Paramita Listers’ Night

I’ll be going to the Paramita Listers’ Night tomorrow (April 1). And it will be held at 6 Underground at C. Palanca Street at Makati which is a block away from where I’m currently working. If you do not know how to get there I’ll give you some instructions. First (from McDonalds Greenbelt), just walk straight ahead along Paseo de Roxas (towards Ayala Avenue). When you reach the intersection of Legaspi St. and Paseo de Roxas, turn left. Just walk straight ahead until you see C. Palanca Street. 6 Underground is located on the left side of the street. It’s located in the basement of the Glass House building. If you want to get in there for free, be there as early as you can. The first twenty early birds will not be charged of an entrance fee. If you are not a lister, you’ll have to pay a hundred bucks but if you are one already, you only have to pay 50 bucks. Aside from Paramita’s set, you would also be able to catch Dicta License, Cherry Cornflakes and Up Dharma Down. And if you like freebies, you may be one of the lucky people who will be receiving it.

Innocence at its finest

This is just amongst the scanned letters made by children which was forwarded to me via e-mail. This one in particular got me laughing. I was instantly reminded by the playing-to-be-innocent type of questions that were made up for having the ultimate laugh trip experience or a creative manner of releasing stress and or tension. Have you had any experience hearing from a child some set of innocent questions?


It’s been a long time since I went to the movies and I was thinking of watching V for Vendetta or Ultraviolet. I ended up watching Ultraviolet which turned out to be a huge mess for me. It’s like it’s there on the movie houses waiting to disappoint you because of high expectations. It’s something more like a shampoo and a hair dye commercial packed with fight scenes that are not original. For instance, in one scene Violet (main character of this film portrayed by Milla Jovovich) would simply turn her hair into color violet and then all of her opponents died at an instant. Also, she would simply change her suit anytime she wants at a blink of an eye. Who could be her fashion designer slash scientist? That should be cool in case you’re coming from an office and you would want to go out for a gimmick.

Amongst the fight scenes, I was disappointed the most with the one where Violet faced a lot of opponents where she just made a single stroke of the sword and all of them died. It has reminded me of certain Filipino action movies where the main character would get his hands on all of his opponents and finish them off. In addition, the effects was such a disappointment. It has this certain look-and-feel that would literally say to you, “Hey I’m made of 3D stuff! I’m so obvious right?”

Although I was disappointed with the film, I was amazed with the disposable mobile phone and the mini projector gadget which is quite useful for people who just thinks that everyday is April Fools’ Day. However, I still cannot find to answers on why the child (known as Six because his age is six) would fit into a briefcase. He would not even fit there even if he does the fetus position.

Overall Rating:¬ 2 out of 5

Mighty Mace: Especially made for Bad Elements

I’ve been to Ace Hardware at SM last week to check out the pepper sprays available. Unfortunately, I have few choices where the one that I bought is Mighty Mace and the other one that I would like to call as “pepper spray” (read it in an eeny weeny voice to create more impact). Mighty Mace is twice bigger than the “pepper spray” and it is 100 bucks lower. The only thing that I could find cute about the “pepper spray” (aside from its breath spray like size) is the noticeable leather casing. Apparently, it’s pink and it’s funky. However, Mighty Mace won my heart not because of the price but by the words written like, “Use it for Other Bad Elements”. Well, aside from the notorious “other bad elements” listed, there are also muggers, holdappers and many others are included.

The Best PC Specs for Inventor 11

I’ve been quite geeky this past few days since I’ve got my hands on the Beta 2 version of Autodesk Inventor 11. And there are a lot of things that I’ve discovered about it. First thing to consider is the PC specs. A 512MB RAM can be good enough for Autodesk Inventor 10. However, for Autodesk Inventor 11, things may not be good especially if you’re going to deal with large assembly configurations. The next thing to consider is the Graphics card. If you’re going to use a GeFORCE 2 MX Graphics card for Autodesk Inventor 11, you might want to think of throwing it into a trash can then use at least a GeFORCE 4. Using a GeFORCE 2 MX for Autodesk Inventor 11 would certainly produce a panicky atmosphere especially when you are not used to see cones popping out everytime you rotate your 3D model. It may have a driver for Direct3D graphics but it’s not good enough. An OpenGL supported graphics card would still work best. Never neglect the RAM and the graphics card when choosing a computer especially if it’s going to be used for 3D modeling. Don’t just check if it runs on Pentium 4 or not. You have the right to be choosy for disastrous results awaits you when you’re not. One word, invest.

Coincidence or what?

Last Friday, I was just playing with the stress ball. Then, I put it on my desk after my going back to my childish ways ritual. You see, this kind of ritual makes me feel younger and let’s face it, we’re getting older and older each day and a 5-minute ritual like this makes me feel good and erm… stress-free. Then, my seatmate in the office told me to look at the ball. Read more to get surprised where it was located after putting it on the desk. Continue reading “Coincidence or what?”

Autodesk Inventor 11 soon to be released

I got a package from Phoenix, Arizona last Friday. It’s from Autodesk and as part of the Beta Team (Project Faraday) I got an oversized shirt and a DVD of the Beta 2 release of Autodesk Inventor Professional 11. I’ve been testing the Beta 2 release last Friday in the office and I was impressed with the improvements of Inventor Studio since the rendering was improved. Good thing is that I could render decals already! There are a lot of improvements in Autodesk Inventor 11. The newly added module for Autodesk Inventor Professional 11 is the Dynamic Motion Simulator. This should be very useful for engineers and has truly added value to the software.

Sleepy Mornings Turned to Lively Mornings

It has been almost 6 months since I started working in Makati where I ride a shuttle in the morning passing by in front of Don Bosco Makati. It is only recently that I have noticed something that has turned my sleepy mornings to lively mornings. As we were passing by in front of Don Bosco Makati, I saw this particular laundry shop. Obviously, it has caught my attention because of the subliminal meaning in its name. The name of the said laundry shop is “Let’s Talk Dirty”. On the left side of it’s name is a drawing of a face of a lady that seems to have a seductive kind of look. Along the side where “Let’s Talk Dirty” is located is a restaurant named as Tom Cruz Grille. I’ve heard of this before from some of my friends but it is only recently that I got to see the location. This should be under the restaurants directory. under the spoofs category. And I’m wondering if a certain Tomas Cruz or Thomas or a certain Tommy owns the said restaurant. Any ideas?

CyberHand Project

A few years back, DLSU introduced BS Manufacturing Engineering Minor in Biomedical Engineering. The said course offering was fresh when my former professor John John Cabibihan (who graduated with the same course as mine and took a master’s degree afterwards) went to Italy to get a PhD degree. He’s currently involved in the CyberHand Project. The project should be completed in about two to four years time according to John John.

Printer Olympics

Have you ever thought of this? What if there is such a thing as Printer Olympics? I guess there’ll be something like a Standing Long Jump. The contest mechanics is that you just have to print and the printer with the paper ejected to the farthest location, then that printer should be the champion. This is going to be fun I tell you. Turn on your printer and set it to print at the lowest quality possible. Remember, the faster the printer is running, the farther the destination of the paper will be. The best thing about it is that you do not need to be in an oval. You just need to be in a room with a computer and electricity of course. And you do not need to be under the heat of the sun while getting your printer ready. The next competition should be dubbed as the 100-paper dash. All the printers are loaded with 100 sheets of paper where each should print 100 copies of a page full of text. The first printer who finished with all 100 sheets of paper printed will be the winner of the said competition. The same thing should go for the 500-paper dash and the 1000-paper dash. But if they’ll be putting up a swimming competition for printers then they should make it waterproof. For now, it will be impossible unless you’ll rename the said competition as Drown Me First competition. They should divide it to flyweight, lightweight and heavyweight categories. Can you think of any other sport that can be associated with printers?