Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain said,

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

The bottomline of the previous statements made by Mark Twain (author of one of the best-selling novels, Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn) is that you should stay away from your safety blanket. Risk and explore! Risking and exploring goes together always. When you risk, you explore. When you explore, you’re taking risks. I remembered one time when one of my college professors told us in class that his father did not teach him how to play basketball. I guess he was frustrated with that since he was telling it to every block in the College of Engineering. However, he should have taken the risks of failing to shoot the ball, failing to dribble it properly, failing to pass the ball to your teammate without being intercepted by the opposing team, failing to catch the ball and failing to win. Continue reading “Explore. Dream. Discover.”

A Blog to Share

The first time that I started blogging, (that was in November 2001) I never thought that I will gain real friends through it. At first, I was just aiming to improve my writing skills. When I had a chance to blog hop around the cyberspace, the history of my friendship with other bloggers started. Even before I started blogging, I had friends that I met through the EB’s organized by other messageboards enthusiasts and had the chance to interact with some of them through EB’s that were organized.

In the blogosphere, it was different. You share your life to every netizen since anyone can read it. You share your frustrations, whatever you have read (be it a novel, a newspaper article or a magazine article, or even from another blog), your thoughts on your favorite Survivor contender, your conversation with a stranger, your pet cats and even the bikini that you’d be wearing on your summer getaway. It may appear to some people that some of the simple things posted on their blog are trivial. However, they have failed to see that they’re sharing their life even with complete strangers they haven’t met. You may have thought that they should not be posting it because they should only be sharing it with their close friends. Isn’t it touching to read a stranger’s random thoughts? For all you know, they could make a big impact on you. I have met a lot of them. And they have truly made a big impact on me.

I blog to communicate. I blog to share. I blog to inspire. I blog to make others laugh or cry. And I blog because I love to. And I’ll stay.

The Amityville Horror

Some time ago, I remembered having watched an old version of The Amityville Horror (the 1979 version). I’m just not sure if it was on cable TV or in VHS tape. Before, I was not aware that it was based on a true story. However, the story did happen in history as what I have read at this website. On the contrary, some are still saying that the horror in 112 Ocean Avenue is a hoax.

In the 2005 version, the names of the characters in the film is mainly based on Jay Anson’s novel, The Amityville Horror that became a bestseller in 1977. However, there was something wrong with the story itself. Remember the scene where the priest blessed the house with Holy Water and then ran away from the house and got into his car immediately after the insects attacked him? From Jay Anson’s book, the priest gave them an advice,

“Don’t use it as a bedroom. Don’t let anyone sleep in there.”
— Father Mancusco, The Amityville Horrors by Jay Anson

And because of the advice that came from the priest, they turned it into a sewing room which was not shown in the film. They still remained to be a bedroom of their two little boys.

In addition to that, in Jay Anson’s version, after 28 days of living at the DeFeo home, they grabbed a few belongings and went away. However, in order to make it more like of a horror movie, they changed it. Hollywood produced a psycho-George ready to catch ’em and kill ’em. Also, at the end of the film, there was a text narration saying that they did not return for their personal belongings. And they really don’t have any belongings with them except for the clothes that they were wearing and the speedboat that they were riding.

Cinematography – 4 out of 5
Sound Effects – 5 out of 5
Script – 2 out of 5 (Take that for the unnecessary scene included!)

And if you can’t get off the creepy feeling, just watch this short animated film in Macromedia Flash. The loading may take some time but it’s funny and somehow alarming at the same time

The Bukswagen Experiments

The Bukswagen Experiments according to Raymund Generoso,

We sell indie CD’s, band merchandise, rock and reggae accessories and alternative literature.

Basically, The Bukswagen Experiments support local independent music. If you are members of different mailing lists, you might have seen their famous slogan which is, “Go S.L.I.M.” And going SLIM does not mean that you’ll be going to the gym regularly. However, the acronym SLIM means, “Support Local Independent Music”. Continue reading “The Bukswagen Experiments”

Island Hopping and Snorkling

Crystal CoveAnd the best way to say that you went to Boracay without actually saying it is by getting a tan or worst, a sunburn. However, it’s better to explore the nearby islands and go snorkling. On the first day that you’ll be arriving to Boracay, you should look for a boatman (bangkero) first. If you’re 4 to 6 people in a group, the usual rate for the boat rental for 3 hours is 1,500 bucks. The standard package includes island hopping and they would ask an additional amount if you would want to go snorkling (rental of goggles). Better yet, bring your snorkling gear with you. The places that you’ll be going to are Crystal Cove (requires a payment for the entrace which costs at 75 pesos for the adult and for the kids rate, don’t ask because I was not able to remember that), Crocodile Island (snorkling area – snorkling fee costs 20 bucks each) and Puka Beach (crystal clear water without the green algae). After making the deal, have it scheduled on the following morning around 8am or 9am. Continue reading “Island Hopping and Snorkling”

Income Generator at the Peak Season

The Sand Castle Man When we were kids, everytime we go to the beach, we would always attempt to build a sandcastle. If we only have the tools and the skill like that of the local of Boracay shown, we could build a magnificent castle like the one he’s building. During the peak season (December to May), many foreigners will go to the Philippines just to visit Boracay. And as an added income generator for the locals, they don’t need an investment in the form of cold cash. All they have to do is to look around them and be innovative. And that’s what the man did. The last time I went to Boracay, I didn’t see a single trace of a sandcastle with a tupperware beside it where the trigger-happy tourists would give them tips as a token of appreciation and that is if they are generous enough. Continue reading “Income Generator at the Peak Season”

The Island of Boracay

Walking on the white sandBoracay has become a magnificent tourist spot for its fine white sand and clear water (with green algae). I’ve been there three times (and that makes my recent trip there the third one). For my third trip to Boracay, we rode a SEA Air jetplane from Manila to Caticlan. It was my first time to ride in that kind of plane. And because it was my first time, it became a little creepy seeing the two pilots in front of you and were not separated by a wall unlike the bigger aircrafts. However, it becomes less creepy with a celebrity (Diane Castillejo – host of Sports Unlimited) inside a plane. When we arrived at Caticlan, it was very unfortunate for us that the terminal there is under construction. Thus, the temporary terminal are the tents that maybe compared to the tents that you’ll find in SMB’s Oktoberfest, NU107 Rock Awards and other events. Continue reading “The Island of Boracay”

Something to Cool things up

Sometimes, locking yourself up in an air-conditioned room or drinking gallons of cold water is not enough to beat the summer heat. There would be constant cravings of food that I’ll be mentioning.

Wendy’s Frosty
When you’re stuck in front of Wendy’s, you have no choice but to buy the Super Value Frosty which does not have any kind of variation in flavor at all. So everytime you grab one, all you’ll think of is chocolate and get a brainfreeze after eating.

Thumbs Up
This is a store owned by Dominic Ochoa (you could see his signature over their packaging). So, if you’re walking around the mall and you happen to pass by a Thumbs Up stall, you may want to try their corn-flavored and strawberry-flavored ice cream. You may want to forget about their Bubblegum and cotton candy flavors. I just don’t know how to appreciate their taste.

Whether it’s Chowking’s halo-halo or your friendly neighborhood store, most will certainly crave for halo-halo. However, the ingredients of the halo-halo, except for ice, must not be overflowing. Halo-Halo is best served with ube, leche flan and ice cream on top. Or if there’s no ube, ube flavored ice cream will be your special add-on.

Ice Drops
The best ice drops available (within our office vicinity) are Selecta’s ice drops. We end up choosing between Choco Peanut or Queso Real. For me, Queso Real rocks because of the presence of cheese bits. I love cheese by the way. Choco Peanut for me has an okay-taste but not an okay-okay taste. I hope you get what I mean.

Ice Candy
Ice candy is what I have been missing a lot lately. My Mom used to make Mango flavored Ice candy for us when I was still in grade school. She would use ripe mango, mix it with milk, water and some sugar and then blend it. The good thing about Mom’s homemade ice candies is that it’s natural (not 100% natural though since the milk used did not come directly from the cow).

Make your Wish List

The Things I Want is your ultimate wishlist/gift registry available online. You can easily add the list of the things that you want on your blog. Also, user sign-up is free. I haven’t tried signing up yet but this will be best for those who will be getting married since they can use the wish list as a gift registry. See a demo wish listhere. This will also be great for those who have kids that will be celebrating their birthdays soon. Hehe!