Imago’s Take 2

I dropped by at Imago’s Album Launch yesterday so that I could purchase the CD that I have been absolutely waiting for. I arrived early at Freedom Bar, around 7:30pm. At that time, they were already having a soundcheck because it’s not just an ordinary gig for them, it’s their album launch. After some time, I was able to buy a copy of the CD. It’s worth PhP 250 with a free poster. Also, I was surprised to see my name at the credits section. Hehe!

Front Sleeve of Imago’s album Take 2

By the way, I just discovered that the new title of Untitled is Akap and not Bangkang Papel. The tracks included in the album are:

1. Freefall
2. Phoenix
3. Akap
4. Bihag
5. Taning
6. Anino
7. Reset
8. Gratitude
9. One Way
10. Soft Return
11. Rush
12. Roasted Anino Mix (Wolfmann)
13. (P)reset (Squid9)
14. Taning/Mahal kong Kalaguyo (Morse)
15. Taning/Ipagpatuloy ang Kasalanan (Morse)

A closer look at the CD itself

The album art has a nice concept. Imagine, a shooting having a take 2 shot which is very much appropriate because it is their second album. Also, the layout and the photography are nicely done. With that, I commend Tim Cacho for the design and layout and Aldwin Aspillera for the photography.

As for the music quality, the tracks are nicely recorded and mixed. The album was recorded at Track Studios. The mastering was done by Zach Lucero himself. He also mastered the album of the Goth band, The Late Isabel.

NU’s In the Raw, In the Flesh

I was checking my e-mail and I saw an interesting gig that you might want to go to. It’s NU 107’s In the Raw, In the Flesh. This will be held on October 29 (this coming Friday) at City Jam, Katipunan. The bands that will be playing there are:

The Brew
Kinky Hooters
Plane Divides The Sky
and Mayonnaise

Show starts @ 9 PM.

By the way, Mayonnaise’s teaser single, “The Only Thing” is included in the playlists of different radio stations such as 103.5 K-Lite, NU 107.5, 99.5 RT, and 97.1 LSFM. Their debut album will be available by November hopefully. Also, they already have a mailing list to keep you updated of their gig schedules and the likes.

Imago Album Launch, etc.

The Imago Album Launch will be held tomorrow at Freedom Bar. Other bands that will play tomorrow night are Typecast and Twisted Halo. But if you’re not free tomorrow night, there are still other gigs that you can go too so that you could buy their album, Take 2!

Take 2! includes the hit single Taning and also my ever favorite Bangkang Papel (formerly known as Untitled). I guess I can’t go at the album launch. I ‘ll just be waiting for other gig schedules.


Last night, I watched MTV Lokal. Silent Sanctuary was featured there. It was the first time that I was able to watch them with their new vocalist. Also, the gig at National Sports Grille was also featured there. The purpose of that gig was to promote anti-piracy.

Of Costumes and Christmas decors

Halloween parties are celebrated as early as last week. Last Saturday, I saw some people in their costumes. Some looked like cowboys. Some dressed up as superheroes such as Robin and Superman. Also, someone even dressed up like Neo of The Matrix. Also, just this afternoon, my nephews were playing with the mask that looked like a Mulawin. They were scaring each other.

Also, since it is a BER month and October is finally approaching to its end, Christmas spirit is already felt. Last night, I saw a Christmas tree already setup at New York Cafe at Malate. I even saw Christmas lights on our way there. Christmas songs were already played at SM Malls as early as September which is the first ber month.

It’s a good thing that nobody has started the usual house-to-house Christmas carols because it would be way too early for them to start. I guess they could start after November 1 and 2.

A Friday Morning Interview

Since my brother have his car fixed, I have to drop him at his office. But then, unexpected things happen, like a traffic jam at Dela Rosa Street in Makati. Who would want to be stuck in traffic at 8 yadda yadda in the morning when my interview is at 9am? Of course I do not want to be late because it is a job interview. And as they say, “First impressions last”. Then, since I do not know much of Makati sidestreets, I went back to Dela Rosa after dropping my btother at his office.

When we were in Buendia, there was also another traffic and there were only five minutes left before 9am. Then kaboom! It was 9am when the green light turned on. Then, as we approached Guadalupe, the the cars were already slowly moving. By the time we reached the Ortigas area, the cars were already running fast which was a good sign. We arrived at the office at 930am. I can’t believe that I was late for thirty minutes. Geesh!

As I got there, I was asked to answer an essay and fill up the application form. Then, I was interviewed by the HR. At least I got to answer all of her questions pretty well including the most abused question, “Would you tell me something about yourself?”. And guess where’s the next interview? Drumroll please… at Malolos, Bulacan. Wow. That’s way far from the south. Sigh.


I spent my whole afternoon driving from Adriatico, Manila to Susana Heights then back to Paranaque. The car that I was driving is an automatic so the clutch part is away from the scene which was actually good because it would make me more even tired. However, the bad part is that the right leg has is the only one being exercised so to speak. My left leg was just there, bumming around.

Off-the-record, that’s the longest time that I’ve been driving and the farthest as well.

Anyhow, I still suck at parking, most especially at parallel parking.

Super Size Me

I didn’t know that this particular documentary was shown at Rockwell for a few days. I got this information from Marvin’s blog. I already heard of this documentary ages ago. This documentary reminded me of my thesismate. When we were in our third year college, McDonald’s had a promo where Quarter pounders were available for a cheaper price. Then, he abused the promo by eating two quarter pounders a day. That routine continued until he got hospitalized for having gall stones. Then, he was given medication first before undergoing an operation. The side effect of the medication is that your skin will not be of natural color anymore. Your skin will turn into color yellow. After a series of medications and observations, the doctors suggested that he should be operated instead.

After that kind of experience, my thesismate started to eat something healthy and he became overly conscious of what he’s eating. In the movie Super Size Me, the director subjected himself to eat at McDonald’s for 30 days and have himself checked up for changes in his cholesterol level and such. However, Super Size Me is not just all about McDonald’s. It is all about the fastfood chains and its effects to our health if we would only be eating fastfood for the rest of our lifetime.

Software Patents?

When I was reading Prem’s blog, I was able to read one of his entries about the Online Petition Against Software Patents in the Philippines. Let me quote an excerpt from the paper of James Bassen and Eric Maskin entitled, Sequential Innovation, Patents and Imitation.

“How could such industries as software, semiconductors, and computers have been so innovative despite historically weak patent protection? We argue that if innovation is both sequential and complementary‚Äîas it certainly has been in those industries‚Äîcompetition can increase firms‚Äô future profits thus offsetting short-term dissipation of rents. A simple model also shows that in such a dynamic industry, patent protection may reduce overall innovation and social welfare. The natural experiment that occurred when patent protection was extended to software in the 1980’s provides a test of this model.”

This only shows that patents will just hinder the growth of the software industry which would not help the economy at all. I remember when we used Intel’s Open Source Computer Vision Library for our thesis. What if Software Patents were mandated by law when we were having our thesis? Then, I guess we would not be able to graduate or we could graduate and in the end, we will suffer the consequences.

Pulutan Ideas

Last night we had a drinking session at home, but the drinking session would seem incomplete without the traditional pulutan. For our pulutan, we had Century Tuna Hot and Spicy mixed with Skyflakes. We mixed two cans of Century Tuna Hot and Spicy with 10 to 15 pieces of Skyflakes.

Other pulutan ideas would be the Ultimate De Lata Mix where its ingredients are Vienna Sausages, Luncheon Meat (Maling), and Corned Beef. And the perfect condiment for this is the Tabasco Hot Sauce mixed with catsup.

Also, something that has white sauce would not be a recommendable pulutan for you might get your stomach into trouble.

Chona Mae Banaag (July 26, 2004 – October 16, 2004)

It was just recently when I discovered the blog Chona in the City: The Adventures of Super Chona. From then on, I started reading her entries and it became my daily habit everytime I go online. Everytime I checked Chona’s blog, the number of comments would almost always be ranging from 50 to 100.

I remember there that I read a comment from a certain Anonymous. He said that Chona si fake yadda yadda. Of course, we would all certainly know that it is indeed a fictional blog. But I won’t care if it is fictional or not, what mattered to me is that I enjoyed reading her entries. Let me quote one of the entries that I have read from Chona’s blog,

“i will not sleep yet. i will wait for 12. is very exciting.. =)” –Chona

And her last entry,

“Tapos na ang himala.” –Chona

To Chona, thank you for amusing me everytime I go online.