Vendo and more to Vendo

Softdrinks in cans, Coffee, prepaid cellphone cards and others are made available to the consumers via a vending machine. How about a cellphone?


How about a cellphone?

Thunderstorm sound effects

Well, not in Manila my friend. Think about the number of mobile phones (reported and unreported combined) lost each month. Besides, you cannot make “negotiations” with a vending machine.

Rocker’s World on Blog-o-rama

Before going directly to the office, I dropped by at MiniStop to buy a copy of Manila Bulletin. I maintained my composure so that the friendly storekeepers who already recognize me won’t face scratch their heads. As I sat down on my workstation, I immediately searched for the TechNews, turned the pages and voila, I was surprised to see a screenshot of my webpage. Even before I finished reading, my Dad texted me that he got a message from Tita Jojo saying that I was featured in Manila Bulletin. All I can say is that I’m very much honored to be featured and I want to take Ajay for a nicely written article.


Drinking Sake

Sachiko of Blogkadahan who came here in the Philippines for a short vacation introduced along with the other Blogging Berks the drinking of Sake (pronounced as sah-keh). Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage that is brewed from rice. It is clear and it has something in it that appears to be glitters that are yellow gold in color. Even before I was able to drink Sake, I’ve become acquainted with it through some of the Japanese films that I have watched. The Sake that they brought was fresh from Japan and we had a taste of it at Recipes in Greenbelt where we had our dinner. The perfect “pulutan” for Sake is Chicharong Bulaklak with vinegar and red chilli pepper as the condiment. The alcoholic content of Sake is bigger than that of the alcoholic content of beer. San Miguel Beer Light in particular has five percent alcoholic content while Sake has around 14 percent of alcoholic content. If the drinks were given in a shot glass, roughly, I’ve had six to eight shots of Sake. If ever my cousin who’s working in Japan would go home for a vacation, I’d ask him to bring some Sake.

USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

This is a rendered image of a USB Flash drive assembly that I designed using Autodesk Inventor. It was rendered using Inventor Studio. I just used the default camera view and shop lighting as my lighting style. The scene style is a customized one where I only tweaked the offset and the gradient color. The design of the USB Flash drive is based on the one that I got from CD-R King in Makati. The dimensions were just mere approximations and getting a vernier caliper should not be an option since it will take time measuring and reading it. Also, the decals (stickers and labels) were not included since they won’t appear in the rendered image. What I wanted to do is to create a top-down assembly by creating a new assembly file and creating all the parts in the assembly file.

Addict Mobile Blog Scandal

Addict Mobile PR Nightmare is probably one of the worst scenarios that would make a telecom giant hide in shame due to the fact that there’s no one removing the R-18 content found there (as of this date). They should do something about this as soon as possible. Doing ala Pontius Pilate washing of the hands is unacceptable. They made the rules and they should let the users know that the rules should not be broken. They are responsible in upholding those rules.

Hello Garci

Hello GarciI got home last night with this book found on my study table. My Dad got another complimentary copy from PCIJ. The book that he just received recently is Hello Garci? Hello Maam: Political Humor in the Cellphone Age. I read it and it was an awesome compilation of political satire that first spread electronically. Some of the content were spread through e-mails and the others were spread through SMS. Retzwerx is the only blogger that I’m familiar with who contributed in this compilation. His poop-to-graphs have never ceased to amaze me. Technology has indeed changed the way people communicate. In fact, I saw in ABS-CBN News that the number of blogs has grown tremendously. This October, they were able to show that there are about 2,000 blogs. I hope they have not included splogs and inactive blogs as well.

The Unlikely Combination

Yoda and Superman

These are the toys of my nephews Justin and Lance. They have always liked Yoda and Superman. Yoda has always been their favorite Star Wars character while Superman is their favorite caped-flying superhero. They have always referred to Yoda as “cute”. Superman became their favorite after being hooked into watching the animated series of The Justice League. However, before Superman, Spiderman and Batman were their favorites. They have always mimicked Spiderman’s web-shooting action. And even their imitation of the scene where Spiderman stops the train. Of course, their version is located in a grocery where the shopping cart is the train and both or either one of them is Spiderman. Now, they want to become a yoyo superhero just like their father after seeing him doing some tricks of Walking the Dog and Around the World. On the contrary, the string of the yoyo is too long for them. Hehe!