Metro Basketball Tournament Website

Please do check out the Metro Basketball Tournament Website. I actually have gone through several major layout revisions before being able to come up with the final one. The final layout is clean, bandwidth friendly and easy to navigate. The logo and some banners (i.e. splash page banner, Hoop Wars banner). I designed all the other graphic elements found in the site. The news section of the site is still a static page. However, I’m coming up with a simple content management system for that. And yes, it’s going to be written in PHP and database is MySQL. Team Standings under the On Going League page is waiting to be updated.

The Photo Gallery of MBT site is powered by PixelPost. I hacked the Paged Archives addon such that titles of the images will also be displayed together with the thumbnails. And for that to display properly, a little CSS tweaking was also needed. Thanks to this particular CSS float tutorial.

UPDATE: is offline. I guess the owners of the website forgot to renew the domain or probably stopped the acquisition of web development, design and hosting services.

Medical and Construction World Collision

When I was along EDSA going to a client call I saw a big sign at Caltex. The sign says, “Effective May 17 this site will undergo minor surgery”. As soon as I finished reading, I read it again since I thought that I was having hallucinations. And when I was able to confirm that I was not having such, I realized that I should have brought my camera with me. I even sent an SMS to some of my friends and colleagues that also loves spotting one-of-a-kind signs and taking pictures of it. One replied that we should all be thankful that it was not having a bypass surgery. The other one replied that they should have used the word renovation. And a shocked friend asked me if it is really for real. The idea of going back just to take a picture of that sign lured me. If by any chance you pass by EDSA (the side of EDSA going north), just look for that sign at Caltex.

Everybody was thinking what we’re thinking

It’s a Sunday. Everyone’s too lazy to watch movies. They’d rather stay home, pig out and sleep all day long. And so, we had a crazy idea of going out to watch a movie at Glorietta. Of course, it’s not The Da Vinci Code nor Poseidon. And the only for-kids-film showing at Glorietta that we were not able to watch is Over the Hedge which is something my nephews would enjoy. And I felt bad because we fell in line for nothing because we were not able to watch the said film. Also, I felt bad just the same because my nephews are so excited to watch it and they were not able to do so. Thanks to the five out of seven cinemas of Glorietta 4 that are showing The Da Vinci Code. I really find it a bit exagerrating to have five out of cinemas devoted to just one movie. And so, we went to BF Paranaque’s Ruins to buy some DVDs to watch. And when we got home, I just slept while all of them watched The Wild. I hope by Wednesday they have reduced the five slots devoted to The Da Vinci Code down to three.

The Da Vinci Code

Last night, I was able to watch The Da Vinci Code with Ajay (thanks for the tix! hehe!) at Greenbelt 3. So if you have plans to watch at Greenbelt 3, prepare for the wallet damage of 170 bucks.

The Da Vinci Code is an adaptation of Dan Brown’s book of the same title. It is directed by Ron Howard. In this movie, Robert Langdon was portrayed by Tom Hanks and he is not actually the Robert Langdon that came to my mind when I was reading the book. If you have not read the book and you have watched this film already, I suggest that you read it. You will then realize that there are some details in the book that you would want to see in the film. However, such details would make the film more controversial as it is being shown here in the Philippines with an MTRCB rating of for 18 and above only (R-18) and this movie is banned from being shown in the city of Manila. And since the movie is R-18, SM Cinemas is certainly not airing this film.

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Poseidon: Another Sinking Ship Plot

Poseidon was trying hard to make a Titanic-like impact on the movie-goers. Unfortunately, it did not have such an impact on me. It’s like another sinking ship plot of a movie where survival of the fittest was shown in its full gory detail filled in with mini-plots. And if this film is one of those based from true to life story type of movies, I really felt sorry for those who celebrated their New Year in such gory manner. Read more for my full review. Continue reading “Poseidon: Another Sinking Ship Plot”

Ala Kobe Bryant in 90 seconds

If you are fond of arcades, shooting hoops at the mall and the likes, then you’ve definitely heard of TimeZone. Of course, almost every person I know have been to TimeZone or passed by TimeZone because they’re going to watch a movie or will just hang out at Starbucks. Nevertheless, I am one of those who have this certain fondness for TimeZone but not to the point of spending 500 bucks just for it in one day. I was at TimeZone by myself and I played basketball at its three different locations. Basically, I roamed around TimeZone. Played some hoops, then tried on the other location and then the one on the other corner. Then, after using all the shooting power that I’ve got, I played Mario Kart. It’s like a Kiddie type of racing game. But who cares? It’s not the usual. We’ve got Mario out there and there’s your picture also on the screen. Then you’ll get to slam your racing opponents with anything on Mario’s hand. It could be a cover of a trash bin or a shark. Then, I checked out if there’s still someone playing the Time Crisis 3. Unfortunately, I have to exercise my arms again and play basketball even though I felt that my shooting prowess have deteriorated extremely. Then, I saw this old guy playing ala Kobe Bryant. And he made 81 points. My jaw dropped down when I saw the score. And so, I decided to watch him play while waiting for my turn to play Time Crisis 3. I was only able to reach Area 3. I missed out the other areas since my Time Zone card needs to be replenished. Even though I felt a little bad not being able to continue the game, I just controlled myself since I can be really addictive to gaming just like when I was still in grade school.

The Attack of the Ngo-ngo

After having a full body massage last Sunday, I suddenly morphed into a ngo-ngo. Truly, I could finish off a whole traveler’s pack of Kleenex in one sitting and that’s how bad my cold is. And what’s worst? I have to keep my mouth shut because I am not comfortable talking with a bad cold. That’s plain and simple torture. It is like I am condemned to have my usual laughing trip sessions as my way of releasing stress. Even though I am sick, I would not allow such thing to happen. But I have to admit that I should lessen it as of the moment since a lot of laughing would then lead to a lot of coughing. Of course, who would want to be in a state of being “ngo-ngofied” and barking simultaneously? No one in their right mind would ever want to be in such state. Continue reading “The Attack of the Ngo-ngo”

The Pseudo-laminated 20-peso bill

I bought an Iced Tea from Wendy’s and then I got a worn-out 20 bucks which I didn’t notice at first because the cashier handed it to me folded. Then, when I was about to pay for my MRT ticket, the cashier told me that we do not accept worn-out 20-peso bills. It was wrapped with scotch tape and some of the artifacts of the aforementioned 20-peso bill were missing. It’s like having something that supposed to have a value but then it is not. In short, I was kinda irritated and frustrated at the same time because it’s still 20 bucks. I could still buy something for 20 pesos and I could still use it to get me to some place.

And so, what I did is to pay the correct amount using my coins. I would have used all of my 25-centavo coins to pay for my MRT ticket but it was not with me earlier. And so, I have to gather up the coins from my pocket and from my Asian-girly coin purse that my bestfriend gave me as a pasalubong when he went to Korea for a business travel. While I was walking inside the MRT station I just put the 20-peso bill inside my bag and still thinking what I could buy with the 20-peso bill. I could buy a C2 from Mini Stop across our office and still have 3 pesos with me. I could have used it for my MRT fare or for my bus fare. Maybe you’ll find 20 bucks too small. Well, if it’s hard-earned money, even a single peso would matter to you. A hundred bucks would be nothing without a peso, what more if it’s 20 bucks.

In Memoriam of May

I met May through Tenten (my friend from CSB). May is supposed to march, but she was not able to. Four days after learning that she will be graduating, she was rushed to the hospital because her illness (which was traced when she was still a child) recurred. She had a comatose which led to her untimely death. I remember we would usually hangout at a certain carinderia at Leon Guinto or at University Mall if they don’t feel like drinking beer. I was really shocked when I learned it from Tenten who just got back from Dubai. I haven’t seen them for a long time. Amongst the group, it was Connie whom I get to see usually because she was working as a barista at Coffee Bean at Greenbelt. And for you May, I know you’re already in good hands. It’s still sad though because I haven’t seen you for the longest time. Good old Colt45 memories. Buy three take one days! Sigh…

Haven’t you noticed? Things like this happen. Graduating from the physical life before or after graduation. And that’s the reason why they have superstitions like not to go anywhere far from home if you’re a graduating student which I find a little peculiar. If it’s your time, it’s your time. That’s the bottom line of it. That’s how life works.