Stained Glass Caped Superhero

If there’s anything I love about going to events, expositions or whatever I call it, it’s the interesting and at the same time, the odd finds as well. And who would have thought of putting a stained glass caped superhero as part of the aesthetics of his home? There are a lot of people who are dying just to have a figurine of Superman or any other comic book character to have it displayed in his or her room. But a stained glass? Surely this would be a really cool idea, however, this is just way too much. Yes you could buy yourself a costume and a figurine for display and some comic books but a stained glass like on the picture is for ultra-rich-kid fanatics. Nevertheless, the artwork of the stained glass is magnificent since it has truly displayed the mark of a skilled artist. I found this one at WorldBEX 2006 amongst the tiled car and the models walking on the ramp surrounded by bathroom fixtures. I tell you, if you’re going to see this, you’ll surely be awed by this. And the same thing goes if you’ll ever see this sculpture. Also, expect to be seeing a Spongebob-like mascot (minus the spongy texture of course) of Wilcon Builders.

WorldBEX 2006

March 7 marked as the first day of WorldBEX 2006. WorldBEX is World Building and Engineering Construction Exposition where Engineers, Architects, Real Estate Developers and Interior Designer meets suppliers of tiles, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, coffee and even credit card agents. The venue of this event is at World Trade Center and it will run until Saturday (March 11). As I went around, I passed by a tile supplier where they have put tiles on a car which is a Hyundai Getz. They’ve added a girly look on the car with the flower “tile art” on it. Surely, they did get my attention and as well as the other people who attended the said event. Continue reading “WorldBEX 2006”

Steam Bath for 250 pesos free!

I was in the shuttle on my way home. As we passed thru Moonwalk in Paranaque I saw a residential unit with a streamer. The words written in the streamer is “Steam Bath for 250 Pesos Only”. I guess this is their promo this Summer. Who needs a steam bath for 250 bucks anyway? There are lots of ways of getting a steam bath for free.

Go out and walk at around between 9am and 3pm. I guarantee you, that you will get the best steam bath ever. Free of VAT, service charge and the usual fee. The only catch is that you cannot get to do it naked. You’ll just have to keep up with the excretion from your sweat glands.

Lock up yourself in the computer room with the aircon turned off. Make sure that all the computers are turned on. Position yourself in front of the CPU fan so as to feel the heat coming out from it. Of course you do not have to do it at home where you’ll have to suffer from paying the electric bills. You could do it at somebody else’s computer room.

Stand by at the building’s basement parking. All you have to do is to sit down there for hours. You’ll get the steam bath that you need. All for free. No hidden charges! And this is in exception for people who bring their car for they have to pay the parking fee.

And if you really want to have a steam bath for a fee without actually going to a place to have your steam bath, all you have to do is to wreak havoc to your car’s air-conditioner. Then try driving under the heat of the sun and in the midst of heavy traffic. Surely, this will be more expensive than the 250 bucks charged by the ones offered near your place.

No Black Affair Gig

The Manila Doctors College No Black Affair gig was the gig that I first went to after the I-cannot-recall-that-gig anymore. I got a chance to watch Urban Dub, Imago, Up Dharma Down, and Paramita all in one night alone. Which makes the 150 bucks EF worth it. I also brought my camera with me to take pictures. Lo and behold, my camera turned off at the middle of the Imago set which led me to not being able to watch Radioactive Sago Project for the hopes of being able to charge the batteries so that I could take some pictures.

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Got a Band?

I’ve been wanting to do this ages ago. Before anything, let me ask you some questions. Do you have a band? If yes, are you new to the band scene? If yes, do you want your band to be featured here? If you have some recorded stuff, you can send it to me so that I’ll know how you sound like. Then I’d podcast an excerpt of the track you sent to me plus a little something about the members of the band and about the band itself. If you’re game for this stuff, upload an MP3 track for me at YouSendIt. Then the recipient’s email address should be karlaredor[at] Also, please do send me a picture of your band (yeah the whole band). Watch out for the first band to be featured here.

PixelBureau is Back

PixelBureau is back since last week. Their current issue entitled as Reboot features three web designers on their Behind the Site column. Other columns are PhotoClick and FleaBytes. Gail dela Cruz is a resident editor of PixelBureau and a columnist of FleaBytes. Submit a site to the Site Tracks Directory. Mine was recently added by Ella‘s SO. Hehe! I always thought that my site is not worthy to be in their list. Thanks so much! Check out PixelBureau and read the interviews and the articles. It’s really worth it. I think they should have added something like a rating system for the design aspect of a particular site.