choose what quiz to make (if it’s an identification type of quiz or a multiple choice type of quiz), post an announcement where the students under him or her will be notified via e-mail. The students will be able to view the announcements once they have successfully logged in. The students could also send comments and suggestions to their teacher through their control panel and the teacher will receive it via e-mail. The quiz management system also provides a summary reporting of the performance of the students where the students will be able to track their performance and the teachers will also be able to track the performance of his or her students. Aside from that, the teachers could upload supplementary content for his or her students.

I’ve seen some e-learning systems and I felt that some lacks interactivity and as well as the ability to track it’s effectivity. However, I still believe that it’s still based on the student’s personality if he or she is determined or not which is an uncontrollable factor. And so, I sound geeky again.

Portfolio in Flash

A portfolio is not just a collection of works dumped into a CD. It should be presented in a way that would tell your prospective client such that he or she would know something about you such as your contact details, the way you conceptualize, your typical workflow and such. These are the other things that they should know aside from your collection of works. I just finished creating my portfolio using Macromedia Flash MX. But I’m not going to make it available online. Bandwidth is not cheap although I used a modular approach in designing it, I still prefer just to give a CD with my portfolio inside or much better if I could just zip it and send it via e-mail. If you are interested to view my portfolio just comment here and input your email address. Don’t worry, your e-mail address won’t be displayed. It’s just a means of controlling spammers here in the Internet.