I Suck at Badminton

When I was in High School, I didn’t suck at playing badminton. Before, badminton was not a hype and I didn’t suck in playing the sport. Now, I am not good in playing badminton. This was witnessed by my officemates last Saturday when we played at MetroBadminton which is located at Pioneer Street. With serving the shuttlecock, it was not a problem. Then, there’s as if a big hole in the racket that I was using that I was not able to throw it back to the other side of the court. If I could just hide in a shell just like turtles I would. I became confused whether to use a backhand stroke or a forehand stroke. I guess it’s just that I don’t play the game as regular as before that my skills became pretty rusty. When it was already the middle of the game, my performance got a bit better since I was able to execute some smashes and almost dived towards the floor just to send the shuttlecock to where it came from. And so, I was the Queen of Airballs and later on, was demoted to Princess of Airballs. Nevertheless, it was fun playing. At least, my physical activity increased which is aside from walking to the office from Greenbelt and walking towards Landmark from the office. Hehehe!

The key and the KEY CHAIN!

The Key

Before I was able to use the Ladies CR at Shell here in Better Living, I asked for the key from the Select cashier first. Then, I was told to go to the gasoline station cashier since the key was not with her. Then, I politely asked for the key from the cashier. She then gave me this key with an unusually large key chain. When I got it I could not help but react. Hehehe! When I got inside the Ladies restroom, I immediately took a picture of it. Hehe!

The Concept of a True-to-life story soap

Pinoy Big Brother: Ang Teleserye ng totoong buhay

The first person that popped in my mind upon hearing the tagline is Jim Carrey. Then, the film The Truman Show followed. The film, The Truman Show is something about a reality TV soap opera where they followed Truman’s life (Jim Carrey). The difference here is that, he was not aware that there are cameras around him and that his life is being shown on TV. The funny thing about this movie is everytime an “advertisement” shows up. For instance, his wife suddenly takes the pose while holding a pack of milk.

In PBB, everyone’s aware that there’s a camera and of course, they are all competing for the prize. Of course, they could have been acting differently because they are aware that there’s a camera and that they are in a competition. Thus, is it still valid that it is a “teleserye ng totoong buhay”?

Well, so much for Franzen for being the most favored “pasaway”. He has to pack all his things and leave this Saturday. I guess Cass knows him too well that she’s confident for asking a voluntary exit and eventually, she’ll soon be favored by the voters if their impression towards Cass will change.


I seldom watch PBB, but due to the controversy where my friends told me that there’ll be another one who’ll get automatically nominated for eviction because of breaking a particular house rule. Then, I was able to see Franzen in the confession room (of course on TV) and he said that there’s some impersonator out there playing baseball with Jason.

Again again again…


Okay, I think we need to rewind the footage again and press the Play button.

You see, it’s already on tape and unedited and then you’ll get a remark from him that he has an impersonator who wants him out ASAP? What the?!? Is he just being sarcastic or what?

Another random question, do you think that there’s a possibility that Cass is experimenting with something? Hmmm… something like getting the charisma of the text voters? Could it be that everything that she said is just a show or a “tactic”?

The Novice Sensei

It was my first day to teach in our training center. Currently, I am teaching Autodesk Inventor Level 1 which is for the novice users. Thus, for those who have known AutoCAD, they were both owned by Autodesk. My first teaching experience is when I became a student teacher in IHMS. I was teaching Math to grade 3 students and became a substitute class adviser for a particular section. And who said classroom management was easy? Not really if you have 40 students under you. My next teaching experience is in college during my stay at DLSU. I was part of the Academics Committee of the Engineering College Assembly. I became one of the peer tutors there where I was the only one talking to around 20 people listening to me. And the subject was Engineering Algebra (known to Engineering students by the course code ENGALGE). It’s even harder than simple arithmetic. Then, my next teaching experience after that is right now. And yes, it’s really challenging since this is not just another Algebra101 tutorial where all of my tutees were younger than me. Now, this has something got to do with my work.

To be honest with you, I was really nervous at first especially before the class started. Then, as I started talking, the “nervous side” of me had been wiped out. I was cool then. Certainly, that challenge was just the start of it. The challenge after that was even harder and will be harder for the coming days. On the contrary, it’s a great learning experience for me.

The Boy Named Friend

Friend is what my nephews call him. He’s our neighbor who’s around 3 years old. And because I don’t know his name, I also call him Friend. After arriving home from work, I usually see him staring outside their window. There’s also a time when me and my brother arrived and he was playing with his mini bicycle, by the time I opened the door, I was surprised to see him that he’s already just approximately two feet away from me. Just recently, I mentioned it to my brother about our neighbor. Then, I just learned from him that the kiddo’s name is Renz. I guess he was just too observant of the people around him that even before going to bed, he would still take a peek at their window and see who just arrived or who’ll be going out.

Happy Birthday Normz!

Attempting to SmileIt’s Norman’s birthday today! I just remembered that last year, he celebrated his birthday at Millenia (which is now closed) at Kamuning, Quezon City. Normz is Paramita‘s guitarist. I met Normz in an Undernet IRC channel for Imago listers. Then, I met him personally when they had a gig (he was still with Silent Sanctuary then as the guitarist and lead vocals) at Dome Cafe. They played with Nityalila (where Ria of Paramita used to play percussions for her) and with Joey Ayala. It was an event produced by MTV Ink. After which, he became one of my Starbucks Taft buddies (the rest of the gang includes Paul the Fly-including some of his friends, Hazel, Pam and Lee).

Round Eyeglass

Round Eyeglass Kape is a house for all art disciplines according to its yahoogroups main page. It is located in front of Starbucks Adriatico in Malate. For those who loves coffee and the movies you might be interested to go there to catch an event from Blacksoup Productions. The event will be something like that of a film showing.

Movies that will be shown are (from November 15 to 20):

    [x] Arturo Luz directed by Ricky Orellana
    [x] Bukan: a 10 minute animation by Ellen Ramos

Then, Movies on Making Movies by Jon Red presents:

    [x] Anak ng Tinapa
    [x] Cut (full length silent film) starring Joel Torre, Jao Mapa and Shereen Ladera

Entrance is PhP 60 and it comes with a free drink.

Announcement via Imago Yahoogroups.

Pray for the Soul of Betty

Constantine MaroulisWho the hell is Betty? I am not actually saying for you to pray for the soul of Betty but for all American Idol fans or fans of Constantine Maroulis in particular, you’ll surely know that it’s his band. He’ll be in the Philippines. He’ll be performing on November 17, 8pm at Greenbelt 3 Park. On November 18, 6pm, he will be at Alabang Town Center. Cebu-based fans may also catch him perform on November 19, 8pm at the Ayala Center there. Pray for the Soul of Betty is Constantine Maroulis on vocals, Joao Joya on guitars, Taylor C.R. on bass and Hamboussi on drums. By the way, check out the music section of your site and you’ll see that they are selling two versions of their CD. One is the uncut version (a limited edition CD) with the warning PG: Explicit Lyrics while the other one is the censored version. Thanks to Rori for the correction! =)