My Cousin’s Wedding

My sister Claudia, Me, and Kuya Jay at Fernwood Gardens, QC at the wedding of our cousin Joemar.

After having a 3-hour long exam at Ortigas, I went to the wedding of my cousin which was held at Fernwood Gardens, Quezon City. I arrived late and I have not witnessed the Bridal March. I asked if Mom has brought her camera with her and she said that they left it at home and that already screwed my chance for joining the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Canon Photo Contest. The place of the wedding (Saint Francis of Assisi Chapel) was decorated with flowers. At the right side of the altar, there is a pond with falls where the statue of Saint Francis of Assisi was located. And I missed taking the photos of such a wonderful place and such a momentous event. By the way, the picture above was taken using my brother’s camera phone.

An Increase in Tricycle Fares too?

Before, the special trip going to our house would damage your wallet 20 pesos. Now, it costs even more by 3 bucks. This is true for residents in Better Living specifically at the Seven Dulo Area. And there goes my 3 candies away (usual unit price of candies are 1 peso). Also, my friend living near Astra had the same problem. Before, she could come home with only 20 pesos left in her wallet and now, 20 pesos worth of commuting money won’t be enough to get her home.

You have 8 common friends…PHP-powered Friendster

You have 8 common friends. This is the new Friendster feature that will really make the world smaller. Imagine, upon looking at a profile of your friend, you will know how many common friends you have. I just hope that the Friendster will have features like arranging the names of the people in your friends list alphabetically so that the users would not have a hard time browsing the friends list.
If I haven’t read posts from Pinoyblog I would not have noticed that the Friendster team shifted from JSP (Java Server Pages) to PHP. I noticed that the loading right now is much faster unlike before.

Reviving the Malate Rock Scene?

I got this message below in the Imago Mailing List.

due to the closing of several rock bars, bands are
left with limited venues to play in,and rock fans are
left with limited venues to listen and watch bands

support in bringing back the malate rock scene: bands,
booze and shit will fly
@ forbest bar (orosa st. cor. nakpil) on wednesday
june 30. come to malate and be free…

For the past few months, a lot of rock bars have closed already like Rock Radio Cafe in Alabang, Millenia Bar in Kamuning, Rock2Metal at Shaw Boulevard. I just hope that this attempt in reviving the Malate rock scene would be a success.

Esmi: Recipient of Miko Sotto’s Left Cornea

Jolina Magdangal and Esmi at GMA-7

Vic Sotto, Arnold Clavio, Ali Sotto and Esmi at Daddy Di Do Du’s Dressing Room

Danica Sotto and Esmi

Ruby Rodriguez, Danica Sotto, Maxine Magalona, some guy and Esmi

Esmi is the recipient of Miko Sotto’s left cornea. I was at the shoot of Emergency when they brought Esmi to the set of Daddy Di Do Du which is said to be her favorite show. Prior to meeting the cast of Daddy Di Do Du, she met up with Ali Sotto, the mother of Miko Sotto. Ali Sotto was in tears as she held Esmi. After that, Duday was brought to the set and she was really awed by her presence. Afterwards, she was brought to the dressing room of the cast of Daddy Di Do Du where she met Vic Sotto, Maxine Magalona, Danica Sotto, some guy and Ruby Rodriquez.
This shoot was scheduled last Wednesday and this was aired last Friday.

Job Interview

Just this Thursday afternoon, I have received a call from Glee Electronics, Inc, the distributor of leading IT products such as AOC, Canon, Intel, Maxtor and Pinnacle. I just recently applied for the position of Product Management Trainee through JobStreet. I just joined JobStreet last Sunday evening and just posted my resume there. i was surprised that I got a call from one company in a matter of days time. I am excited about the interview since it will be my first time to undergo such. The interview will be held this Saturday.

We now have a President and VP…

Alas, we now have President and a Vice President. The congress just proclaimed President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Vice President Noli de Castro. They were proclaimed just before dawn. Now, it is high time that President GMA must prove to her constituents that she is worthy of the responsibility she is holding right now.
As for the Vice President, I hope that Vice President de Castro would really mean his political ad, “Karangalan ko ang maglingkod sa inyo bayan.” I just hope that the bayan he is referring to is the whole of the Philippines and not just his former bosses in the Media.