Modify Your Rig

I was able to come across an interesting website called where it showcases modified rigs. I was able to find a whole lot of interesting rigs there such as a coffee lover’s rig, an Evanescence-themed rig and a R2-D2 rig. Would you spend a lot of time and money modifying your rig? There are available cases for desktop PCs that would deviate from its usual look. Hmmm, the long-abandoned parody journal of Kris Aquino should post there a picture of a modified rig that looks like Hello Kitty. Well, he/she does not have to really transform his or her computer. There’s Adobe Photoshop anyway. Hehehe!

Que Horror

Big FishI just had my vacation at Caticlan and Boracay just last weekend. Tita Raquel requested fish to be served. She was surprised by the fish that has occupied the large platter. As you can see in the picture, the fish has a set of teeth. This is unusual for me since the fish that is usually served does not have any teeth. And to make the picture look scary, I used an angle that deviates from the usual way food are being taken. Someone from Flickr commented that:

That’s why in many countries they make a fillet out of it. They don’t want to see the real creature behind it – those eyes staring at you and teeth that needs a dental brace – only the clean, nice cut piece of meat ready to eat with no bones. And that’s part of the culinary art. But in the Philippines, who cares? — Knoell

And another one mentioned,

True true knoell. the US stores throw away the fish heads. One time, in Maine, a Filipino colleague who was on training for 2 months, was just craving for fish heads (he grew up in a fishing village in Negros Oriental). He asked and was given at least 2lbs of FREE fish heads from the fish butcher in the Maine supermarket he was frequenting. My friend bought a token quarterpounder of flesh and the butcher took with him an amusing conversation tale to regale his American friends. Give and take lang. — Farl

Portable Digital Image Storage Device

When our teacher (Jay Alonzo) at Digital Photography 101 showed his Image Tank to us, I was thinking of buying one for myself. Even before that, my friend Miggy from forums mentioned that he bought a portable storage device. In buying a portable digital image storage device or any gadget for that matter, you should check if it is going to be cost-effective for you. Check out my article at Litratista.

Off to Bora

I’ll definitely miss the blogging world as I depart from Manila to Boracay this Friday! Hehe! And that out-of-town vacation is just what I need before going to work again. This sounds exciting! And yes, this is the off-peak season so, the expenses for lodging are low than that of the last time we went there. I’ll be going there with Mom, Tita Raquel and Cha. Tita Raquel is my Mom’s bestfriend and her work in the USA will prohibit her to leave the country for the next three years. Cha is our family friend who happens to be the niece of Tita Raquel. My Mom and Tita Raquel are former co-workers who did documentations of the first People Power rally. My Mom was a photographer then and she used Black and White film for her photos and developed it as well. I’ll be back with lots of pictures! Hehe!

Makati Girl

By next week, I will be a fully pledged Makati girl. I’ll be wearing again my oh-so corporate get-up that has been stucked inside my cabinet a month ago. No more waking up on late mornings or just after lunch. If it should be done, it should be done on a weekend only or on a holiday. Enough of the I-am-lazy-to-get-up attitude in the morning for there is such a thing as “Thou shall not be late”. Prepare for the five-day walkathon challenge that happens weekly. There are two walkathon challenges daily. If I chose to have lunch at the Paseo Center, Glorietta or Greenbelt then I should prepare myself for more walkathon challenges. Thus, if I am not opting for an additional exercise, I should just buy something from the Jollijeep or just bring a packed lunch. Also, I should bring a jacket that would keep me warm in an air-conditioned environment. College has been a good training ground of constantly hearing green jokes for a male-dominated division in which I chose to be assigned. Lastly, this is going to be a fun working experience. Hehe!

The Risks in Going to Big Events

In going to big events, especially rock concerts, would entail a lot of risks. You would be either risking you prized possessions, or when worse comes to worst, yourself. The first time that I went to a big rock event (that was for the PULP Summer Slam which was held at The Fort), me and my friend saw a flying monobloc chair at the backstage. My friend got hysterical and dragged me far from the backstage. We then waited for our other friends (where one of them was sleeping in one of the tents because of slammer) to arrive outside the backstage area. Good thing that no one was hurt in our group but I saw someone being brought to the clinic in the backstage with blood running down on his forehead. Still, that did not stop me from going to events because after that, I went to the 9th NU Rock Awards where I almost got caught in a mosh pit. Good thing we arrived there early since we might have been one of those who got injured in a stampede that caused the glass door entrance of the World Trade Center to be broken into pieces. Now, I’ve heard from one of the mailing lists that there was a stampede at the Muziklaban 2005 at the Amoranto Stadium just recently. Read more for the excerpt of the email. Continue reading “The Risks in Going to Big Events”

The Perfect Catch

A Scene from the Perfect CatchDid you know that the supposed title of this movie is Fever Pitch? My friend Toni told me that earlier after we watched the film at Gateway Center Cubao which was our choice of destination after going to Dad’s office. And did they make the right decision in changing the title to The Perfect Catch? IMHO, Fever Pitch as a movie title didn’t sound interesting at all. It could give me an impression (without the designated movie poster of course) that it’s a thriller baseball movie where a person has spread that the Curse of Bambini is back. On the contrary, The Perfect Catch will obviously tell you that it is a romantic comedy. Continue reading “The Perfect Catch”

No Holiday on November 2?

Looks like you have to use your VL’s (for those who are working) in order for you to afford a nine-day vacation since November 2 is not a public holiday. And for those who are still studying, you may have high chances of getting your 9-day vacation. Read more for the proclamation made by the President of the Philippines. Continue reading “No Holiday on November 2?”

The Killers

The Killers is a Las Vegas based band that you’ll surely look forward to. I was able to discover this band through my brother since the iTunes in their office are networked. He played the track Somebody Told Me and I had another LSS. They have a debut album Hot Fuss which was independently released in the USA by Island Def Jam Music Group and in UK by Lizard King Records who has been releasing all their singles/EPs in UK prior to their album.

Their debut album consists of 11 tracks:
1. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
2. Mr Brightside
3. Smile Like You Mean It
4. Somebody Told Me
5. All These Things That I’ve Done
6. Andy, You’re A Star
7. On Top
8. Change Your Mind
9. Believe Me Natalie
10. Midnight Show
11. Everything Will Be Alright

Also, they have already rocked the MTV Video Music Awards for winning Best New Artist in a Video! You can watch some music videos and hear some audio here.