Woohoo!!! It’s Accepted!!!

January 21 was the day of anticipation since they will be sending the notification of acceptance (it means that if the paper is accepted or not to be part of the 7th Science and Technology Congress). However, when I checked my mail the next day (Saturday), I did not get any e-mail. In fact, when I got online after watching 5 episodes of Season 5 of Friends, I was already thinking of sending an e-mail to the Science and Technology Congress Secretariat. When I was doing the new layout for my Dad’s company website, and after that, I checked my mail again if there’s something new. And certainly, that one new message in my Gmail inbox is certainly the one that I’ve been anticipating for. The only thing is, I didn’t expect one thing coming.

I clearly stated in the entry form that we will just be joining the poster competition. However, I was surprised to find out that we will also be in the oral competition. It’s not that I don’t want to be in the oral competition. The bottomline is, there will be a lot of preparations than what I have expected.

Oh well, there’s a lot of time before March 2. Hehe! I just have to focus on the manuscript for the mean time. Hehe!

A Day in the Province

We went to Siniloan, Laguna for a Welcome Party organized by Lola Pining. The welcome party is for Tito Bart and Tita Yolly. They’re now living in Los Angeles, California and they are just having a vacation here. Since we had a drinking session last night with my brother and some of his teammates in basketball, we woke up late. I was able to wake up at 9am, but all my brother and sister is still asleep. Thus, I slept again and woke up an hour later. We left the house at past 11am and went to Paco to fetch Justin and Lance. My brother haven’t had breakfast yet and so, we bought something from Pan de Manila. He bought some macaroons (one of our favorites since Mom used to cook this one for us when we were kids) and pandesal (duh!). Instead of taking the Los Banos route, we opted to take the Rizal route since it’s a lot nearer in Siniloan and less traffic of course.

My brother played his Chillout Lounge CD and Justin and Lance sang. Haha! They were making weird sounds and they were also laughing which made us laugh too. Then, Justin slept while Lance just sat in the middle and looked around. After some time, Lance puked. And if Lance puked on our way to Siniloan, Justin puked on our way home while Lance was sleeping.

I guess both of them should have a plastic bag where they could vomit so that they won’t have to mess up the mat of the car. Or, both of them should be sleeping especially if we’ll be going outside Metro Manila in order to avoid unexpected stopovers.

Band Names

Me and some of my friends were hanging out at Starbucks Taft. We were playing mind games, and having our usual laugh trips after I reminded them of some establishment near Angelo King which will remind you of Princess Sarah, a Tagalized cartoon series at ABS-CBN some time ago. But it’s name is not Princess Sarah. It’s name is Emeng Guard and Ermenguard (a character from Princess Sarah) would suddenly pop out on your mind. Out of nowhere, Paul suddenly thought of Band names as our topic.

Here are the band names that we have thought of:

  • Rubber Band
  • Coupon Band
  • Mighty Band
  • James Band
  • Band of Brothers
  • Short Band
  • Long Band
  • Bandolph
  • Tutuband
  • Caraband
  • Cowabanda
  • Banding
  • Band Boys
  • Band Helsing
  • Band Halen
  • Ray-Band
  • Band Jovi
  • Band Voyage
  • Big Band Theory
  • Bandesal
  • Frying Band
  • Jaband
  • Bandladesh
  • Albanda
  • Laos (the name of the band that will surely be remembered and will gain success more than the Beatles did)
  • Banderitas (as suggested by Watson)
  • Bandecoco (thought of it suddenly)
  • Bandalism (as suggested by Tam)
  • Bandarito (as suggested by Doms)
  • Bandaroon (as suggested by Doms)
  • Bandurian (as suggested by Doms)
  • Shebands (as suggested by Doms)

Hehe! Any other ideas or suggestions?

Bon Voyage to my Gig Buddy

Thanks to Eych for the photo!

The tall guy in the middle is one of my gig buddies. He just left yesterday for the Middle East. We will surely miss him.

AJ, who is known by the handle of Buttlestarscralatchtica (originated from an Incubus song), is one of my closest friends at Grabeh.Com‘s messageboards. He is certainly a good friend. I didn’t have an idea that the last time that we would go out is when we went to Xaymaca to watch Brownman Revival.

If I would give him a nickname other than AJ Yatot, he would be Mr. Spontaneous. It is because that usually, we really do not plan that we will be going to a gig on a certain day. Sometimes he would just text me and ask if I’ll be going to a gig. And there you go, AJ will also be on that gig with some friends too. Hehe! And the time when we had a drinking session at home. It was also unplanned.

AJ will surely be missed.


I’ve been really sick for some time. Right now, I’m just recovering from a slight fever. When I told some of my friends about it, they said, “Meningococcemia?” Geesh! They just have the Meningoparanoia. For them not to have the Meningoparanoia, thinking that all they know who has fever, they should visit DOH’s Primer on Meningococcemia. I also learned from one of my friends that I haven’t talked to a while that she was hospitalized. She said she had a fever, and some rashes and blurted out that, “but it’s not meningo”. And maybe she thought I was one of those who have the Meningoparanoia.

Before, there was the SARS scare, the bird flu, etc. And now, here’s Meningoparanoia and Meningococcemia. Meningoparanoia are the ones who would suddenly blurt out, “Meningo?” if they were told that their friend has a flu or even just a slight fever.

I’ve become unproductive because of the fever that I’ve had. The only progress that I made is that I was able the whole disc 2 of Friends Season 3. And it brought me closer to the race since my brother stopped at Season 5 because there’s no Season 6, 7, 8, and 9 yet. But we already have the Season 10.

I hope I can do something more today other than watching TV.

Going Back to Playstation 1 Madness

Sony Playstation 1 still rocks! I tried playing a game where you ride on a skateboard and do the stunts but then, I suck at it. I cannot even finish the first stage. And so, I asked if they have Tekken 3 which includes in the list of my favorite fighting games. I felt like I was transported back in time when I was so much into Playstation such that I even bought some magazines featuring certain Playstation games that I like. Of course, the magazines have cheats and tips. I remember before when I was so much into Mortal Kombat, I researched all the fatality moves, and the friendship moves (these are the special moves that one makes just before the opponent dies). As for Street Fighter, I also did some researching on their special moves.

What’s best about Tekken 3 is that there are characters there that you are about to unlock. I find the game exciting and challenging as well. Of all the characters, Heihachi is the hardest to beat which is everyone’s opponent for Stage 9 if you’re in the Arcade Mode. The last opponent, Ogre, is not much of a problem. Just recently, we were able to unlock Anna, Julia, Bryan, Gun Jack, Mokujin, and Kuma (also called Panda). We were able to do it in one sitting. Hehe.

There’s also a game mode (is it Street mode?) where you have to face generic opponents (like Falcon, Crow, etc.) and then if you were able to get a chicken, your health increases. Finally, when you have killed all the generic opponents, you will have to defeat the boss for that stage (could be any character from this game) so that you could proceed to the next. There are four stages in this game mode. I’m not sure what will be the prize for you if ever you have completed it.

Right now, I am not much of an electronic gamer unlike before. But, it is still nice to go back to the electronic gaming madness if you just want to feel like a kid again.

7th Science and Technology Congress

The 7th Science and Technology Congress of De La Salle University will be held at March 2, 2005. The theme for this year’s congress is “Towards National Recovery through Science, Computing, Engineering and Education”. The participating colleges are: College of Computer Studies, College of Education, College of Engineering and College of Science.

A few months ago, our thesis coordinator invited all the thesis groups of our batch to join the said congress. And so, I thought that we should give it a shot. I informed our thesis adviser about it and consulted him if we should consider it for oral competing or for poster presentation. Of course I was not thinking about choosing the third choice which is oral non-competing. Opportunities like this one are once in a blue moon. And to become a part of the congress is already a recognition of the fruits of our hard work during our undergraduate years.

We chose the poster presentation instead of the oral competing since graphic images could tell a lot and is also easy to understand. And in our undergraduate thesis, the jargons used would definitely double the difficulty of understanding the paper unless you have a background on our particular topic.

We are really not after for getting the best so and so but for our study to be published in a special issue of the Journal of Science and Engineering.

Friends Season 2

Yesterday, I was having my usual FRIENDS Marathon. I cannot believe that I was able to finish 13 episodes yesterday. Just imagine this, I finished the 2 episodes while I was having my lunch which happened to be my breakfast since it was my first meal of the day and the other 3 episodes in the afternoon. When my sister used the computer, I watched the eight episodes and after that, “Whoa! I’m done with Season 2!”

Now, let’s have a recap!

At the start of Season 2, Rachelle found out that Ross was in love with her and while she was waiting for him, she did not know that he met a girl at China. When Ross came back, she was surprised to see that Ross had a new girlfriend. Thus, that was the start of a love triangle.

After some time, Ross broke up with Julie and he was already inches close to have Rachelle as his girlfriend until Rachelle discovered the Cons list that Chandler suggested. Then, Rachelle started dating other guys and one of them looks like Ross. It’s like Ross with a longer hair and with no gel.

Then, when they were watching a VHS tape of Rachelle’s and Monica’s High School Prom, the whole gang found out that Ross was to the rescue by saving her from not having a partner to the prom night but then, her date arrived shortly when Ross was on his way downstairs.

This is also the season where Joey had an acting break at the Days of Our Lives. He was Doctor Drake Ramoray in the show. He had a psychotic stalker who actually believed that he is Doctor Drake Ramoray. Apparently, the girl loves to live in a reel world. Also, he moved out and stayed at a bigger apartment unit. Because of that, Chandler got a new room-mate who happened to be a psychotic too. Then, Joey got back at the apartment after his character was killed.

As for Chandler, he was chatting with a girl on the net and met up with her even though she’s married and has a kid already. And surprise surprise, the girl is Janice. Who could forget her Oh (pause) My (pause) God line and her annoying laughter?

As for Phoebe, she discovered that her father is not the one from the picture frame. She also met her half brother. In addition to that, she was able to make a recording deal of Smelly Cat plus a music video of it too. She has also a new set of fans ranging from the age of 4 to 7 years old.

As for Monica, she had a boyfriend. And also, she got fired from her work. Her boyfriend is actually her eye doctor which happen to be their family friend and is 20 years older than her.

That’s it for now. What did I miss?

Going to Hospitals Reminds Me of Horror Movies

I went to the hospital yesterday to visit my friend who was going to have her appendix removed. When I got inside UDMC (United Doctors Medical Center) which is located at Welcome Rotonda, I was reminded of some horror movies where one of their locations include the hospital. And so, I have had some creepy images in my mind other than the images of doctor saving lives, or another baby has been added to the large Filipino population.

One movie that came to my mind was Tiyanak. Of course who would not have known that film of a cute baby and then before you knew it the baby is transformed into a horrific creature ready to devour your intestines. Tiyanak is like Rugrats, the horror version. There was a scene in this movie where the tiyanak is in the nursery along with the other babies that does not do a Dr. Jeckyll to Mr. Hyde stint.

Another movie is one of those zombie movies where the dead bodies in a morgue suddenly stands up and walks and even if they are not talking you could just imagine them saying,

“Run for your lives! I’m gonna take you to death bed with me!”

In addition to that, there’s also one of those creepy alien stuff where someoen is being operated then suddenly, one of the internal organs would just take the doctor’s life by strangling him to death or some gory stuff that words are not enough to describe them vividly in order to produce the screams having a decibel count that has the ability to shatter a glass.

And if you’re too paranoid, and has been psychologically affected of horror movies in a hospital setting, then you should really take care of your health.

Sun Cellular

Some of my friends have switched to Sun Cellular because of their 24/7 call and text unlimited service. And also, some of my friends are maintaining two mobile phones just in case the network of Sun Cellular gets cranky. I’ve been subscribed to Sun Cellular’s Plan 1000 for sometime. It used to have free SMS amounting to 700 pesos. When I got my bill last month, the free SMS reduced to 400 pesos which sucked big time since my bill before that does not reach beyond 1000 pesos.

What I do not like about this whole changing fiasco thing is that they did not even bother to notify us as their subscribers. A letter would be highly appreciated but then, I still hate the changes made.

I have a friend who subscribed at Smart where she only has to pay 500 bucks for the unlimited text and yet, there was no change. The time that she was subscribed to Smart was the time when the SMS era was just starting.

Now, there’s Sun Cellular who chose to sacrifice their subscribers in order to give way to the 24/7 call and text service and even without a notification letter for that matter.

I believe that they should not have changed it when the subscribers enrolled for their particular post-paid plan way before the 24/7 call and text mania. They should have made these changes for subscribers who enrolled when the 24/7 call and text era started. Or, what they could do is instead of charging the subscribers an additional of 250 bucks in order to acquire the 24/7 call and text unlimited, they should have given it for free with the 400 bucks worth of free SMS.