World Pyro Olympics Day 3

IMG_4722I went yesterday at the World Pyro Olympics with a couple of friends. Unfortunately, the Taft-based squad was not complete due to Hazel’s absence. Nevertheless, this is a one-of-a-kind event that brought our group together again after so many months of not being able to see each other. Other than that, it was also Pam’s birthday on the 26th and it’s a good post-celebration. We went there from Starbucks Taft which is the place where all of us gather and tell stories. From there we took a cab to Blue Wave which is still a bit far from the Esplanade. The cab driver made excuses for making the great escape from the impending traffic. Certainly I understand how it is to repeat the cycle of clutch and foot brakes in a bumper-to-bumper situation. It’s tiring and I myself would not want to get stuck in the middle of the traffic and miss all the spectacular fireworks. In other words, we walked. Cool! Continue reading “World Pyro Olympics Day 3”

You Should Try This One

We felt like we were on the road for the longest time on our way to Siniloan. Our route is via the Ortigas Extension then we have to cross two mountains. Traffic was expected at Ortigas Extension, good thing is that we brought some food with us. Mom packed us some buko salad and pork which is supposed to be grilled because it is intended to be a barbeque but grilling it would take some time to prepare. We also have some spaghetti and some roast chicken with us. Because we do not want to have an empty stomach at dinner time, we gobbled up on the chicken, spaghetti and the buko salad. As for the pork, about 1/4 was left of it by the time we arrived at our house in Siniloan. By then, we were so full that all we can eat is the carbonara served on the table. That was already past 9pm. Continue reading “You Should Try This One”

Getting your Starbucks Planner

Better than Last Year's ArtworkGetting the Starbucks planner is not easy I tell you. Imagine yourself gobbling up on all the 21 drinks and draining your wallet at the same time. If you’re the only one filling it up and have quite limited resources, then what you could do is to organize a Starbucks tambay session with your barkada. If you are a big barkada (e.g. 21 people), then you could get your Starbucks Planner in just one day. Isn’t that great? How about inviting the whole block (or section) to the nearest Starbucks branch? If you are around 40, you could get a Starbucks planner and you only need two drinks to fill the other one. However, the problem is that you’ll just make the baristas to curse you because of the awful lot of drinks that they have to prepare. Aside from that, when you go out with your family, you could ask them to have coffee at Starbucks. Or, if you have a friend who’s going to Starbucks and is not interested with the Starbucks Planner, just tell your friend that when he orders, just tell the one from the cashier that he just left his Spark Hope stub. Just make sure that he’ll give it to you within two days. And if ever you’ll claim it, make sure you order at least one drink. If your friend won’t give you the receipt, play as his conscience and tell him the Spirit of Christmas and the children that will benefit from it after completing the 21 stickers. Hehe! Happy Drinking!

Off to Siniloan

Will be off to Siniloan later with my brother and sister. Dad and Lola is waiting there for us. We will be spending the Christmas eve there and thus, I won’t be online later like what I have been doing for the past years. Hehehe! On the morning of the 25th, we’ll go to Bulacan to spend the Christmas day with our relatives from Mom’s side. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone! Me and my sister are still waiting for my brother from his last minute Christmas shopping. He should have taken us with him so that we could choose our gifts. Hahaha! I still haven’t wrapped the gifts that I bought for them. I was contemplating to be environment-friendly this season and save the trees instead. Hahaha!

Starbucks 2006 Planner

Finally, the Starbucks 2006 PlannerI finally got my Starbucks planner yesterday morning at Starbucks Legaspi which is a few blocks away from our office. I’d like to thank the following for their contribution: my sister for filling it up with 6 stickers with the help of her friends, my Dad for the three stickers, my brother with one sticker, and my Mom for 2 the stickers. The artwork of the Starbucks 2006 planner contains some graphic art that reminds me of Anyway, the 2006 planner is way better than the 2005 planner. It has lines (like that of in the notebook). Another improvement is that it does not remind me of spiral notebooks and my address book here at home where the spire would irritate you because the front cover went out of it.

Adios LC-A Colorsplash

Looks like my contemplating will be on hold for the longest time. I dropped by at Montage yesterday to check out the LC-A Colorsplash. Lo and behold, the camera is not there. The only lomo cameras left are Frog Eyes and Super Sampler. Frog Eyes can be used underwater but I cannot justify it’s practicality because we usually go to the beach every summer. As for the Super Sampler camera, I really do not like it. I hope I do not offend users of the Super Sampler here. IMHO, I think that the features of the Super Sampler camera are way too limited for me. Oh well, I’ll just save it for early next year perhaps.

Happy Holidays

Candle Holder

I based the design of this candle holder from the Design Excellence’s World Cup where you’ll download a 2D drawing in PDF format and execute it in Autodesk Inventor. I still can’t figure out how to make the darn base but since Christmas is getting a lot nearer, I just made my own one. This was rendered in Inventor Studio. I used the background image from Visual Paradox as a Scene Style and turned off the Shadows and the Reflections.

Still Contemplating

I am still contemplating on whether should I get a colorsplash camera from Montage at Greenbelt. When I started to get hooked into digital photography, I have read some stuff about lomography but did not have the chance to try it for my financial resources were limited. I was looking for some interesting photos at Flickr that were tagged with colorsplash. Here are some of my interesting finds.

Ego Tripping
Sparkler 3
Pol Neon Talk (You really have to see this one. Great effect.)

Still, I have yet to see output from the gallery of the Colorsplash camera at Lomography.

What do you think?

If Revenge is Sweet, Victory is Yummy

In our recently concluded Christmas party, our group won in the Christmas party presentation. It’s a musical with a twist. We received a cash prize and we used it for lunch today instead. We ordered two family size pizzas from Pizza hut. And since one of our officemates have a Palm Card, we have two extra family size pizzas. The remaining money was used to buy two half gallons (Very Rocky Road and Double Dutch) of Selecta Ice Cream and some utensils that we weren’t able to use. Haha! Up to this very hour, I am still full. The Corporate Sales Team even offered me to grab some pizza just this afternoon but I have to decline since I was so full already.

Victory is yummy but it may cause you stomach pains. Hehe!

eBay Tripper

Some eBay tripper slash loser has been selling two items. The first item is an empty toilet paper roll. The item is located beside a toilet bowl. The item description are as follows:










And his second item is a cat-like creature from the island of Borneo. Also, he demands that only 100-peso Arrovo bills must be the denomination for payment. And who would pay using a soon-to-be Collector’s item? No one would do that of course.