Bring Back the Childhood Memories

When we were still kids and when Mom was still around the house, she would usually bake macaroons. It has been my ultimate favorite ever since. And when my parents got separated, there were no macaroons that would remind us of the times when my parents were still together. She did not bake those macaroons for profit. In fact, Mom made it out of her love for us. And that would certainly describe how delicious the macaroons are.

Mom would use to bake the macaroons at an area in the kitchen where the water dispenser and the plastic cabinet is located (that’s the location of our gas range before). When my parents got separated, the gas range was not used and became a storage area of plastic bags. Later on, the gas range was disposed.

It’s funny how simple things would remind us of our most treasured memories. One time, a friend shared to me that she buys a book everytime there’s an important event, be it a good one or a bad one. And everytime she sees that particular book, she would always recall those memories vividly as if it is a part of a certain novel associated with it.

For me, I can associate any memory with anything, be it a movie, a song, a place, or a concrete object. For example, when I see doctors or any medical equipment, it would always remind me of the days when I was still playing Doctor-Doctoran with my neighbors and that really depicted of my dreams of becoming a doctor which would also remind me of my younger sister that has once dreamt of being a painter… of nails that is. And it would also remind me that when I reached second year High School, Biology became my least appreciated subject which made me dropped my plans of becoming a doctor.

How about you? What simple thing actually reminded you of something special?

Ronna McDonald

Sometimes, you would come across blogs that are interesting and noteworthy with just one click and that is not from the blog of your friend’s friend but from an e-mail. Meet Ronna McDonald, Ronald McDonald’s confidante. Hehe! She’ll be your instant stress reliever after a day’s work. It’s not like that you’re going to get a Happy Meal and take a free toy with you on your way home. It’s more of getting a Happy Meal that will not increase your cholesterol levels but a happy meal that would certainly make you smile.

In one of her entries, which was her entry last year, just right after Halloween, she was in the newspaper and the caption says it all and that is: Laugh ko To: Ronna McDonald. Hehe! And I just love the Ronna McDonald versus Shaider. Too bad I cannot see all the pictures, maybe it’s a bandwidth problem. I would really love to see the picture with a caption of Alex and the Droogs of A Clockwork Orange versus Miss McDonald. It is because that a year ago, I was able to see the picture of Alex and the Droogs at Greenbelt. However, Miss McDonald was not there. I’m just curious if they are the same people. Hehe!

You should check out her blog. It’s all worth it. Plus, you will really know that you’re really a McDonald’s lover if you will correctly identify which branch is she.

El Cajon

First and foremost, this is not a review of an old age Spanish Telenovela that would seem to have a story line of being kidnapped and was put inside a box and then throw it at the falls and still come out alive just like Anna Luna (the Darna in the making). My dad just bought a cajon. A cajon is a percussion instrument that look likes a box from afar. It is made of wood and it has strings inside. The cajon or the box has a hole like that of a guitar so that sound would not be contained inside of it.

He bought it because he was thinking that a cajon would also make a pretty good chair without the back support. The time when he brought up the idea to me, I was very much eager about it. Just imagine this, we could have a mini jamming sessions here at home. I’d rather go and play the guitar because I’m not a good percussionist although I know how a cajon is played.

I can produce a sound that would seem to come from a snare drum. I guess I still lack the feel of it.

I still have to practice playing that instrument. Hehe!

God Bless the Child

This image at the left is posted so that you won’t be confused if I will be talking about the movie God Bless the Child. This is the title of the album of Mishka Adams. And the reaction that I’m expecting from others who would be reading this is, “Who is Mishka Adams?” accompanied with a headscratch. When I first heard of her, I thought that she’s an International Jazz artist. In fact, she’s a half British and half Filipina. And she’s not a typical Jazz artist for that matter. Her music is like a mixture of jazz and world music. Beyond that, she has real talent. She does not only write songs and sing them, in fact, she plays the saxophone too. Aside from music, she’s also into photography.

When my mom first heard this album, she immediately asked my brother if she could borrow it. And I guess this is just one of the things that I have with Mom in common, and that is we both love jazz. I would remember how my mom would always tell me to stop the Windows Media Player since she would classify my playlist to her music category called noise (something with distorted guitars).

It’s good that we can both listen to something since sometimes, even though I don’t find it noisy, for her, it’s still noisy. So if you have a diverse taste in music and someone close to you cannot stand the decibels produced my distorted guitars, then you should buy this album.

This album is under Candid Records Philippines. It consists of 12 tracks where some of which are covers but with their own arrangement as well. Other artists who backep up for her in the album are: Noli Aurillo, Edgar Avenir and Sammy Asuncion (arranger and guitarist), Louie Talan (bass), Mike Guevarra (saxophone), Ria Villena-Osorio (keyboard), Brandy Aranilla (trumpet), Arnold Casinto (percussion), and Koko Bermejo & Fritz Barth (drums).

Good Earth

If you think that Good Earth will remind you of some bath and body shop, well, it’s not. And that was my first impression upon hearing it. Good Earth is actually a restaurant at Greenbelt 3. We had our dinner their yesterday since it was my Mom’s birthday yesterday. She was in Makati really early that when I got there I didn’t have the time to go around and buy her something. I think it’s a Chinese Restaurant because when I saw their menu, it gave me the impression that the owner has a penchant for century eggs. And I do not like the taste of century eggs. I just do not find it appetizing. It’s a good thing that they did not ordered one.

Mom asked us to order and I was having a hard time and I settled for ordering a seafood dish since it has been ages since I ate one. I ordered for Lobster Balls and my sister ordered Prawn Curry. The lobster balls taste really good especially the sauce. But if you are ever going to order that one, I suggest not to dip it on mustard. But then again, maybe it’s just me since I do not like mustard at all. But Prawn curry became everybody’s favorite. It was an instant hit. It’s like love at first bite. Hehe! They even ordered for another one. Also, try their ripe mango shake.

One more advice if you’ll be eating there, just make sure you have a big budget since the dishes there are some what expensive. It’s like eating at TGIF or Don Henrico’s. Thus, get ready with your credit card or a thousand bucks or more.

My first day

My first day at work was certainly fun and challenging at the same time. I arrived there really early which is actually better than arriving late. And it was quite embarassing that I even asked the guard how the time card is punched. And so, he did it for me and good thing there were no other employees except for the guards themselves. If other employees saw it, they would have easily concluded that I’m new in the corporate world which is also like spotting a freshmen at college (and it was hell easy to spot one). Even though I had my OJT for a year, there were no time cards involved. We would just write on a paper what time we arrived at the office and even had lunch breaks longer than one hour. And those were the days where the idea of a flexible time existed. In my job, there’s no such thing as a flexible time. Nevertheless, I love it and for my first day, I really learned a lot.

Not only that, I also made new friends there. We are the ultimate YB gang where all the girls in the group would have their Vitamin C sessions while the guys would just sit there with us and have a casual conversation. The YB gang was made official after our first Vitamin C session together and that was after we had our lunch at the cafeteria. At first, I thought that the food were overpriced until I was able to read the label “calories”. And that was my first time to encounter such since most would usually put the price on the other side.

Well, this is just the start of me being an official corporate slave wearing business attire and having an 8-hour work daily which could be extended if needed. I guess some of my friends could not picture me in a business attire since I’m the type that would usually go out in a ragged look. However, I look good with a business attire so I have no problems with that. Hehe!

I’m looking forward to another day’s work. Maybe because I have just started and maybe if the Hell Week comes I’d be wishing that I’m still studying. Hehe!


I didn’t know that there was the Bloggies and it is on its fifth year already. I’ve also learned that the Bloggie finalists would be able to join the Webby Awards for free! This means that they could save up to 195 dollars! What an amazing offer!

The categories for the 2005 Bloggies are the following:

  • Best Meme
  • Best Article or Essay About Weblogs
  • Best Web Application for Weblogs
  • Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog
  • Best Asian Weblog
  • Best African or Middle Eastern Weblog
  • Best European Weblog
  • Best British or Irish Weblog
  • Best Latin American Weblog
  • Best Canadian Weblog
  • Best American Weblog
  • Best Tagline of a Weblog
  • Best Photography of a Weblog
  • Best Non-Weblog Content of a Weblog Site
  • Best Food Weblog
  • Best Entertainment Weblog
  • Best Web Development Weblog
  • Best Computers or Technology Weblog
  • Best Topical Weblog
  • Best GLBT Weblog
  • Most Humorous Weblog
  • Best Writing of a Weblog
  • Best Group Weblog
  • Best Community Weblog
  • Best-Designed Weblog
  • Best-Kept-Secret Weblog
  • Best New Weblog
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Weblog of the Year

There are a lot of categories. I think that HaloScan Commenting System should win the Bloggies. Before, Blogger didn’t have a commenting system. Thus, we used other commenting systems. I am using YACCS since I started blogging. I was even thinking of shifting from Blogger to WordPress for some reason.

For the Best Asian Weblog, it’s unfortunate that there is no single Filipino in the finalists for that category. There’s an Indonesian, a Vietnamese, a Chinese, a Singaporean, and a Japanese.

In the Best American Weblogs category, the blog Tequila Mockingbird caught my attention. If you have heard of or you were even able to read the novel To Kill a Mockingbird (written by Harper Lee), you’ll know what I mean.

And I just love the category Best Tag line of a Weblog. My favorite among the finalists are Scaryduck: Not scary, not a duck. That particular tag line is indeed ironic which makes it catchy.

For the Best Humorous Weblog Category, I was able to check out Davezilla. His recent entry will definitely make you nuts so go check it out.

Let’s just wait for 2006 so that we could also join the the next Bloggies.

Longest Line Competition

I remembered last year that Close Up sponsored an event where they’d be breaking the record of the most number of couples kissing at the eve of Valentine’s Day. But they were not able to break the record. However, they were successful in getting the record for the World’s Largest Photo Mosaic. The billboard ad space that they’ve occupied must have cost them a whole lot. However, they’re really wise in coming up with a contest that they could use on their photo mosaic. Just imagine how much they have saved. Instead of paying all of them, they got the pictures for a lesser price since all they have to do is to have a raffle. And I must say, really wise for making it clear that the photos will become the properties of Unilever. We could actually do away with the photo mosaic. How about making a Guiness world record of the longest line made at a government office?

With that, the only cost of it would be the media coverage. This could probably awaken some government agencies to make their services more efficient and putting fixers out of business. Fixers make a lot, but they do not pay taxes. Apart from that, fixers have inside connections inside. For their business to prosper, they have to share their blessings. And yes, a generous share of their blessings goes to their respective connections. Fixers in LTO (Land Transportation Office) are very much rampant. But how come, they’re just lurking around, ready to take away the inconvenience in waiting at an almost infinite line.

When I was applying for my NBI clearance earlier, I haven’t had any offers from fixers. And I’m glad that they’re strict with it. However, there are a lot of things that should be improved.

And one more thing, I just can’t get why they transferred it to Carriedo Mall. A commercial property and a government bureau or agency? Now that’s a strange combination.

Professional Bum no more

After 3 months or so after I walked on the stage at PICC to get the paper rolled with a green ribbon, I finally have a job. Someone from the HR of the company that I have applied to called me last Friday around 2pm and that was after having my rounds at the Job Expo at DLSU, filling up application forms and attaching my resumes with it. However, it just occured to me that last Friday was gonna be my day. I just don’t know but I had this certain instinct that it was going to be my lucky day. And indeed she brought good news. I felt so fulfilled after months of applying, taking examinations, and interviews as well.

I called back this morning to take note of the requirements and she said that the contract signing will be tomorrow. On February 10, I’ll be starting on my job. Hehe!

When I knew that I’ll be starting this Thursday, I was not expecting that it was going to be that fast. After the contract signing, I’ll be an official member of the Corporate Slaves Association of the Philippines – Paranaque Chapter.

Also, do not expect that I’ll be posting here some work-related entries. Maybe I could post here about the new friends that I’ll be having in my work.

In case you’re interested on the nature of my job, it’s somewhat related to my course but it’s more of an IE-related work.

That’s all for now, have to complete my requirements. Hehe!

February does not only remind me of Valentine’s

Even before February started, almost everyone I knew would talk about Valentine’s day and how they would want to spend it with their significant others. Also, others would rant that they’re loveless for the nth time on Valentine’s day such that some were on a searching spree for a possible date even if it’s only just on the 14th. It’s like that they feel that they are sore losers especially that February is usually coined as the Lovers’ month. In fact, candle-lit dinners, a bouquet of flowers, stuffed toys, and the like are not the only ones associated with February. In fact, there’s more to look forward to in this month especially for Music lovers, whether you’re a UP student/alumni or not. Drum roll please… THE UP FAIR!!!

I’ve gone to two UP fairs already. The first one was in 2003 and the second one was in 2004. It was such a great experience. Imagine, soundtripping at Sunken Garden while eating isaw is the one thing that you will never experience inside a bar. The only thing that I love about going gigs to bars is that it’s more intimate since the crowd is small compared to big events.

UP Fair is not limited to UP students or alumni. It is open for all but not for the potential gatecrashers that are not willing to pay for the entrance fee. I just hope that for this year’s UP Fair that the horrible thing that happened last year which was held last last February 13 won’t happen again. The creepy thing about it was that it happened on Friday the 13th and that was a Heavy Metal night. It was a good thing that I was not there because I was also planning to go on that night.

Also, February reminds me of my Mom’s birthday and that is this coming Friday already. It also reminds me of one thing, SHOPPING! Of course, I want to make my mother feel special on her birthday and a simple gift would make her feel great on that day. Thus, February 11 is already reserved for Mom and I won’t be going out on that day except with Mom and my siblings.

Another thing that would remind me for this month is The Festival of the Twins which is held every February 21. Last year, my nephews participated in this event. I was able to find out about it when our helper saw them on TV Patrol. Too bad I was not able to saw them on TV. Hehe! I’m not sure if they will be participating this year.

So you still think February is only for lovers? NOT!