And I am the OIC

I’ll be the appointed officer-in-charge while the financial manager of the house is away for a US trip this August 1 (his departure from Manila) for 3 weeks. I’ll be taking care of the payment of the electricity and PLDT bills and the groceries too. Attached here is the Out-of-Home Auto Reply from Dad (a parody of the out-of-office auto-reply). I’ll be getting my rewards/incentives once he gets back here though.

From: Dad
To: Jay, Claudia, helpers
CC: Karla
Subject: Out of Home Auto Reply

Dear all,

I’ll be out of the country this August 1 for as US trip (for 3 weeks). For important matters like billing of utilities and groceries, please approach Karla, my OIC.


Don’t text or call me if I did not send an SMS to you. My roaming is already activated and my cellphone bill would increase tremendously.

Midnight Madness at Day Time

me so corny
Me So Corny shirt at People are People for 499 bucks!

The traditional Midnight Madness at Glorietta usually falls on a payday. However, the payday should be on a Friday because people who usually work around Makati would stop by first at Glorietta to enjoy some amount of what they’ve worked hard for. Just this afternoon, I just went malling with some friends. We just shooted some hoops at TimeZone until our arms were tired already. Of course that was readily proven by the deterioration of my performance (which is inversely proportional over time). And that is from 39 points (first set) down to 13 points (4th set). After breathing a little, I tried playing Time Crisis 3 which is a very violent game because you just keep shooting on anyone and reload your gun everytime it’s needed. Even though it’s violent, playing the game would enhance your hand and eye coordination (also include the foot because you have to press the pedal from time to time to reload your gun). Continue reading “Midnight Madness at Day Time”

Of Chow Mein and being on top of the law

Happy Birthday Noodles
Happy Birthday Noodles at SuperBowl

I didn’t know that pancit has another meaning aside from its usual connotation that it is a dish that’s usually served during birthdays (Happy Birthday Noodles). As what have my fellow cubicle dweller told me, pancit, in terms of a romantic relationship, means that a certain party is under. It’s either the other party is the law while the other party is under the law. A statement from someone like, “Hindi ako pancit, ako ang batas!” would definitely mean that the person is indeed a pancit in denial especially if the person consumes enough alcohol to give him/her hallucinations that he/she is indeed the law.

When Traffic is as bad as Hell

This day is the most stressful day ever. I left the office at half an hour past 6 in the evening. Took a tricycle and I didn’t know that what was in front of me was the longest line of vehicles that I’ve seen today. I took a walk and then rode a jeep thinking that the other vehicles in front would move forward. Unfortunately, I was stuck inside the jeep which is also stuck in the heart of the service road where two lanes only exist which is sometimes transformed into three lanes as long as the other vehicle is not a 10-wheeler truck. I remained inside the jeep because I was already tired and I was really hoping that all the other vehicles in front of us would take a U-turn and would try their luck going North instead. And because bad luck was prevalent that day, the vehicles could not make the U-turn for some reason that they live in one of those villages after Astra (e.g. Sun Valley, Countryside, Marimar village) and it would be useless for them to go farther and indulge themselves in the moment of their lives where gasoline expenses would be considered as luxurious.

I was still clinging on to my hopes that a particular scene that happened in the film Bruce Almighty would happen (e.g. all other vehicles would tilt to 45 degrees and the jeep that I’m riding would speed ahead until it reaches Bicutan). Of course that’s very impossible to happen. I sat there until I was the only passenger left inside the jeep. Thus, I went down the jeep and prepared myself for a cardiovascular exercise that I haven’t done for the longest time while inhaling all the hydrocarbons and the dust that surrounded the area. I walked along the service road. I walked past all the cars and still, it was not moving even by just an inch. By the time I got at Sun Valley, the vehicles moved a little. But then, the traffic remained because the truck had an engine trouble. Oh well, at least I did not stay inside the jeep. Also, at least I had a physical activity for that day aside from typing on the keyboard of my laptop and moving the mouse.

Cueshe’s Stay

Cueshe is one of the rising bands today with their single Stay also playing on Love Radio. The first time I heard Stay, the moment I heard its Intro, I was saying, “Uhm… Simple Plan?” Yes my dear friends. Listen closely to the intro of Cueshe’s Stay and Simple Plan’s Perfect (the heavy guitar parts of course). The guitar riffs in Cueshe’s Stay sounds like that of Simple Plan. I bet many have noticed that already. I hope that the local bands would come up with their distinct sound so as not to be associated with another foreign band or some local band for that matter.

From Ska to Pop

Long before, there’s a band called No Doubt that falls under ska music. After a while, there’s Gwen Stefani going solo which was expected of bands with female front acts that has the face value and sex appeal of a commercial model or a Hollywood celebrity, and a talent which does not necessarily equate to having great songwriting skills but having a powerful voice would matter though. But then, Gwen had a sudden change of taste in music. If it’s her choice, then she just wants to be part of the in crowd or the pop clique. Perhaps being chummies with Britney Spears or Christina Aguillera would help her shine more than ever. If it’s not her choice (her talent manager’s choice or the record label she’s with), then it has added to the stereotypical descriptions of major record labels in general. Such stereotypes are being control freaks and being in love with the green which is definitely true for some record labels. Okay Gwen, don’t speak for now. Your current video in MTV is just enough.

The Buzz in Pinoy Rock Scene

So many things happened already in the Pinoy rock scene. Marc Abaya goes out of Sandwich and goes out of the three-piece guitar orcestration in which they are known for. After a month of being a double decker Sandwich, Mong Alcaraz of Chicosci completes the triple decker. He now has two bands which makes him like Raimund Marasigan (Cambio) and Myrene Academia (Imago). Then, there’s a sudden news of Barbie’s Cradle disbanding and Barbie Almalbis going solo which reminded me of Kitchie Nadal when she left Mojofly and went solo. The solo performer with a band takes home more moolah than the musicians that play with him/her. And this made me wonder why would they go solo. I just hope that they did not do it because of the current socio-political situation that has made a negative impact on our economy. Also, with Sugar Hiccup missing in action for more than Five Years, they made a comeback without Melody del Mundo but with a new vocalist. There’s actually a lot of buzz in the Pinoy rock scene just like in showbiz. However, it’s just not shown in TV.

Hello Moto

Motorola C117Because Sun Cellular has created a demand of buying an extra phone, I have recently joined the bandwagon of people that may be reached through two different telecommunications network. The other one I’m referring to is Globe Telecoms. I have just experienced the tragedy of owning a Sun Cellular sim and that is the time when I did not have any signal for almost an hour at Greenbelt area last Saturday. Another experience dates back to when I was at home and I didn’t have any signal for the whole night.

I looked for a cheap phone that has the functions that I need. Thus, I got a Motorola C117 for an amazing price of 2,100 bucks. It’s easy to use. You can use it without even reading the manual. And, it has caller ID. Hehe!

Dissecting “Hanggang Kailan” by Orange and Lemons

Lately, I’ve been hearing this song daily without even trying to hear it. It just so happened that it was being played in the radio and I do not even own a copy of their album and do not even have an MP3 of it here in my computer. And the line “Umuwi ka na baby” plays in my head continuously such that the particular part of the song is the only one in loop mode after hearing it.

Hanggang Kailan is a sad love song. It has the objective of making you cry. And the line Umuwi ka na baby does not actually mean “Go home freak, I’ve been waiting for you all night”. Instead, it’s a metaphor that says “Let’s get back together.” It’s about being paranoid and being shot in Luneta (as what have most people said, “Binabaril na ang mga martyr sa Luneta”) at the same time. It’s also about being patient and impatient which is a complete oxymoron like the lines “Labis na naiinip” and “Umuwi ka na baby” have put it.

Read more for the lyrics and chords of Hanggang Kailan. By the way, this song was not only being played at NU107 but in other stations as well. Love Radio anyone? Continue reading “Dissecting “Hanggang Kailan” by Orange and Lemons”