The Noise Comforts

The Noise Comforts is an experimental solo by Levi (her internet identity). Since it’s a solo, everything was recorded by her and that includes the vocal tracks, guitar and bass tracks and as well as the drum tracks. It’s really rare to encounter a person who could have such versatility when it comes to music. The first person that I was able to encounter like Levi is Ria Bautista of Paramita. She only recorded the guitar, bass and vocal tracks of Takipsilim since she does not own a drum set. For those who are into Hardcore/Metalcore/Death Metal, please do check out the music of The Noise Comforts.

A Case of Shitty Customer Service

We have all experienced crappy customer service except for those who are really lucky of not having encountered such people. Lesson Number One: Do not judge the book by its cover! Lesson Number Two: Always remember the Golden Rule! Lesson Number Three: A camera won’t get damaged after falling about two inches except it has fallen over something that could scratch the lens. Lesson Number Four: Do not get intimidated by loud voices because it’s just their defense mechanism. Lesson Number Five: I’m not telling you to boycott the products of Pentax because the attitude of the supervisor does not equate to the quality of the products per se. Read more of Jun Carnecer’s experience at Pentax, Megamall. Continue reading “A Case of Shitty Customer Service”

Kris Kringle Tip #1

We have this “Monito Monita” (or Kris Kringle or whatever you call it) in the office. We’re having Something Glossy for tomorrow and the price should be worth something 50 Pesos. But in times like this (that is for the sake of the Christmas spirit amidst the state of the Philippine economy), would you care to spend 50 Pesos and beyond? Would they know that it is 50 Pesos worth? Would they know that it is recycled?

What is something glossy? According to Dictionary.Com, glossy is being referred to as ” Having a smooth, shiny, lustrous surface”.

Without further ado my friends, listed below are my gift ideas for something glossy.

1. aluminum foil (optional: bundle it with a sandwich)
2. cellophane (optional: bundle it with yema or polvoron)
3. old FHM magazines for the guys and old Cosmopolitan mags for the girls
4. an ultra blurred picture of you that is printed on glossy paper (for those who want to be future detectives)
5. specially made origami using art paper (for those who is appreciative of art)
6. a letter inside a box wrapped with foil
7. a blank CD recordable or DVD recordable

Care to add something here? Hehe!

Odd Lizard

Odd Lizard

Now, this is one sucky moment when all I need is a digital camera so that I could zoom in further to show you a much better shot of an odd lizard with a cockroach on his mouth waiting to be devoured. This is the best thing that my camera phone can do without the risk of the lizard jumping on me while the cockroach is in his mouth. Of course I won’t spoil his dinner. By all means, eat all the cockroaches that he’ll find. I would even keep him as a pet for that. It’s much better than buying Baygon and smell the addicting fumes for a price.

SEA Games 2005

Get updated on SEA Games via RPSports.Com. The website has an up-to-date medal tally for each sport. It also indicates if it’s a Gold, a Silver or a Bronze Medal. They have a blog as well which is powered by Movable Type. Photo Albums are also available for public viewing. You can also join the forums for the discussion. I got the link from Raul Roa’s photostream in Flickr. He’s one of the photographers in RPSports.Com and also one of the bloggers in the Unofficial SEA Games 2005 Blog.

Ayala Fireworks Display

IMG_4142Every Friday and Saturday at 8pm (not sure if they have fireworks display on a Sunday), Ayala Center is setting up fireworks on the sky for five minutes. And not having a tripod with me when I took the shot makes me want to go back there and shoot some more with a tripod so that camera shakes would be avoided. I have posted an article on Litratista on shooting fireworks and why the hell we should use a slow shutter speed and a tripod. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the fireworks display there.

Chicken Little Happy Meal

Chicken Little

Here is my newest toy, the Chicken Little Happy Meal toy. This is not actually my first choice. Again, I was not able to get the one with the baseball bat for this is the grand champion of the People’s Choice Award for this happy meal series. Thus, my hopes of getting the one with the baseball bat will never be a reality.

I just put it on my workstation as some sort of aesthetic aside from the Madagascar mouse pad that I have there. It’s also a good 5-minute diversion from getting a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Hehehe!

The Bloomfields

PerspectiveA whole band where almost everyone could sing is truly a rare find for me. Before I was able to watch them last night at Dish, I was thinking that there’s only one vocalist (which is usually the guitarist). In fact, almost everyone can sing. Drummer Rocky Collado has a lot of energy in playing the drums and singing as well. And you’ll really be reminded of the Beach Boys everytime he sings. As for JJ Lozano and Louie Poco, they are indeed true blue Beatles fans because of their Rickenbacker guitar and bass respectively. I was not expecting Pepe Lozano, who is also the guitarist and vocalist of Weedisneys and as well as Lakan (who is also the guitarist of Weedisneys) will be into classic rock and roll which means happy music to them. The songs of Weedisneys sound really dark compared to what they were playing last night. In addition, Lakan is truly a fine musician for having played the guitars, keyboards and as well the violin. In case you do not know, he used to play violin at an orchestra. Aside from the songs that they cover, they also have originals. I’ve heard two of those originals last night. One was written in English and one was written in Filipino. They’ll be coming up with an album but the date of release is the question that still remains to be unanswered.

Today is my Dad’s Birthday

Today is my Dad’s birthday! Tomorrow we will be celebrating it at Dish, Quezon City because he wants to watch Bloomfields. In case you do not know, Bloomfields are mostly known for their covers of Beach Boys songs. However, do not have a misconception that Bloomfields are composed of members that are in their 40’s. In fact, they are around my age. They are composed of JJ Lozano (on guitars), Louie Poco (on bass), Pepe Lozano (also on guitars, Lakan Hila (on keyboards), and Rocky Collado (on drums). Surprisingly, Lakan was my classmate in one of the general engineering subjects (Strength of Materials) way back in college. Our block was merged with their block (Industrial Engineering block) for that particular class. By the way, all of them hailed from La Salle Greenhills. Join their Yahoo!Groups if you want to know more about Bloomfields and also get to know some latest updates from the band.

Making a la Puss in Boots face

My nephews and Carol was discussing earlier about how they are good in swimming. It’s like one of those “payabangan ng lolo” sessions but they are really referring to about themselves. They are really funny. They were even demonstrating it. For instance, they were doing the popular shark swim style. In my childhood days I usually do that one. Well, almost all are doing the shark swim style as a joke. Then, they were asking Mom to go to our Uncle’s house so that they could swim. Then my Mom said yes and they were screaming their hearts out, “YEHEY!” while they were jumping. Then, when my brother arrived my nephews told him that they wanted to go swimming. However, their excitement was turned to frustration when he would not let them swim. Afterwards, Justin was all quiet and was making ala Puss in boots face. With that, my brother gave them the permission to swim at our Uncle’s place.