An Overdue post

I have watched three movies already and I haven’t even blogged about it. I was able to watch a movie about a geeky college dude turned Mr. Suave and being the Mr. Suave he is, he had a mission, and that is to be of service of those that are too shy to profess their undying love to a girl that seems to be hard to reach. And if you are thinking Hitch, a film that I thought to have a story about a guy who hitches by just reading the title and not using Google to look for a synopsis about it, you are definitely correct. This film stars Will Smith. And mind you, this is not your typical Will Smith. I did not even expect him doing that kind of film after having watched Men In Black several times. Nevertheless, the film used witty humor which appealed to me. However, the last part of the film where they danced reminded me of Filipino comedy films where they would go on an outing and then dance on the beach. It could have been better without the dancing though. On the contrary, those were some wacky dance steps. Hehe!

The second film that I was able to watch is Robots. And you have to see this if you love 3D animations. This has got to be a pretty tough 3D animation. Also, it’s not only the computer graphics that has caught my attention but as well as the story of the film itself. Think of this, what if there are only robots existing? How will they age? How will they function? How will they propagate children? Can you even imagine buying ordering 12 year old parts just in time for your 12th birthday? Robots is indeed a film for a tech-savvy family. It’s not just a film about robots saving Robot City from the evil pursuit of a somebody. In this film, you’ll learn to have passion in everything that you do. With passion, you can dream and then, you must act on it. And this my friends has always been the philosophy of one of my High School friends who had a speaking engagement earlier in our dear alma mater.

The film that I recently watched is Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous and I just love it when Sandra Bullock quotes some famous fashion designer. Some of the scenes of the movie were shot in Las Vegas which reminded me of my trip there some time ago. When me and my Dad arrived at the Las Vegas airport, guess what we found? A bunch of slot machines as if they’re part of the Welcoming Committee saying, “Welcome to the casino capital of the United States of America” or they’re some sort of a tourist attraction.

The Wonder Twins

Last Saturday, we had our lunch at McDonald’s where my nephews, Justin and Lance, were eating up all the french fries that their stomach can hold. They also had a Sundae Cone which would mean an additional chore for me and that is to get a table napkin from the counter (especially that fastfoods are known for their cost-cutting techniques with regards to table napkin distribution) and to wet the napkin with a little water from the faucet just outside the restroom.

While they were eating their ice cream, a man in his late twenties approached our table. He was asking if we’re interested in having our nephews join the casting. He said it’s for a milk commercial and they’re looking for twins (preferably young boys) that are around 4 years old. Instantly, I recalled the days when the twins Richard and Raymond Gutierrez were shown in a milk advertisement. Also, I was reminded by one of their films entitled Kambal Tuko. Apparetly, those were the Mojacko days.

In case you do not know Mojacko, Mojacko is an animated Japanese series shown some time ago at GMA-7. Mojacko looks like a furry ball with a pair of hands and a pair of feet as well. When my nephews were a little younger, they looked like two Mojacko’s. Now, they look like Shaolin kids. I can even imagine them in a Shaolin get-up. However, I can’t imagine them doing the ala Shaolin moves. I can think of them doing a Spider-man act or doing a Mr. Incredible act since both Spider-man and The Incredibles are their favorite movies of all time as of this moment.

Let’s just see if my brother will be taking them to the casting.

The 1994 Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo

The picture that you see on the left is taken by Kevin Carter which won him the Pulitzer Prize. The photo you see depicts the 1994 Sudan famine where the vulture in staring at the helpless child who is about a kilometer away from the United Nations food camp. 3 months later after Kevin took the picture, he committed suicide due to depression. I got this e-mail from a high school friend. Sometimes, we would just complain about the food being served to us. Still, we are lucky for we eat three times a day (or even more than that). It’s time that we also think of the situation of other people and not only think of ourselves.

And this is when social responsibility comes in to place. I know that we have all our own problems but taking a little time won’t hurt. However, you do not have to feel so desperate about the current situation and commit suicide because of the guilt produced by not finishing your meals when there are a whole lot of people who cannot eat a complete meal. However, it is not good to shower them with all your extra coins for they may not buy it with food. As we all know, kids these days are smoking at an early age and some are even taking solvent or rugby. Thus, in order to have a guilt-free day, all you have to do is to every time you’re not able to finish your meal (whether it is from a fastfood or a fancy restaurant), just give it to the kids that will approach you. However, be prepared to not to be appreciated since some of those kids want some cold cash. Some of them made up their own silly golden rule used:

“Food credir is good but we need cash”

And indeed, money makes the world go round. It makes their head spin after taking in rugby. Geesh. Again, never ever give them money. If they won’t accept the food you offered them, it’s not your problem anymore. Just warn them about this,

“Masama ang tumatanggi ng grasya”

And tell them (just like in any other chain letter), that they will be unlucky for 48 years if they do not accept it. And since they do not want to be unlucky for that long, they’ll just accept it and run away and find other prospects that could supply them money for their vices.

Well, I do have my own vices but I did not start at that age. Oh well, I hope this will serve as a reminder for all of us.

When OT does not mean off-topic

OT, as defined by scholars of the messageboards, means off-topic. However, in a corporate slave’s point of view, OT is also defined as overtime. As much as possible, I do not want to render overtime work. It is because that the traffic in the service road really sucks big time. You could get stuck there for an eternity. Obviously, that was an exagerration. However, given that the distance is only short, the travel time seems to make the distance equivalent to a hundred-fold. Also, who would want to spend overtime right? You can just imagine yourself watching your good old favorite TV series while staring blankly at the computer monitor. And perhaps, the worst overtime is being alone in your cube while everyone have left the office already.

There are exceptions that you really have to render OT. For instance, you have to meet a certain deadline, and in order for you to meet such deadline, you have take another chunk of time right after the regular working hours in order to get the job done. Also, you really have to make sure that you also make the most out of it.

Also, there are some things that must be finished right away since it might affect the goals that you’ve set for the next day. In short, you do not have to wait for tomorrow to do whatever you can finish today.

It’s simple as that.

Still, I don’t like rendering overtime work. The travel is far more tiring that the work itself even if I’m that near (yet so far because of the friggin traffic).

The Vagina Monologues

And for the woman’s month, I’ll be watching the play The Vagina Monologues this coming Saturday at UP Diliman with some friends. The Vagina Monologues is a play written by Eve Ensler and it will be staged by Gabriela Youth. In the United States of America, The Vagina Monologues has been part of a nation-wide campaign to stop violence against women. And I guess, the same goes here in the Philippines since it will be shown in the Woman’s Month (the month of March). The last play that I watched at UP Diliman is Komedi where one of my friends is a part of the cast of the said play. Now, it’s high time for me to watch The Vagina Monologues since some of my blockmates way back in college were discussing about it and they really liked the play. They even watched the Tagalog version. Haha!

Can you just imagine how a conservative would take this since they’re not used to saying it and they’re not used to hearing it? Or, they just do not find the Filipino translation for vagina classy-sounding. Haha!

Going back, the cast of characters included in the play are: Angie Ferro, Sonia Velenciano, Frances Makil-Ignacio, Mailes Kanapi, Dolly de Leon, Liza Dino, Leah Abella, Monette Flores and Meryl Soriano. The said play is directed by Tony Mabesa (also the director of Komedi).

The play is actually a fund-raising project. The proceeds will go to the Purple Rose Campaign, an international movement against the sex trafficking of Filipinas and their children.

Here is a listing of the schedule of the play:

Mar. 11, 2005 – 7:00:PM
Mar. 12, 2005 – 3:00:PM
Mar. 13, 2005 – 3:00:PM

The ticket costs 250 bucks but if you are a UP student, you’ll get one minus 50 bucks from the regular price.

And so… the fat thickens…

We had dinner at Gerry’s Grill in Makati. I was with my parents (yes! believe it or not!), and my brother with his juniors (Justin and Lance, the amazing twins whose make-believe names are Batman and Superman respectively), and my sister (the ultra-vain sister who has a penchant for taking pictures of herself using her camera phone or even my phone, and anyone’s phone that she touched). And what do you know, me, whom was thought to be “The Kuripot One” among the siblings (when it comes to blowouts) became somewhat generous.

We ordered Adobo Shreds where my nephews mistaken it as a corned beef. I recommend this appetizer. And this appetizer mixes well with sinangag (fried rice) at breakfast since my brother prepared adobo rice for his breakfast some time ago.

Since my nephews love Sinigang (aside from the fact that they requested it as soon as the waitress put the plates on our table), we also ordered for Sinigang na Baboy (Pork Sinigang).

Also, because my sister loves bagoong Kare-Kare, we also ordered one. I love the Kare-Kare at Gerry’s Grill since their sauce has a creamy texture unlike other restaurants that serve it with a water-like texture.

My father requested for me to order Inihaw na Pusit and I know he will be requesting me since he loves seafoods.

Then, my brother said what we should order something that is fried. And so, my sister came up with the idea of ordering Crispy Pata. But my brother won’t like more fats fried in fat. Thus, the Spicy fried chicken became included in the list. And it’s really spicy especially if you were able to eat the chilli. Hehe!

And because I already missed eating their Sisig, we also ordered one. Too bad I cannot enjoy the Sisig with beer because if there’s beer, there has to be a Vitamin C intake.

After being in the Hansel and Gretel phase (where you eat so many food as if you’ll be slaughtered and grilled on the next day) at Gerry’s Grill, we went to Iceberg’s and had ice cream there.

And so… the fat thickened, and hopefully will be burned. Haha! It really feels good when you go out with your family, spend time with them and treat them a portion of your first paycheck.


Please do check out Blogkadahan. It is a group blog of the members of the BloggingBerks Google groups. Blogkadahan was initiated by our friendly neighborhood doctor, Doc Emer. As of now there are more than 35 members and still counting. Blogkadahan’s blogging software is Blogger.Com and the template is designed by Ate Sienna (not the character from Batibot!).

Since March is our kick-off month, the topic is limited to the description of each member so that we could get to know each other better. Since I have less time doing more bloghopping, I could just go to Blogkadahan or participate in the discussions at the Google Groups.

Our discussions are not limited to blogging only. It’s actually anything under the sun (even under the moon if you belong to another time zone).

7th Science and Technology Congress at DLSU

Tomorrow is the big day where my misadventures on finding the one whole illustration board would be worth it. And the contents of that one whole illustration board happen to be our undergraduate thesis. Thus, if you happen to be a Lasallian and pass by the Yuchengco lobby most of the time, there’s a high probability that you’ll be seeing our poster presentation there. Also, if you’ll be attending the afternoon Parallel Sessions and you’re from the College of Engineering, there are also high chances that you’ll see my 20-minute presentation.

Our thesis is not supposed to be included in the parallel sessions. In fact, the Science and Technology Congress Secretariat already cleared to us that ours is only for poster presentation only. When I received the copy of the programme last Friday evening, I was surprised that I have to prepare a powerpoint presentation. Thus, instead of sleeping the whole of Sunday afternoon, I was busy designing the powerpoint template (a Lasallian-themed template since it’s faster to prepare this and for the lack of time as well) and the contents of the powerpoint presentation.

I hope that I can deliver the presentation in twenty minutes since there’ll be a lot of Greek stuff to be explained. However, I’m expecting that it will not sound Greek to those who will be attending in the parallel sessions since they’ll be coming from the College of Engineering also.

With that, it will be he first time that I will be absent from work. I was never late and yet, I’ll be acquiring my first record of being absent. Although I may be absent from work, being able to participate in such event is a big opportunity for me.

It was Pay Day

It was pay day yesterday. And upon seeing the deductions, reality just hit me so hard that bringing packed lunch is not optional anymore but it should be a must. I remember the days when I was still a student and during that time, packed lunch was not in my vocabulary. It’s actually different when you yourself earned it. When I was still in college, I was a scholar and my parents were my sponsor. They pay me (represented by my allowance) to go to school and to finish college. It’s funny how we are too excited to graduate, get a job, and earn on our own and then take back what we said and just wish that college was a lot longer.

I remember when I got accepted at my first job, I said to myself that I’ll be treating my parents, my brother and my sister out for dinner after getting my first paycheck. Of course I was not able to do that yesterday since I do not prefer going out on a weekday.

More deductions are expected from my net pay this time since it’s billing period once more and I have to pay my cellphone bill. And by the way, I have good news. Let’s say goodbye to bandwidth exceeded errors. I upgraded my account! Woohoo! Hehe!

Asian Films

This should be posted a week ago since I watched two Korean movies for two straight nights. And the reason behind it was I ran out of bandwidth and therefore, I cannot publish it. Moving on, I was able to watch Windstruck and Crazy Love. Windstruck will instantly remind you of My Sassy Girl primarily because the sassy girl is in the movie. In Windstruck, you’ll still see the “sassyness” in her. Windstruck is also not your typical film where you would be readily know why the title is such by just hearing its title. Windstruck represents something, and you will not understand it unless you watched the film from start to end. Meanwhile, in Crazy Love, you’ll see a bit of “sassyness” in the character of the girl on the movie. However, as the movie progressed, you’ll notice how submissive she could get for the insensitive jerk that happened to be sensible at the end.

Speaking of Korean films, the next film on my to-look-for, to-buy and to-watch list is My Wife is a Gangster. In the BobongPinoy Mailing List, they were discussing about Korean films and suddenly, there was a topic on My Wife is a Gangster. I got curious because the title itself is very catchy. Upon hearing the title, it’s like Bonnie and Clyde Korean version but I think it’s not.

As for other Asian films, I’ll try to complete my collection of the films of Akira Kurosawa (known for Seven Samurai). I’ve seen a lot of DVD’s of his films at Makati Cinema Square and that’s where I was able to acquire a copy of Dreams. I only have two films of Akira Kurosawa and the other one is Yojimbo. When I was still studying at DLSU, a certain organization there had a Japanese filmfest where they showed some films of Akira Kurosawa. My interest in Japanese films started out of sheer curiosity when there was a discussion of Japanese films (in a certain Yahoo! Groups that I belong to) which was prior to the showing of Ringu in the Cinemanila Film Festival.