Mitsubishi Cars 2005 Expo

Evo 7Last Saturday at the Glorietta Activity Center, Mitsubishi held a car expo with displays of their 2005 models. Aside from those, the Mitsubishi Evo 7 was displayed to add more eye candy to its repertoire. Even without the Evo 7, the expo could already suffice with its all new Mitsubishi Galant. Their 2005 Mitsubishi Galant is really worth drooling over. It looks better than Toyota Camry. Also, the stock mag wheels of the Mitsubishi Pajero are really great which made it look more handsome. There were a lot of people checking out the cars and flashing out their camera phones and taking pictures (I’m one of those people and the difference is that I have my digicam with me). I was just wondering if Mitsubishi was able to sell that day. For more pictures, check out my Flickr.

Fete de la Musique 2005

Everytime I go to Fete, it’s as if I’m attending a reunion of sorts. It’s like I was reunited with the world of bandistas and I’d say that the experience was really fun and worth it even if it seemed that all of Manila’s population are in Ortigas or something like you’re in a People Power rally. I arrived at SM Megamall around 3pm and met up with Melle at Powerbooks. Afterwards, we went directly to Podium. Then, we checked if there’s a Kodak inside so that I could have some pictures printed. When I saw the picture company, we went inside to ask if they were printing. Yes, they were indeed printing digital pictures but the only size that they could print for me is an 8R and it’s 300 bucks. And I have to print three pictures. It’s supposed to be a gift for my Dad and my brother since it’s Father’s day and at the same time, it’s my brother’s birthday.

We went outside again to check what’s happening at the alternative stage. As we got there, the band of my friend is about to set-up (Ang Bandang Shirley). They’re a 5-piece band that consists of a vocalist (Owel), Ai (keyboardist), bassist, guitarist and drummer. Unfortunately I do not know the names of the other members of the band. Then, we bumped into Alsey (Paramita’s bassist) and we headed to UCC. At UCC, I was introduced to some people from Vicor Music. After some time, Ria (vocalist of Paramita) arrived with Yey, Ja and friends where I forgot their names for some reason that I have poor memory recall when it comes to names but I can remember what they exactly look like. Then, we went outside to watch PinoyStories which is a really great band. Afterwards, we went up again at UCC and then Normz arrived with Noreen and Paolo (did some violin parts in Paramita’s album). Then, my friend Hazel arrived and our laugh trip days at Starbucks Taft rushed in my head again. Continue reading “Fete de la Musique 2005”


Because of my dreams of taking better pictures even if I’m just using a point-and-shoot digital camera with some adjustable settings (Canon PowerShot A95), I tried submitting a link of one of my photos to PhotoFriday. The theme was Nerdy. You can check out the PhotoFriday category in the archives section of my photoblog. I returned to the site earlier and the current theme is Sport. If I’ll not be lazy, I’ll look for a new subject to shoot but if I become lazy, then I just have to look for old photos that is relevant to the current them. Again, I invite you to check PhotoFriday’s website so that you could see the submitted entries of other photographers.

In the Line for Nothing

Have you fallen in a long line such that you felt all the more frustrated by the time you reach in front? I experienced it last Wednesday and it was the 15th. For some obvious reason, you would happen to guess that I was in a long line of corporate (or not) slaves waiting to get some hard-earned cash only to find out that there’s no money in the ATM and that I will have to search for the nearest ATM with a longer line. The only thing that I was able to do in the first queue is to check my balance. At least there was good news and the good news was that the pay is complete even though the pay slip was not given to us yet.

After the first queue, I went to the basement and found myself in a situation that I want to get out of quickly. Such situation has brought me back to the days when I was waiting in line at UP Diliman having the purpose of passing the requirements so that I could take my UPCAT. Let me also include the days when I have to adjust my schedule when I was still in 4th year college. However, the pre-UPCAT days were more tiring than waiting in front of the ATM where 14 people were in front of me. Let me also add the fact that during the pre-UPCAT days, we were waiting in line under the sun. Although it was a really long wait, at least I was with my high school friend that is now based in America. When I was in line in front of the other people including the ATM, I was making a countdown of people that were in front of me. I guess I should try better than that.

Country Bank of Taguig wins

RunYesterday, I was able to watch my brother and his friends play at a commercial basketball league held at Pioneer in Mandaluyong. It was my first time to watch them play kickass ball. Most of the players in their team have an age ranging from 25 to 30 years old while the opposing team (All Clear) have the same usual age range but have a noticeable player that is probably as old as Jaworski. However, I was not there to cheer “defense” or “get that ball” but my purpose of going there is to take pictures of the game. Having experienced sports photography for the first time, I could say that it is indeed hard to take nice shots of people changing movements at a blink of an eye. It’s hard to capture those winning lay-ups, three-pointers and even the emotions being shown by a player that have received a foul call from the referee. In this kind of endeavor, you should have a quick eye and must have a full knowledge of your equipment. Continue reading “Country Bank of Taguig wins”

Trigger Happy

I just made a Photoblog using PixelPost’s photoblogging software. Installation and template design is very easy. You won’t see any PHP codes in its design template. They have come up with tags like that of Blogger. Templates for the main page, archives page and comments page are customizable. Comments can either be in a pop-up window or within the main page itself. Categories are customizable too. In the archives section, you can set the number of thumbnails that a viewer is supposed to set on the screen. Other than that, you can also set the default size for your thumbnails that are generated automatically. To make things more exciting, you could join PhotoBlogs which is a site where you could meet other photobloggers from different countries.

My first 5 minutes or so of Fame

Darna in the Misadventures of Maverick and ArielMy first five minutes or so of fame on TV might be airing tonight (if not tonight, next Saturday perhaps) at ABC5, 10pm. The TV show is the Misadventures of Maverick and Ariel and it’s the Bora episode, which is their post-summer special offer. Expect to see me and my sister at their segment about Henna tattoo in which they featured Skintura. The picture on the left is taken after the shoot where you’ve just seen the ultimate design for Darna afficionados. Continue reading “My first 5 minutes or so of Fame”

Get Ready for Sony PS3

\Sony PS3Get ready for Sony PlayStation 3 for its release on Spring (in the month of March) of 2006. They have come up with the next-gen console’s sleek silvery gray design and a boomerang-like design for its game pad that was unveiled at Sony’s E3 Conference. Its difference with PS1’s game pad is that it has more curves. The best part is, you can ditch your old game consoles for this one without organizing a garage sale of PS2 and PS1 games. According to my reliable PS3 source, it will be twice more powerful than the Xbox 360 and 15x more powerful than Nintendo’s Revolution and 35x more powerful than PS2. You may also wonder why you should ditch your current game consoles for this one. It is because that it will be playable online just like Microsoft’s XBox Live Service. This is just another part of the game console wars. Continue reading “Get Ready for Sony PS3”

Upcoming: Fete de la Musique 2005

What: Fete de la Musique 2005
Where: El Pueblo
When: June 18, 2005, Saturday
Who: People of different ages who love music

The biggest music event that will rock El Pueblo this June is the Fete de la Musique. It’s an international music festival that started in France. The said event is sponsored by Alliance Francaise Manille. Last year’s Fete de la Muzique was held at Eastwood City in Quezon City. Last year’s Fete was literally stormed not only by people but by heavy rains and strong winds that have caused the tent of the rock stage to fall down while Radioactive Sago Project was performing. However, the heavy rain was not able to cancel all the performances. Thanks to the indoor concert stages. Blues, electronica and reggae stages continued on their acts. Continue reading “Upcoming: Fete de la Musique 2005”