When Nokia does a Sony Ericsson

Nokia 3230One day, my father just woke up with these thoughts, “I will ditch my old phone for the phone that I saw on the TV last night.” And just like that, he got a new phone. Isn’t it funny when we ask our parents to buy us something, most of the time, they would simply say no, or next time or they would act as if they didn’t hear anything at all. However, if they want to have something, they can just buy it anytime if they have the money, or, with the swipe of a credit card. Just like what I have said earlier, Dad wanted a new phone. Thus, he got a new one and it’s a Nokia 3230–the one with a 1.3 megapixel camera. Other than that, it’s a phone that tries to make a T610 look. At least it doesn’t look like a bar soap. Continue reading “When Nokia does a Sony Ericsson”

Philippine Blog Awards 2005

The Philippine Blog Awards 2005 is now open for nominations. Nominate your own blog or nominate a blog of your friend. There’s a new award for photobloggers out there and it’s the Best Photo Blog. Nominations will be accepted up to September 17 only. Out of the n-number of nominations, n-number of semi-finalists will be posted on October 29. Then on December 5, winners will be posted. Each winner of the 4 major awards to be given will receive a trophy.


My friend asked me if I know Siniloan, Laguna. And because she does not know that I am from there since she’s thinking that I am from Pagsanjan, Laguna which is based from our upcoming shooting-the-rapids summer getaway this May. I said, “Of course I know the place. That’s our hometown.” And she asked me if I saw a lot of fireflies there. I told her that I have seen some fireflies there. She confessed that she’s in love with fireflies. I just told her that she should watch the Korean film The Classic if she loves fireflies. I just hope she would be able to get herself a DVD copy of that film. Looks like I’m pretty much booked this May. Hehehe!

By the way, before I told her about the shooting the rapids proposal of a summer getaway, she asked me if I wanted to go to Mount Pulag this July. However, I don’t think it’s advisable to go there at that time of the year because it’s the rainy season. And so, I suggested a cheaper summer escapade.

Unmanaged Stress

I remember when I was having thesis way back in college, stress management was a whole lot easier even with the late-night thesis-related activities done at home. When you step out of the real world, it’s different. Because if there’s just one moment that you haven’t kept cool, chances are, you’re going home with a hot high temperature, shaking knees like buildings that are about to collapse. And that’s just what happened to me last Thursday, which is an acceptable explanation of why in the world there’s no blog entry on that day.

Now, I just want to avoid some misunderstandings here. What I mean by haven’t kept cool is continuous splurge of worries in my mind. And my worries increased my stress levels which my laughter was not able to counter. It was so strong like it made the impression that Superman was near a kryptonite wrapped in a newspaper and that he just have to go away from the kryptonite and drink Decolgen Forte (or whatever medicine that is) because he thinks he has the flu. Speaking of Justice League, I just remembered my nephews Justin and Lance. They’re confined in the hospital right now. They also have the flu but it’s not due to unmanaged stress. I believe it is because of the weather. I just wish they’ll get well soon. In-patient confinements would mean a big slash on my brother’s wallet.

Mendoza – Dionisio Nuptials

I cannot believe that my cousin Joan is already married. I was still surprised by the sudden turn of events. It’s surprisingly unexpected for she is the only girl and the youngest among the three children of Tito Jun and Tita Malou. Actually, her older brother is the one that we’re expecting to be the next one to get married. When I saw my cousin Joan got off the white car, a typical color of a wedding car, with some flowers (which is another way of saying that I am getting married or already married) on it, I felt like as if I was in a dream. But it’s real, the flash of the cameras continuously flooded on her and she walked the aisle with the instrumental from My Sassy Girl as her background music. As she was walking towards the altar, there was a bubble thought in my mind saying, “This is real… This is real… This is happening… This is not a dream”. Continue reading “Mendoza – Dionisio Nuptials”

The Just-in-time Sale

Me on spectaclesI just bought a pair of eyeglasses from the recently concluded 3-day sale at SM Bicutan. And this is practically what I needed for work. Basically, I use the computer for more than 8 hours a day and in order to prevent the deterioration of my eyesight, a pair of eyeglasses is needed. I got this one 50 percent off from the original price of the frame and an additional hundred bucks for the lens. Of course the lens is not multi-coated. It is the ordinary type of lens which is relatively cheaper than of the multi-coated type. Budget constraints prevented me from purchasing the other type.

Barong for twinsThen, my brother bought a pair of ring-bearer get-up for Justine and Lance. Both of them will be part of the wedding entourage of my cousin’s wedding this coming Wednesday. Truly, the sale is just in time for my brother so that he could buy them a Barong Tagalog, an undershirt, a pair of slacks and a black leather shoes for a lesser price that will only be used in the upcoming wedding. The only item that Justin and Lance that can be used again right away is their black leather shoes (for school) and their undershirt (for home). They can only use the slacks and the barong for another formal occasion or maybe, some time in August for the annual Linggo ng Wika. I guess they will be required to wear such.

New Layout

Introducing to you, the all new layout that looks good in Mozilla but not-so-good in Internet Explorer. I just tried viewing it with Internet Explorer at home and it sucks. There’s still a lot of fixing to do with its CSS (Cascading Stylesheets) code. The layout is based on Kubrick which is the popular default layout for WordPress 1.5. Thanks for the big help of Urban Girrafe’s tutorial.

The header that I used in this blog is made by yours truly with Adobe Photoshop. The bassist in the banner is a member of Moonstar88, the band that popularized Torete, Sulat, among others. The picture was taken also by yours truly at Fete de la Muzique 2003 at El Pueblo.

I changed the layout because I got tired of the usual header with pictures and all. This time, I want a fresh-look… something clean yet still with a rock-ish aura. And here’s the result. For the mean time, I’m still figuring out how to make it look good in Internet Explorer. Thus, for Internet Explorer users, please bear with its mis-aligned look for the mean time.

WordPress Themes

Because of the several WordPress themes that are downloadable for free on the internet, we tend to rely on them instead of spending hours of making our heads ache. However, Urban Giraffe made a tutorial on Dissecting a WordPress theme. In his tutorial, he used the Kubrick theme as his example. By the way, the said tutorial is only applicable for WordPress 1.5.

Some pre-requisites before reading the tutorial,

  • HTML coding
  • CSS (Cascading stylesheets) coding
  • and more patience

Pleading Guilty on Disordering the Court

Disorder in the CourtI did not know that there is really a book about bloopers inside the American court rooms until I searched it in Google awhile ago and found an Amazon entry. I got an e-mail on the excerpts of the book some time ago and I received another e-mail which is exactly the same as the first one sent to me. Thanks to the court reporters who took note of these conversations in detail for what’s happening in Ally McBeal, and other TV series with lawyers, judges, jury, and the like is not the only thing that is expected to happen in actual court hearings. This book won’t only make you laugh all the time bu it will also be an eye-opener to all of us who haven’t had the chance to be an audience in a court hearing. Read more to check out some excerpts of the said book. Continue reading “Pleading Guilty on Disordering the Court”

Boyband Mode

The Cube Bully, after wearing his ultimate boyband outfit sometime to the office introduced the boyband mode playlist of some of our fellow singer cube dwellers. By the way, when I say singer, it does not have to mean that they could be a possible bet to the Star in a Million or to whatever Pinoy version of American Idol is shown at present. However, the boyband get-up of Cube Bully is not the only reason for the boyband mode playlist. They said that they want some happy songs. Then, they started thinking of a boyband song. They first thought of Quit Playing Games with my Heart which is a Backstreet Boys original. Clearly, Quit Playing Games with my Heart is not a happy song. In my attempts in dissecting the song and creating a rather effective title for it, I have come up with, “Die you fat-ass two-timing fool!” So when you hear someone say Quit Playing Games with my Heart, it is a subtle way of saying, “Die you fat-ass two-timing fool!”

Then, someone suggested I want it that way which is another BSB original. And it is still not a happy song. Again, I want it that way is another way of saying, “I’m the law, and so shall it be followed!” This song is for the commanders and their respective unders. I hope you get what I mean by commander and under. Hehehe!

After that, they just opted for a Spice Girls song. And the boyband mode went kapoot!