Christmas in the City

Christmas Display at PSE Makati

Now, I can say that I could already feel the Christmas Season. Just last night, my father setup the Christmas Tree. It’s a one of a kind Christmas tree because it uses fiber optic technology which saves you time from putting around some Christmas lights. What’s best about that Christmas tree is that the color at each end of the fiber changes.

Also, when I went at Philippine Stock Exchange in Makati to meet up with my friend. While waiting for her, I saw the wonderful Christmas display which is even better than the Christmas decor outside Rustan’s. And it’s a good subject for photography I tell you. Imagine, capturing the display and its reflection on the water with your camera would be like creating your own postcard that could be sent to your relatives abroad.

Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar at World Trade Center

My father and I were supposed to go to the International Bazaar where you could buy a one year supply of Spam and chocolates that could boost up your sugar levels. By the time we got at PICC, we asked the guard if it’s the venue of the International Bazaar. The guard said yes and told my father to park at Gate 3. I just stayed in front of the PICC entrance which brought some memories of my Graduation day that was held a month ago. This also reminded me that I am a bum for a month, running errands for my Mom, my brother, helping my sister with her reaction papers, updating the website of my Dad, and the list goes on. Then, Dad came back again, went out of the car and talked to the guard. He said that he was told by the guard from Gate 3 that only Exhibitors are allowed inside and Guests will only be allowed to go in on November 30. And this is quite confusing because I received an e-mail from one of the exhibitors of the International Bazaar saying that the date of the said event is November 29. So, we decided to go to the Christmas Bazaar instead which is held at the World Trade Center.

As we walked inside, Dad told me that it’s gonna be the last Christmas that he will be giving me some cash so that I could buy something for myself and buy some gifts as well. I bought my nephews a Spider-man action figure which would constanly remind me of BatJay’s blog, Where in the World is Spider-man. And another dinosaur toy where you put batteries inside and press some button so that it could walk and terrify my nephews. Its box reminded me of the hit dinosaur movie Jurassic Park.

Also, there were lots of Spongebob stuff there, boxers, keychains, stuffed toys, etc. What caught my attention in the bazaar are the Mr. Bean items. I saw his ever huggable teddy bear. I was tempted to buy one but that’s not my priority.

After roaming around the bazaar grounds for hours, we went to SM Bicutan to have some pictures developed and Dad was going to continue his shopping there. When I was waiting for my Dad just in front of the grocery, I bumped into my former high school teacher Ms. Macaranas. She was our Math teacher and one of our advisers in our organization.

When we got home, my sister ransacked the goodies and she was looking for the shirts that I bought for her. I guess she wants to save Mother Earth by not letting me wrap her gift with a gift wrapper.

It’s a good thing that I’m done with my shopping already. All I need to do is to wrap them up and place it under the Christmas tree and to hide the presents from the sight of my nephews.

AXN Event and Assumption Fair

I met my friend Lee just outside Glorietta 3. She texted me that they will be playing there. I didn’t know that there will be an AXN event. I was able to catch Agaw Agimat. QT has a way of getting the crowd to interact. She went down the stage and walked barefoot on the asphalt road towards a group of teenage guys. Then, she went back to the stage. Then, The Mongols performed. I should have brought The Mongols album with me so that I could have it signed from them. Afterwards, Mayonnaise performed. They played a new song which is the second on their playlist. It’s called Panaginip. After that, we went to Tower Records to see if there is already a copy of their album.

Finally, I was able to get my copy of Mayonnaise at Tower Records. I was looking for it yesterday there because Lee texted me that it’s gonna be out on all record bars. However, they were not able to put some CDs there. So, I opted buying Kitchie Nadal’s album at Music1 because I only saw one copy there and I think I haven’t seen one at Tower Records.

Afterwards, we went to Assumption College. They played at the High School fair. At the Assumption school grounds, I saw Louie Talan. He played bass for Kapatid. By the time we went inside the gym, Dicta License was already on their last song. Just before Mayonnaise performed, I saw Tiff who formerly books gigs at Millenia (it’s closed if you still don’t know). She was selling Radioactive Sago Project CDs and asked me to buy one. However, I don’t have enough money left to buy another CD so I told her that I would just buy a pin from her. So, if you do not have any copies of Radioactive Sago Project yet, just buy your copies from Tiff. And don’t forget to buy pins from her. The pins cost 20 bucks each.

Dad’s Post-Birthday Celebration

On our way to Dish

We celebrated Dad’s birthday last night at Dish which is located within the ABS-CBN compound. It was Retro Night and The Flintstones played there. The other guitarist dressed up like Carlos Santana while the other vocalist reminded me of the midget from the movie Austin Powers, but, he’s a taller version. I ordered Beef Salpicao with garlic rice which totally ruined my diet. My brother ordered an Ebi Tempura and my sister ordered Bulalo Steak. Since my digestive system is already sick of iced tea, I ordered a Banana shake instead which added another disaster to my diet. Apparently, I have been doing my best to try the South Beach Diet but occasions like birthdays prevent me from religiously following it.

After dinner, we had beer. Of course, we’re in a restaurant-bar and my stay would not be complete without a bottle of San Miguel Strong Ice. My brother offered me a beer and I was not able to resist the offer because it’s seldom that he would offer me a drink.

IO Videoke Bar, Deja Vu: Knowledge Channel logo

Perfect combination: A device for producing a sore throat (commonly known as the microphone) and Ginger Tea

Then, when Dad and my other relatives (the oldies) started dancing, we decided to go to IO (a videoke bar) which is located in front of Dish. My cousin Nina ordered for a Salabat Tea. The three of us (my sister, Nina, and me) drank it like we were having a ginpom drinking session. We never got to finish all the songs. In the middle of each song, my brother would press the Stop button so that we could start with the next one.

My cousin and her inspiration in singing I will Survive

The repertoire of songs that my brother chose were obscure from reason. Imagine, including a Backstreet Boys song and even Ice Ice Baby (by Vanilla Ice) at your list. I guess it’s just one of those days when my brother was really stressed from work and to release that stress–he must do something really humorous.

After one-hour of murdering the songs of various artists such as Semisonic, Maroon 5, Menudo and the like, we went back to Dish and after a few minutes we went home.

All the Songs and other stuff

I stumbled at the blog of Bels and she posted a song that they composed years back. Before, I used to write songs. I even recorded some of it at my PC in my unusually cheesy moments. I am not an expert when it comes to music. When I compose, it’s either I come up with the lyrics first (usually when I feel the urge to express it on writing) and then I just add the melody.

Right now, I do not have the inspiration to write songs. I cannot even hold my guitar for an hour. I would just usually, play a few tunes and that’s it. I was not even experimenting some chord patterns the way I used to. Maybe I am in one of those stages where I am confused on where will I go to. The perfect example would be my career path. My mother tells me to help in her business, but that’s not my cup of tea (or coffee). The only thing that I know about my definitive career path is not to jump in the call center bandwagon. I hope this would not offend to those who are working in the call centers. It’s just that it’s not for me. Answering calls (for 8 hours that is), and living a vampire lifestyle is not for me.

For the past few days, I was thinking up of putting a business. Well, not a big one. Just to earn a little cash before Christmas. I was talking to my auntie and told her about it. Then, she told mom and mom said that she could lend me a capital. I have a lot of ideas in mind and I have problems in choosing which.

In addition, I’d also like to study again. But I do not want to be a full-time student. I was thinking of taking a crash course on web programming.

Argh! I guess I have to make a song about this one…

Where to find Imago’s 2nd album

I was checking my e-mail and found out some interesting announcements from the Imago mailing list. The album is available at the following establishments:

Sarabia UP Diliman
Guerilla Wear Metro East
I LOVE YOU store 2nd floor Saguijo bar, Guijo st. Makati
3/F bar and lounge in Katipunan on top of BITE CLUB

The CD costs 250 bucks each. The album Take 2 is also available at their gigs. Imago shirts are also available at their gigs for 200 bucks.

As for the upcoming NU107 Rock Awards, Imago will not be playing there.

To those who are looking for Imago’s first album entitled, Probably Not But Most Definitely, just check out the record bars if they still have copies. But I doubt it that they still have copies because a lot of people that I know was not successful in finding the first album.

Bad Mood Levels Up

I only had 3 and a half hours of sleep and I was not feeling very well when I got out of bed. I woke up at around 8am because my brother had to use the computer. Then, I slept again. After another 30 minutes, the phone rang and I heard Ate Jasmin’s voice and said that it’s my mom. As expected, she mistook (for the nth time) Lanie’s voice for Mom’s. She said that the driver will pick me up there. And so, I walked around with so much effort, dragging myself around the house because I have this yearning to sleep even if it is just for 15 minutes. But as I have experienced before, I should not sleep again for I may wake up one hour later unless Ate Jasmin would wake me up. And so, I ate breakfast and ate some sweets to keep myself awake. Then, I went online for a while since it has been a routine from the time that I have been bumming around the house. And mind you, it has been a month and a half after my graduation. Afterwards, I met up with my cousin and went to Taft to pick up the video cam and it totally pissed me off because I was told the last minute that I have to pick up the video cam because there will be another set of nurses to be interviewed. When we arrived there, it turned out that the shop was closed for a lunch break and it sucked big time because we have to wait for an hour or so. We just then decided to go to the office and have our lunch there and also for the sole purpose of killing some time. Upon arriving there, we ordered our lunch and I said that I will be ordering a Tapsilog and my cousin will be ordering a Tosilog. After feeling that time is already running out and it is already 15 minutes before 1pm, my cousin and I decided to go back to Taft Avenue in order to get the camera. I felt so relieved as I took the camera with me because I might screw up the scheduled interview even if it is not really my fault.

We went back to the office and now, the problem is that there is still one camera lacking. The other employees said that they borrowed a video cam and it was waiting to be delivered. While waiting for the other video cam to be delivered, we were just eating at the pantry. And it sucks because they thought that we ordered for two tosilog’s and since I don’t have a choice, I ate it instead. It’s not that I don’t like to eat tocino. It’s because that I already had my sufficient pork intake yesterday and thought that I should order something beefy. My bad mood levels have terribly increased at that point.

After lunch, my cousin took a video at the other room and me at the room adjacent to it. And there was another increase in my bad mood level since there was no tripod and it was like that I was carrying a dumbell for around 30 minutes with approximately 10 to 15 second breaks. Shooting with a video cam is certainly interesting but shooting it for more than ten times is already hell. It’s as if you’re watching replays of interviews at BBC having 10 to 15 seconds gap. And as expected, another increase in my bad mood level. I was not smiling anymore and it is unusual for me not to smile unless I am in a bad mood.

After the set of interviews, me and my cousin went back to Taft Avenue so that we could have it transferred to VCD format. Then, I just decided to have it edited on Thursday since I just do not want the clips to be simply dumped in a VCD or two. I believe that the blooper clips and the other unnecessary clips such as standing up must be removed. Even though, I know how to edit videos, it simply makes the job faster. Because if I have it transferred to a VCD today, I will get the CD’s on Thursday. And I will start editing it on Thursday if ever. If I’ll have it edited on Thursday, it will be done on the same day and I guess it will be much faster because they are experts in video editing unlike me because I’m just a novice and I still have to learn about Adobe Premiere.

Sigh, I wish I could go home right now and take a little nap to lower down my bad mood levels.

KROQ Acoustic

My friend Ron will be going to the KROQ Acoustic. And the line-up consists of: Chevelle, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Hoobastank, Incubus, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Social Distortion, Sum 41, The Used, and Velvet Revolver. It’s one hell of a line-up but then, his in the USA and I’m in the Philippines. In my entire life, I haven’t seen a foreign act yet. I’m so curious about how they are like performing live because it is indeed different if you are just going to listen to your audio CD or downloaded MP3. Anyway, KROQ Acoustic is a Christmas special which is something like to NU107’s Alternativity. But, I am not sure if they do this for the benefit of so and so and for entertainment purposes as well. I asked him to take pictures so that I could have a glimpse of the event.

If ever we will be going to the US next year for a vacation, I must watch one gig there. Hehe! Even if it’s not a big event. I just wish that we will go the state where Ron lives so that I could get free tickets. Hehehe!

Dad’s Birthday

Tomorrow, Dad will be turning 56. He’s going to celebrate it with some relatives and friends at Siniloan, Laguna. We, his children will not be there. However, we will be celebrating it on Thursday, at Dish which is near ABS-CBN. He usually goes there with his officemates. I asked him who will play there on Thursday. He said that The Flintstones will play there. Hmmm… I expect that they will look like Fred Flintstone. And I guess they will be playing some stone age music.

I remember the last time when I told him to watch a gig with me at 70’s Bistro. Imago and Cambio were performing that night. I even introduced my Dad to the band members of Imago. And everytime I will be going out, he would ask me if I would watch Imago play. I also remember the last time he texted me that he was in UP Diliman. He was at the Rock EnRoll event. I was not there because it was my friend’s birthday. My Dad even bought a Che Guevarra shirt. I was happy for that because it is seldom that parents would also like the music that their children listen to. However, my mother does not like the music that I listen to. She calls it noise even if it sounds melodic to me. She likes listening to Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble. The last time we went to Podium, she bought a Michael Buble audio CD. The only music that unites us (me and my Mom) is reggae. Tita Raquel burned for her a CD with some Bob Marley songs and other reggae classics.

I still do not have a gift for my Dad. I guess I will do a tumbler art. Something for his Starbucks tumbler. I’ll put some pictures of The Beatles there, which is his favorite band by the way. Well, I guess most people likes The Beatles. I would also put some pictures of my nephews and of course our (me and my siblings) pictures. Hmmm… what do you think?

Investment Clothing

Welcome to the corporate world, before you enter, ready your investment clothing that has a price range of 5,000 pesos to 40,000 pesos per wardrobe. And remember, 40,000 pesos because you’re going to wear a pair Ferragamo boots which costs 35,000 pesos. Oh, and don’t forget your make-up as well. Yes, that is the corporate world for you. When you apply for a job, even if you’re just going to take an exam, it is important to wear your precious wardrobe and show off to your “future employers” that you are a corporate material. If your jokes click with them, you have higher chances of getting into the job. However, if you do not wear your wardrobe such that you would look like the boss of the interviewer, you might not be able to go where you want to. And that is investment clothing for you. But sometimes, when the prices are already too much, then it would not be proper to be called as investment. Rather, it is luxury. Take this for example, you need a pair of shoes. But, does it have to be a Ferragamo? I guess not. It could be another pair of shoes that also looks nice but costs less than a shoes that is much more expensive than a cellphone.