Plane Rides Can Be Tough

Plane rides can be tough. And if you are the type of person who would throw up even if there is no turbulence or whatever that would cause to transform the airplane to a roller coaster ride rather than the normal thing, what you need is a bag especially made for something that would smell like what you have eaten earlier and the only difference is that it is somewhat in its expired state. Continue reading “Plane Rides Can Be Tough”

Anecdotes in Cebu

I was always on the look for funny signs and that started when I got a forwarded e-mail years ago on funny signs. Thus, I took the opportunity of taking the pictures of those signs so that I could share it with you. Even before we arrived at Cebu Pensione House, I saw a certain Korean restaurant just in front of it. If you happen to watch Korean telenovelas, then you’ll probably recognize it.

Yes my dear friends, it’s Winter Sonata and my younger sister watches it that’s why the bells rang when I saw it. Continue reading “Anecdotes in Cebu”

Back from Cebu

I got back from Cebu aboard Cebu Pacific’s first flight to Manila. As usual, the flight was delayed because the runway for domestic flights were under construction. According to the pilot it will take around 2 to 3 months to complete. If you haven’t traveled in ages, FYI, the terminal fee costs 200 bucks. Then, be on-guard for the killer carts. I’ve experienced a slight injury this morning while I was waiting for my bag to pop out from Cebu Pacific’s baggage claim area. So, if you do not want to be injured, look at the back from time to time and forewarn the people with carts that you do not want to have an injury somewhere near your heel. I’ve already uploaded the pictures on my computer but will have to optimize it yet for web viewing. As for now, check out my recent entry at PinoyTravelBlog and go about our food tripping experience there at The Original AA Barbeque.

Off to Cebu

Will be off to Cebu tomorrow morning and it will be my first time to go there. Guess what? I’ll be taking the first flight and I have to be at the airport by 4am. And I am still awake. This is so cool. *stinger sound effects* Not really. I do not want to look like a person that has been deprived of slept for one whole week. And yes it’s partly my fault since I should have packed my things the other day. It was just that I’m such a crammer when it comes to packing things for a trip which is true almost all of the time for short trips (2 or 3-day trip). I’m hoping to have time for buying some pasalubong there since I’ll be back by Saturday morning and my stay there is fully loaded. Once I get back I’ll be posting some pictures of my Cebu trip.

Vintage glasses, Old School Lunchbox, etc.

Vintage glasses, old school lunchboxes, ukay-ukay, hair dyes and mohawk were just a part of the long list of topics that me and a friend that was introduced to me earlier. He has this different kind of fashion sense that is so cool because it’s non-conformist. He even showed his bag which he designed. The bag looks ragged yet it’s so funky. It’s non-traditional and it rocks. I have always wanted to meet people that are non-conformists when it comes to fashion and that is from clothes, to bags and to hair. I even told him that there’s a bright future waiting ahead of him because of his creativity.

He has also this thing for porcelain dolls which brings out his gothic side. At first I really didn’t know about his gothic side, it came out when he started talking about porcelain dolls. About a year or two ago, I attended an album launch of a gothic band at Sanctum and I saw a lot of porcelain dolls there.

I envy him because I have always wanted to change my hairstyle into something unusual yet funky and have some streaks of hair dye on it. However, I guess that should be postponed for a later time.

Yesterday was Self-Mutilation day

Yesterday was Good Friday and it was an oh-so perfect day for self-mutilation by performing the acts of hurting yourself on the back with an improvised whip with the “bolitas” coming from the bearings or dragging a cross and have someone nail you on it. However, there is a time of expiration for this one and you should be done doing all of these by 3pm. Such acts are sightings that one should not miss when visiting provinces like Laguna and Pampanga. However, in some parts of the country, they would rather perform the acts of self-mutilation in the form of swimming and or sun bathing. They would perform the aforementioned ultimate sacrifice of getting sun burns and then look like they’ve had embedded a map on their skin or had an unsuccessful henna tattoo. Those people performing those acts could be found on resorts all over the archipelago. However, my nephews had an advanced self-mutilation day when they had swimming at tagaytay and as a result, they have maps of small islands on their face and they become highly irritable when you touch their head.

My form of self-mutilation yesterday was for me not to be found in front of a computer monitor. And since the expiration time for self-mutilation was 3pm, I got myself back in front of the computer screen by the time we arrived in Manila. And so, my task of uploading the pictures into the computer were fulfilled last night and started blogging immediately since it has been quiet here for the past few days. So, what were you up to yesterday? Had a cholesterol overload? Hehe!


Photo courtesy of Jonathan Duay

Spoonbender is a five-piece band comprised of Jary Nazareth Roxas (lead guitar), Gerardo Mendoza III (bass), Jonathan Duay (rhythm guitar), Terence Prado (drums) and Precious Marian Calvario (vocals). They were formerly known as Burning Angel and was originally formed in October 2003 by Jary and Gboy. After a year or so, line up changes in the band were made and so, in September 2004 Terence (filled in the drums) and Prex (filled in the vocals) completed the line up. The band name was then changed to Spoonbender. They have already five compositions namely, Fade, Ikaw Pala, Freak Song, Fallen Angel and Fascination. The first two that I have mentioned were already recorded. And if you haven’t heard them yet, you could check out their website to hear some of their songs. Continue reading “Spoonbender”

Trip to Caliraya Lake

Me and my family just had a trip to Caliraya Lake. We just stayed there for about an hour or two and it is quite near from our house in Siniloan. Guesstimating, it’s about a 30-minute drive from our place there. When we arrived, the parking lot is almost full and we should not be surprised at all since it is Holy Week. Of course, not all people are in Boracay, Puerto Galera or (insert a summer hotspot here in the Philippine territory). After having a photo op there we had a boat ride around the Caliraya Lake. The picture above is just one of the sceneries that I’ve seen at the Caliraya Lake. The picture reminded me of a certain game in Nickelodeon channel and I cannot remember its name. I do hope I could go back there next time and pitch a tent and go fishing there with a couple of friends. I only experienced fishing at a fish pond (for tilapias) when we had a vacation with Mom ages ago. I think I was still in grade school at that time. More pictures of our trip can be viewed at my Multiply album.

Autodesk Manufacturing Community Portal

I have never thought that someone like me would be featured at the In the Machine blog of the Autodesk Manufacturing Community where Amy Bunszel is the columnist. She is one of the product managers of Autodesk Inventor Professional and it was such an honor to be featured there. It was posted there since the 23rd of March and I was only able to find out about it recently when I joined the Autodesk Manufacturing Community Portal after attending the 4-day Manufacturing Solutions Division Technical training for the new releases of Autodesk products this year. Surely, there are a lot of improvements for the 11th release of Autodesk Inventor. In fact, it is their biggest release. So, if you are an Inventor user, please do join the Autodesk Manufacturing Community portal since it is not only Autodesk makes the software better but the users themselves.