Daisy Rock

Daisy Rock is a girl guitar company. However, Daisy Rock guitars are not limited to girls. Who says the guys cannot have a guitar like the one in the picture above? I know this could humiliate them. However, such guitar could draw so much attention that even if it’s tantamount to negative publicity, it is still publicity. Their guitars are not limited to daisy-shaped bodies but you can also get a heart-shaped, butterfly-shaped and star-shaped guitars. Still, I would like to have an guitar that looks pretty normal. If ever I’ll get a guitar from Daisy Rock, it would be the one from the Rock Candy Series. I could could stick to the Rainbow Sparkle or something like the Rainbow Sparkle but of a different shade.

Pelikula at Lipunan at Gateway

If you still haven’t catched Pelikula at Lipunan 2006 Film Festival, you still have time to. Pelikula at Lipunan Film Festival is a showcase of classic Filipino films by respected film makers. The film festival will be held at Gateway Mall at Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. Read more in order to view the schedule. Thanks to my high school friend Joey for sending this via e-mail. Continue reading “Pelikula at Lipunan at Gateway”

Core of Soul

Core of Soul is a Japan-based female-fronted pop/rock group trio. They are composed of Nakamura Fukiko, Song Rui, and Iizuka Keisuke.The last one on the picture performed with them for the recently-concluded J-Pop event at Shangri-La Plaza’s Streetscape. The band announced that they will be disbanding this March 24, 2006. They have produced six albums since they were formed in 1998. The six albums are: Natural Beauty (February 27, 2002), ‘Over the Time’ Time is Over (February 19, 2003), Rainbow (mini album – October 22, 2003), 3 (February 24, 2004), One Love, One Day, One Life (January 25, 2006) and Best (March 15, 2006). They have released 9 singles and have released a Music Video Collection in DVD format.

Bye Spam Bots

Bye all you spam bots! Good thing Ade recommended me Tag Box. It’s a free tag box that you can download and host into your site. It does not require you a database since it stores everything in the text file.

For the past few months I’ve been getting spam bots via my free tag board which is hosted elsewhere. We all do not want spam bots to be interacting with us right? Goodbye also to Error (insert number here). Test my tagboard below. Hehehehe!

The Effects of Turning Off your YM Audibles

The effects of turning off your audibles would be outrageous and could create hilarious results. That is most especially when you forgot that it is turned off. And if you forgot that it is turned off you may have hallucinations that your friend’s Yahoo Messenger is being possessed or you could possibly think that there’s a weird impostor accessing his or her Yahoo ID. Then, you may think that your friend is drugged or is drunk that he or she would type some silly things. Read more to catch a glimpse of the conversation. Continue reading “The Effects of Turning Off your YM Audibles”

The Struggle of Drinking Coffee

I am a coffee drinker. I can live without alcoholic beverages or softdrinks. I may survive without caffeine content in my system for a day. But for a whole week? Hell no! I can drink coffee from McDonald’s without a creamer but certainly not without sugar. And every time I do that, I experience unnecessary shaking (of my hands) and if I drink a Starbucks Coffee of the day even with milk on it, I palpitate after a few hours of drinking. I can drink coffee and night and still manage to sleep right after and that is if and only if it is an instant coffee. Continue reading “The Struggle of Drinking Coffee”

Good for the Health? Not!

Omega-3 my ass. This is disappointing. After their exhaustive research on the Omega-3 essential fatty acids found in tuna which has been really used quite well for their marketing, I’ve found out here that it is not a good source of Omega-3. Why? The canning process is responsible. So, even if you eat Century Tuna everyday, it won’t be a guarantee that you will not suffer a heart attack. Of course, this still holds true even if you eat tuna that is not canned. Perfect example is that: eating tuna and kilos of sisig and other food that are rich in non-essential fatty acids. You’ll then feel that your nape hurts after the oily food overload. And if you are athlete or you want to get there then I recommend to buy Winnidrol, this will increase your performance by miles.

Vyew: Browser-based Web Meeting

Check out my post on PTB. It’s about some discovery from Ella‘s (Babytuknene) status message in Yahoo Messenger. It’s a browser-based web meeting called Vyew. This is something that small groups could use for web meetings. For instance, a group who’s doing a web-based development project could have their meetings online. A thesis group could also use that. Read more of my article here.

Welcome Logan

This is Logan. He’s the son of my good friend Perci. I just got the news from our friend slash drinking buddy Ivan. Golly, I did not know that my friend since three years old got married in New Zealand and has a son already. Hahaha! He even showed to me his baby on the webcam. I told him that I’m being reminded of Wolverine. Then he said that Logan (his son) is actually hairy. Hmmm… so that explains why his name is Logan. Hehehe!


To all Flickr users, photography enthusiasts and lovers, please do come to the Opening Photo Exhibit of “Unang Banat” — Flickristas@Manila. It’s a 6-Man photo exhibit featuring Enzo, Estan, Flicku, Jolengs, Odz and Stitch. It will be held at Round Eye Glass Kape at Malate, Manila. Opening night is on February 17 and the duration of the exhibit is until March 17. Having been a Flickr member for some time, I’d say that they would surely bring your eye for photography in a different level.